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The April Democratic primaries are just around the corner!!

There are a total of 731 delegates up for grabs! 731!!

That’s a YUUUUUGE number of delegates!

April 5th: Wisconsin (86 delegates)

April 9th: Wyoming (14 delegates)

April 19th: New York (247 delegates)

April 26th (MAJOR DAY): Connecticut (55 delegates), Delaware (21 delegates), Maryland (95 delegates), Rhode Island (24 delegates), Pennsylvania (189 delegates).

We need all the help and support we can get! Please share to get the word out!
Maryland tries to strengthen foster care for gay and transgender youths
A new policy requires case workers to screen homes for intolerant attitudes and bars conversion therapy.

Maryland officials are taking steps to create a more welcoming foster-care system for gay, bisexual and transgender children and adolescents, including screening homes for possible bias and providing sensitivity training to case workers. The policy directive issued this month by the state Department of Human Resources prohibits conversion therapy and urges foster parents of transgender children to call them by their preferred pronouns and to allow them to dress and groom accordingly.