Nina Bo’nina Brown...Andre Charles

Nina Bo’nina Brown finally had to sashay away and it disheartening. She was/is my Spirit Animal. I to suffer from Depression, so I understood how her brain operates. What would piss me off is how the other queens would roll there eyes when Nina would just speak how she feels and what was on her mind. People who have never dealt with depression feel that compliments magically makes self doubt disappear. I wish it was that simple. I just think people need more education on it because voicing your annoyance is just making the person really feel like you hate the that much more. 

I just understood her. Nina obviously has gone through somethings which why she is the way she is. She is hilarious, down to earth, beautiful and has the most amazing make up talent (the bitch was a mouse, a cheetah, a rabbit, and a fucking peach!!)but once she upgrades from the corset and mary j blidge boots she would really be a force!!! I cant wait to see what she brings to the drag world once she is fully realized.

Goodbye to my personal fan favorite of season 9 and i hope to see you perform in Atlanta