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Okay I really just want to tell everyone about my perfect night last night. I went to see secrets who did amazing ( like always ) and I got to meet all of the band members again. I really love them all like honestly they’re the most sweetest guys ever and really funny. I also got to meat Michael’s girlfriend Maryann, and let me just say that she is so nice and gorgeous. Her and Michael are seriously the cutest couple ever. Throughout the night before and a little after secrets played I talked to Michael. He is my hero and idol like I have talked to him and met him before but last night I really got to have conversations with him. We talked about band life and fans and everything but we also talked a little about tough times. He told me he was proud of me for my five months self harm free and also talked to me about how it will get better. In that moment I was filled with joy and hope to be honest. I also took selfies with him on my phone and while his phone was plugged in I took selfies of me on his phone haha. I really love that band and am so proud to be a fan of them. 

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How did you and Michael meet?:)

It’s a nice little story :)
Once upon a time, on an October in 2011, I was 19 and taking acting classes in Knoxville, TN. A girl that went to my high school for a minute was also taking classes there (I didn’t know her). One day all the kids taking classes to eventually go out to LA met to check in. She was talking about how her ex-roommate bailed on her (that was going to move out to California with her at the start of 2012)  so I half-jokingly offered to be her roommate. She was so excited and seriously offered me to be her roommate. Of course I said yes.
Now the stage is being set.
The girl had a boyfriend who was living in California, and he just got picked up to be in a band put together by, who else but Michael! :) The girl and I kind of hung out to get to know each other and plan our move for California. As she got to know me she thought I should date a guy in her boyfriend’s band, Michael. At this point in my life I was absolutely, 100% anti relationship. I didn’t believe in love, I didn’t think anything lasted, and I thought guys were just terrible. So I literally laughed and told her she didn’t know me well enough if she thought I’d get in a relationship. For the text couple of days she told me her boyfriend agreed that Michael and I should talk, and I still laughed. She then made a trip to Cali to visit her boyfriend for Thanksgiving, and she got to meet Michael. All I heard from then was how sweet he was. I still didn’t care. Then she told me she showed him my picture and he said he was going to marry me (he was joking, but that’s some serious foreshadowing). Well, about a month prior to moving, Michael sent me a friend request on Facebook. I almost denied it because I didn’t know his last name and I only had seen one picture of him at this point. Luckily I accepted after I saw the 2 mutual friends. I sent him a message just joking around saying that I heard he was going to be my boyfriend in California, and well, we did NOT stop talking from that point. Back and forth, back and forth, it took me less than a day to give him my phone number (I NEVER hand out my number) I can’t explain it, but I couldn’t talk to him enough. I told him a few days later to Skype me, and when he did we talked 15 hours straight. So that was my every day until I moved, texting Michael all day until we Skyped all night. I couldn’t explain anything I felt, I just wanted to talk to him always. He was the most genuine person I had ever met. I found myself pouring my secrets out to him, and I had not met him in person yet. I told him how I felt, sort of, I didn’t know how I felt so it was me talking in circles about how I had a crush on him and I wanted to always talk to him. It was seriously the purest thing that formed. When I finally moved, I got to California on the 4th of January and he drove 2 hours to meet me. Seriously meeting him in person was the most amazing thing. I never thought much about fate or destiny until that moment. From that day, we were together 24/7. 

It’s extremely surreal because we knew from the second we started talking, not talking talking, to each other that we wanted to be in each other’s lives, no mater what role we had.

That’s the detailed explanation so I hope you were in the mood to read <3 I’ll answer any more questions that you may have too!