#2—a movie you love but most people wouldn't→PINK FLAMINGOS (1972)

“The filthiest people alive?” Well, you think you know someone filthier? Watch as Divine proves that not only is she the filthiest person in the world, she’s also the filthiest actress in the world! What you are about to see is THE REAL THING!“Mr. J.

This movie is bad taste done well, no other than John Waters could've accomplished that. And that’s exactly what I love about this movie: the way he decided to tell a story and the story he decided to tell; the way he satirized society and his wonderful choice in actors and characters mixed with a raw quality (probably helped by the almost non-existing budget) makes this movie timeless, hilarious and completely unique. A lot of people fail to see that. This is clearly not a movie for everyone, that’s why I chose it for this.

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