Missing Scenes
  • Where was AA’s first scene with Lady Smallwood and the “it’s mine” hand gesture?
  • Why didn’t we see John and Mary at the Mint & Mustard restaurant?
  • Why didn’t we see the shark graffiti in the tunnel?
  • Where was the Poppy melody? (”Do not forget me”)
Closed RP with @team-mint

Duane laid in the courtyard on his back, staring up blankly at the sky as he waited for time to pass. Most of the student body should be in class at the moment, including himself, but with just being in study hall he decided skipping on class was not going to hurt anything. Plus it meant that he got the entire courtyard to himself.

In all honesty, it probably looked like there was a unconscious body dumped in the front yard to Beacon, but at this point, the large faunus didn’t really care if it drew any attention. Teacher or student, not much could get him up. Or so he told himself as he heard the footsteps heading toward him.

Fairyland Real Fee Mari in designer mint skin💛💛💛

They’re incredibly perfect and I’m obsessed with them, however it seems the stomach joint has been sanded too much so it’s actually a different shade of green than the rest of he body. It doesn’t really show in photos which is good but irl it’s a little distracting. But they’ll probs be wearing clothing over it anyway.

The mint green is a lot darker irl than it appears in photos, especially fairyland company photos. Also it’s a realllll bitch and ¾ to attach the mermaid tail on, I had to restring them to do it.