Hey everyone! I discovered a weird glitch that happens when you push animals into water.

Here’s a glitch that happens when you push away animals from a conversation. There are some invisible barriers that prevents animals from leaving or moving further from an acre.

If you push certain animals while they are in a conversation near water, then they glitch into the water. Funny stuff. lol :p

Friday Night in Forest

Yesterday, I played a small bit of ACCF. I found out that Felicity the cat moved out without warning.

Sadly I didn’t get to talk to her again. 

Today, I played and I saw a brand new house by Felicity’s place.

But, before going to this house, I went to the city. I talked to one of my Redwood animals, such as Kody.

Luckily I didn’t have to change my hairstyle, because last night I played and had the good hair.

The Marquee didn’t have anything interesting. I’m still finding drowsiness…..

So I returned back to Tropical, and find Dora, Del, and Derwin standing by their doors. I talk to Dora, and she just told me that it’s been a while.

Del also said the same thing.

Then… I talk to Derwin. He needed me to find his key. Of course. xD

I didn’t want to do that. Sorry duck.

I went inside the new house, and it was the animal I was expecting.

I get Tabby. (Peppy Cat Villager)

I use to have her, at my Redwood town. I didn’t like her from the start. This maybe a bit awkward….

But…. this time, I kinda grew into her. Tabby reminds me of my good internet friend, Dan. (chives536) A fellow friend of mine. We met from AD streams and became good friends. On Skype, he shared that he had two cats. Smokey and Bandit. Bandit is a tabby. It reminded me of him, and I think I’m okay with Tabby living in my town. So welcome Tabby.

That night, I got in Forest. It was good to be back. I saw Jeff and Chris (TGHD86). He didn’t really recognize me at first, then he remembered that I was one of the people on twitter.

We discussed some Mario Kart 8, and the new Metal Peach, along with Rosalina. Then plans of me getting New Leaf. (I will pick that game up one day)

We shared some jokes we brought up, but Chris was confused.

Bob’s grave. You will be missed…

Chris, Jeff and I toured inside the houses. We found skeletons in the houses, jokingly saying that they were the AC players that use to visit.

We continued puns, as we played. Chris was laughing at some of the jokes we were saying.

We visited places where we did our games, glitches, and hung out. 

When we hung out by the museum, Chris was remembering all the good times he enjoyed in Forest. He brought up old friends that use to come over to Forest.

We went to places that the Wifi moments took place.

Chris reminiscing everything that happened.

Later, we were quiet for a while. We did our little trap hole glitch. It didn’t seem to work.

Before ending the party, we did another fun glitch we did around summer.

The door glitch.

It was only me and Chris showing up tonight. Jeff ended his party at 1am.

These were fun times we had. I had a good time with Jeff and Chris. It was fun, but also, sad. Wifi for the Wii/DS is coming to an end, and we won’t have this anymore. I did remember coming on Wifi for the first time, and it was a fun experience. There were glitchy moments, conversations, and times where we celebrated holidays in this game.

It’s not over yet, but almost coming to the end. I’ll see if I can stop by next time. It was a good time in Forest tonight!



Musical Gyroids


Hey guys. It’s been way too long, since I’ve posted on here. So here’s what happened.

All the way back around October, I didn’t post anymore. It was just that I had other things to do, and didn’t have any time for battery replacements.

I took a break, and been busy playing Pokemon on 3DS. I won’t make any promises though, but I will see if I can try getting New Leaf or something. I’m working on it. Maybe you might see something. Who knows?

The other thing that I wanted to share was that Wifi for Wii/DS will end on May 20th. So there’s going to be no more Wifi for games like Animal Crossing City Folk. I will try my best to play as much as I can though before the end of online gameplay.

I started off with my good ol character Yann. My character’s hair was messy and whatnot. The weather was rainy and there were weeds everywhere.

Derwin was shocked and surprised that I was back. He asked if I went anywhere. I chose traveling and he guess a few right. Except water slides.

I was still anxious to see if Anchovy was gone. But I was in relief seeing him still here.

It seems all my animals missed me. Except Del. :b

Iggly was down with the flu.

I helped him feel better.

I headed over to the city to check out Redd’s shop. He didn’t have a rare painting. So I called it a night.

I may clean up my town sometime. haha

Thanks for reading! I will update as much as I can.


Nintendo's DLC Error

Today was another day for a DLC delivery to be sent, however I just got wandering Pete. I tried again, (Due to seeing a message I got on my Wii. It was a MKW message)

So there was DLC Pete, finally by my door to send me my letter.

I read, that it was a creepy wallpaper. However, it has been an error of Nintendo’s move right there.

I opened the present, and it wasn’t a wallpaper. It was a carpet! I guess it was an error with this DLC. We got the wrong item.

After getting the wrong item, I went to look around town. I forgot to mention something as July ended yesterday. The bulletin pointed out that there will be a Fireworks show on Sundays at 7pm. So we’ll be looking forward for some fun tonight on Sundays.

Iggly told me that he worked out and ate some Pecan Pie. He must be practicing for the London Olympics 2012. That event must of been rejected. :p

I caught a Migratory Locusts as I looked around. Those might be the new bugs added, or probably a bug I haven’t caught yet. I didn’t find any new bugs yet, but did appreciate the Golden Stag on a palm tree.