On the plus side, I’ve begun trying to be creative and thinking on things to make when I get all my supplies set up and I can go back to work on the candles/wax melts. I’m thinking about doing a Downton Upstairs sampler and a Downton Belowstairs sampler. Highlights would include (tentatively):

Violet: saucy, sassy mandarin, plum, puple sage, violets, and mint leaf.
Mary: roses, wine, sandalwood, and a touch of snide civility.
Cora: pink sugar, white tea, and ginger.
Beryl: pie crust, honey, pumpkin chai, and a touch of toasted marshmallow.
Anna: orange blossom, a hint of lime, and fresh linen.
Charles: tea, cucumber, patchouli and black musk.
Elsie: violets, blackberry, and a breath of lime.

(Of course, Charles and Elsie are splitting apart my delightful Mr. Carson & Mrs. Hughes scent, which is tea, cucumber, and violets.)

heliotrope-dreams, since you love Mr. Carson & Mrs. Hughes (the scent) so much, what sayeth you? (Besides, “Shut up and take my money.”)

Empire Ants by nandim featuring bustier tops ❤ liked on Polyvore

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Colorado edibles company recalls Mary Mint Tincture after inspection

Marijuana-infused cookies sit on the packaging table at The Growing … over refrigeration laws,” said Brooke Wise, co-owner of the Growing Kitchen. Colorado MMJ