maryland boy

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HC that Maryland really like boats. Boat Boy.

Wow. Yes.

Maryland is boat boy. That’s his name.

Imagine him on a date, and they’re like “so, do you have any interesting names you’d like me to call you ;)”

And he’s like “oh everyone calls me boat boy!”

What a mood killer…


here are some illustrations/concepts I drew last year from my senior thesis at MICA!! i never posted them all together so i am doing that now. i created a cartoon or game idea themed around japanese yokai monsters. the story revolves around a delinquent kappa dude that goes to high school and has an afro and gets into fights all the time. also he has magic butt powers. hes gotta fight everyone to level up his butt!!! that’s the plot.

would you watch this cartoon or play this game???!??1!!

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how did you burn down a crab shack in maryland


so one couple of weeks, i was going from tennessee to vermont with ny parents. so we stop in maryland for the night. the next day, we’re almost out of maryland, and my mother wanted to stop and get crab for lunch. simple, right? so we’re driving along and we spot a crab shack right on the water, so we decide to stop in. we get seated, there’s horrible “bro country music” playing, and the lights are weirdly bright. so we’re thinking, fuck, but oh well. so we order our crab. we’re the last people to order food. it comes. we start eating and making fun of the music, when suddenly, there’s a loud fizzling noise and the music stops and the lights dim. we’re so Fucking happy to be not listening to the music. we don’t have to squint. 

and that’s when the afternoon went from good to great. 

suddenly, a waitress rushes out of the kitchen and shouts, “"everybody out, there’s a fire!” so we leave, each of us having eaten maybe two crabs. so we’re standing with the other diners and workers under an awning just outside the front door. the entire back of the restaurant is completely on fire. there’s smoke everywhere. it’s blisteringly hot outside. the waitress who got us out says, “"I’m sorry but you all have to get farther away for your safety.” there is no cloud cover nor shade of any kind. fire trucks start arriving and start blocking up the parking lot. oh shit, we think, we gotta go. so my mom, bless her, goes up to the waitress, hands her a 20, and says “"we’re out.” the waitress says, “"you can’t do that!!!!” by that time, were in the car driving away. 

moments later, we see a firetruck barrelling down the one-way road after us. fuck. i floor it. we make it onto the freeway and the truck disappears. we’re free. 

and that’s how i burned down a crab shack on a hot summer day in maryland.