so it’s been another year lmao not necessarily always great for me but anyway this is a shoutout to all the cool people i follow, some of whom i talk to a lot (and who know i’m 100% trash), sometimes on Twitter too, but even if we don’t talk on a daily basis i appreciate you putting up with me!!!! anyway

shoutout to the following people who have 2 deal with my trash self a lot, you guys are so nice i love talking to you all and you don’t know how how much i appreciate you guys ugh and yikes i should shut up but i love you all: @emilygilmorc @anthonyperkined @natalieswoods @elizabethsdean @astairical @alain-de-loin @hepburny

blogs i admire from afar, shoutout to you too!!!! i will probably forget to include some people on this list so yeah: @amyadams @adelesgrammys @vivienleighed @catherinedeneuvely @fuckindiva @beau–brummell @beauvelvet @rareaudreyhepburn @meganmonroes @eldredpeck @gregorypecks @gregxrypeck @grantcary @dosesofgrace @catherineholly @msmildred @msgretagarbo @audreyandmarilyn @deforest @phoebe-tonkin @dinomartins @hollywoodlady @henryfonda @hennyproud @genecurrankelly @genekellys @ohrobbybaby @williampowells @williamholdens @paddyfitz @hayworthz @bettyfrancisdraper @romyschneiders @romysschneider @jamesdeaner @joanfontaine @joancrawfords @joancranberry @secondhandroses @elliefredricksen @catherinedeneuvely @clarylicious @b0bbymilk @elsaschrader @bertrampotts @joe-dimaggio @annsotherns @peggieolson @ritaahayworths @mirandaapriestly @miriambleylock @elizabitchtaylor @elizabethrtaylor @caravaggibro @humphreybogartt @maudlinandmagnificent @carlswitzers @vintagemeltingpot @olivethomas @rcmyschneider @jeannecrains @rcmanholiday @becketts @juliettebrioche @normajeanebaker @normajeaned @normadesmxnd @gatabella @kristinscottthomas @ursulaundressed @obamaspubes @deneuveing @missbacall @steviefuckingnicks @lorettasyoung @thehistoryh0e @aint-that-a-kick @desireearmfeldt @lindadarnells @stay-classy-friends @lauraroslins @tallubankhead @maryastors @maryhartleys @glamourofthegods @patricianeal @mrsmyrnaloy @eccentricks @filminghere @carygrantslover @mattybing1025 @thebarsofhisplight @archiegrants @sinatraswooners @oldhollywoodholla  @ihideinmymusic @ritahayworthh @laurabacall @maggie-the-kat @avasgal 

Mia’s Follow Forver

2015 Follow Forever (better late than never). Most likely forgotten some people because i’m useless…

A-B-C  @acertainkindofsadnesss / @achancetofly / @alexbooman / @andheavenwaits / @bronlaura / @cecily–lightwoods / @comicalhorror

D-E-F @danifabiano / @dawsonrose / @dicaprioangel / @disjointed-ramblings / @dominikadecember / @duckodeathreturns / @dudeyoureavegetarian / @dustydollhouse / @eminemslimarshall / @evabelgium / @fassyy / @ferocactus-pilosus / @fiirewalkwithme @filmcigarettes / @flobardo / @fuckyeahrmstitanic

G-H-I @getyourspoons / @girlwithapumpkintattoo / @goblinconceivable / @gonefuriosa / @gothicnerdchick / @gwinny3k / @hufflebadgerinthetardis / @inbetween / @inmysweetestdreams / @itinerantnothing

J-K-L @jackdawsonsgrl / @jackisdoctortom / @jewlierose / @jurefuup / @katiebuttercup@ladymacbethchilds@ladyshashan / @lemondifficult / @lightens  /  @lightoller  @lightonthegrid / @likelytofail / @lopsyloo /

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W-X-Y-Z @walkthatlonesomevalley / @xsilentxgracex / @yotb0ka

Feliz Navidad and all that

So it’s the end of the year and I think it’s time to do my first follow forever. *yay!* These are all the people who reblog from me and those who I adore. So thank you for sticking around and putting up with me. Btw I was too lazy to put this in order.
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Ellis you’re at the end because you’re special. thejacksonofalltrades





maryhartleys  asked:

25, 53

25. role model

millions!!!!! but the people i truly have genuinely tried to model myself after as a person and the ppl thru whose lives i have tried to educate myself about my own have been dean martin, katharine hepburn, joan crawford, barbara stanwyck, jean harlow, billie holiday, jack lemmon, jean arthur, bill powell, douglas fairbanks, clara bow, judy holliday, myrna loy…

53. 5 things that make me happy

in no particular order

  1. making another person happy—or making them laugh, at least
  2. my jamz
  3. animals ‘n’ nature ‘n’ stuff!!!! i tell ya, cherry blossoms really get me—ive wanted 2 see a cherry tree ~in person~ my whole life and so badly in fact that i have an entire folder on my laptop devoted to photos of cherry trees in blossom
  4. a good slap-on-the-back, laugh-til-you-die comedy
  5. when it rains all day—clears the air, makes things ~new again