Heroic 7-year-old boy saves his aunt from drowning at Ocean City water park

Jenny Mama could’ve had much worse than a broken neck if her 7-year-old nephew Mason Farr didn’t come to her rescue.

While at Jolly Roger Amusement Park in Ocean City, Maryland, on May 25, Mama, Mason and Mason’s mom, Karen Turner, all headed down a water slide only 15 minutes after arriving. Mama went down first and somewhere along the ride, she fell off her tube and came floating face down.

Once Mason came out right after her, he knew something was wrong, so he flipped her to her side and got her head up to where she could breath. Shortly after, the ambulance came and took her to the Shock Trauma Hospital at University of Maryland.

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あめりか50州全部描いたよ The fifty states of America drawn

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For today I’ll upload the first ten, then later bit by bit upload the rest XD I will be uploading in batches of ten at a time, thought the fifth and last part will have 11 pictures.

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How Hedge Funds Are Exploiting Baltimore’s Poorest Residents

The death of Freddie Gray in police custody in Baltimore and the ensuing protests brought the nation’s attention to the economic devastation that continues to grip the city. Now, new data shows powerful hedge funds are profiting off of struggling families in Baltimore by buying up debts as small at $250, charging high interest rates, and taking their homes when they fail to pay. A report just released by the research and advocacy group HedgeClippers documents how the Wall Street hedge fund Fortress Investment Group and the Los Angeles-based Imperial Capital bought up hundreds of these small liens this year — on everything from an unpaid water bills to delinquent property taxes — and could take property worth tens of millions of dollars if the families can’t pay.

200-year-old ship found under Md. bridge

VIENNA, Md. — While clearing debris under the Nanticoke Memorial Bridge in Vienna, State Highway Administration workers uncovered one of the oldest Maryland-built shipwrecks ever discovered, made in the 18th century.

While removing debris in 30 feet of water workers noticed pieces they suspected were ship timbers. When State Highway Association archaeologists arrived, they found an intact keel, frames and other pieces of the wreck on a construction barge.

The use of wooden pegs in the ship’s construction indicates its age, the SHA said in a release. Details such as saw marks and carved symbols in the wood are still visible. Read more.