It was lovely seeing Diana and Mary again! I like their practicality; it balances out Jane’s “there’s no need to rush in” attitude of the moment. Grocery shopping! Unpacking! Board game nights! I’m excited.

Still very confused about the money situation. Nobody’s brought up the $100k gift in a while. (Only reason I ask – apart from my general obsession with practical matters – is that if the Rivers did receive the money, they wouldn’t need to look for new roommates, right?)

I’m glad they mentioned Rochester. I presume we’ll see him next week, right after he’s been released?

It seemed like Diana and Mary asked Jane some of the same questions we’ve all been wondering about, so that was good. And they’re clearly sticking around to help Jane (who seemed to be genuinely happy), which makes me really happy.

Diana and Mary are live-tweeting Jane’s birthday. How sweet. Also kind of an invasion of her privacy, but this girl seems to be drawn to people who steal her things and use them without her permission (Rochester’s camera obsession)

What if they look at her past tweets though? And who she was following? 

Although, maybe they already know about her past (I mean, it is all over the Internet)…they’re just waiting for her be comfortable enough to come clean to them. 

My mind is thinking a lot of stuff at the same time.

1) No, Mary. The Parthenon is a real thing. I’ve been there. It’s great. (Also: THEY MENTIONED GREECE! ^.^)

2) I thought: Jane needs all this things for her new home. How is she going to buy them? She doesn’t even have a job! But then I remembered: Jane isn’t me. At least, now she knows what to do with all those money!


4) Jane hasn’t talked to Rochester yet. However, she seems so calm. If she’s that calm because she manages to control her anxiety, then I want her secret.

Also, in my haste to talk about how much I love Mary and how perfect this episode was, I forgot to mention that my heart also goes out to Mary, poor thing.

That’s got to be a brave (and also heartbreaking) decision to make, breaking up because you’re not ready to have kids, but I hope she’ll find love again.

Also I’m more confused than ever about what all this means for the next spoiler.