Fairyland Real Fee Mari in designer mint skin💛💛💛

They’re incredibly perfect and I’m obsessed with them, however it seems the stomach joint has been sanded too much so it’s actually a different shade of green than the rest of he body. It doesn’t really show in photos which is good but irl it’s a little distracting. But they’ll probs be wearing clothing over it anyway.

The mint green is a lot darker irl than it appears in photos, especially fairyland company photos. Also it’s a realllll bitch and ¾ to attach the mermaid tail on, I had to restring them to do it.

I was tagged by @tohohamburger thank you <3! 

One song: “Ryoujoku No Ame” by Dir En Grey (I put my music on shuffle and that was the first that came up idek don’t judge me)

Two Movies: Frankenstein, Mary Poppins 

Three TV Shows: Dragon Ball Z, American Horror Story, Breaking Bad 

Four Video Games: Mortal Kombat, Mario Kart, Halo, Space Invaders

Five Foods: Herbal Tea, Pizza, Salmon, Ice Cream, MILK 

Polyvore, j'arrive! by faanfic-1d featuring Topshop ❤ liked on Polyvore

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