WE MAY BE TOO YOUNG TO KNOW THIS RIDE WE’RE ON by ladypopsy || a playlist for the Queen of Scots and her lovely lady  [listen]

  1. flaws (acoustic) by bastille // you have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve/and I have always buried them deep beneath the ground
  2. depth over distance by ben howard // hold on, though we may be too young/to know this ride we’re on
  3. reckless by san cisco // the thoughts, the things I thought I knew/and you could fit right in there too
  4. the lightening strike by snow patrol // what if this storm ends?/and I don’t see you/as you are now/ever again
  5. get home by bastille //this is just another night/and we’ve had many of them/to the morning we’re cast out/but I know I’ll land here again
  6. after the storm by mumford and sons //and I took you by the hand/and we stood tall/and remembered our own land/what we lived for
  7. sleepsong by bastille // oh you go to sleep on your own/and you wake each day with your thoughts/and it scares you being alone/it’s a last resort
  8. follow (acoustic) by crystal fighters // you’re the one I follow/follow all the way oh/way into the darkness/where the sun is shining yellow
  9. girl you’re alright by paul otten // all her friends tell me she’s got a halo/I think I knew that from the get go//you’re the butterflies dancing on my insides
  10. ribs by lorde // you’re the only friend I need/sharing beds like little kids/we’ll laugh until our ribs get tough/but that will never be enough
  11. bedroom hymns by florence and the machine // the sweetest submission/drinking it in/the wine, the women, the bedroom hymes// such selfish prayers/and I can’t get enough

mcsierramist  asked:

Hi this must be like the billionth one but i love your fics.... prompt: could you possibly do a fic set somewhere in the near future where kenna goes into labor and shes stuck with mary who is still grieving over her miscarriage.

this basically just turned into a Kenna/Mary friendship fic and it was quite nice to write. hope you like it :)

“Please, please stay with me, I’m so scared.” Kenna whimpers.

She was lying on her back as best she could on the small seat of the carriage.


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