Perfect Town Complete

Bones asked Isabelle to add the Police Station to the public works projects.

I did in fact donated some money.

It was finally here around 6am the next day.

Just like in City Folk, you will ask Copper or Booker if there was anyone visiting. He mentioned someone was washed up in the shores. So this means, Gulliver was visiting.

I talked to Gulliver. I got a question wrong….. So he’d give me a chocolate coin instead. At least you can actually eat it in this game.

It passed the 2 weeks of keeping the town perfect. Isabelle congrats me by giving me the golden watering can. This was actually the first time I received a golden can from this particular Animal Crossing game.

My character can actually move around while watering the plants. That waters most of the plants. It was pretty cool.

Carmen invited me over to her house to hang out.

I found a Modern wooden sofa inside her cabinet. She let me have it for free.

She warned me to watch my step.

I tried out my new emotion I got from Shrunk with Cranston. I got the Flourish emotion.

Around 1pm, it began to rain. So much for trying out my new watering can. xD

But I wanted to get rid of the tan I have. It’s been pretty dry during my AC blogs, and only got some rain in rare occasions. I will just use an umbrella around next time.