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First & foremost I come with the most Respect!
My name is Timothy Gray but most people call me Timmy.  I’m 21 years old.  My Birthday is February 9th, I’m caucasian.  I have a lot of tattoo’s everywhere, some you can see & some that are hidden if you catch my drift.  I got blue/green eyes, blonde hair, and I stand about 5'8".  I have a 10 year sentence, I have 3 years in on it and will be home in a couple years.  I also have a daugher that’s 3 and half years old, her name is Kailee May Gray, she’s my world.  I’m pretty much down for whatever.  I skateboard & race dirt bikes.  In the summertime I spend a lot of time at my parents beach house which is down in Ocean City, Maryland.  I hope to hear from ya soon.

Much respect, 

Timothy Gray #3033314
18601 Roxbury RD
Hagerstown, MD 21746

Hey! Im Alyssa , Im 15 and from Maryland. I love to skateboard , watch movies, draw, code, write music, play video games, and just chill. Im looking for a friendship or relationship , I guess whatever fits haha. I identify with she/her pronouns and I am infact a lesbian. Shoot me a message , a follow, or follow my instagram! @uh.lyss.uhh
my tumblr is