Name: Catarina Bjorgman
Age: 20
Talent: Up to RPer
Parents: Anna and Kristoff Bjorgman
Origin: Arendelle
Faceclaim: Mary Kate Wiles


+ friendly, balanced, resourceful

- adventurous, trusting, chatty

B E F O R E   D A R K N E S S

When Catarina was a young child it was clear to see that she was destined for great things. She possessed each one of her parent’s greatest characteristics; her mothers kindness and her fathers balance – the most prominent in her - helped the girl become the kingdoms favored princess. Of course Catarina wasn’t all just good qualities. Her love of adventure came quite early on in life and she believed that she had to fight it; after all, what sort of princess runs around going on random adventures with strangers? Suppressing that need for adventure proved to be more difficult than earlier planned. It wasn’t as if Catarina’s parents disliked adventure, in fact she was sure they’d take her on one themselves if only she’d asked, it was just that the young princess knew it was frowned upon by the people. Royalty should be collected and constant. Eventually she found little ways to get her fix of adventure. Exploring the castle here, stealing out and climbing the wall around the kingdom at night there, all when no one was paying attention to what she was doing. Catarina’s other problems consisted of her quickness to speak. The girl really didn’t have a filter and she supposed she had her mom to thank for that. Though most found it charming, actually, Catarina found it very embarrassing but again it just was one of those things she couldn’t help. The girl would speak her mind whether she should or not. At home the girl lived just a fine life but she did often wonder if there was something more out beyond Arendelle’s walls.

I N   P I X I E   H O L L O W

In Pixie Hollow, Catarina is having a grand time and really finding herself. In a way she’s always known just who she is but she didn’t have all the freedoms to explore back home that she does here. The girl doesn’t have to worry about how a princess is supposed to behave but old habits do die-hard. The girl is learning how to let go of her duty but it is still very difficult. Catarina spends most days meeting new friends and going on adventures. She lives a more simple life but to her it’s a simple life that’s filled with much excitement. Wake up, eat, socialize, play, go to sleep and do it all over again the next day. Having little to no duties is something the girl could get used to.


Arendelle Crew - Catarina feels very close to everyone from home, Mayre especially. The two have been best friends since they were in diapers and though Mayre is a older than her, Catarina feels like the two will always understand each other better than anyone else.

Gavino Bieste The two first met when Catarina had been exploring the flower patch. The boy had meant to be working but had escaped to paint. Cata watched him from behind a leaf feeling a wave of calm as his brush stroked his canvas… that was until she sneezed and her cover was blown. Catarina was so embarrassed that she flew away without every really introducing herself but she often goes to the flower patch to see if she can find him again. He’s her favorite adventure so far.

Taran Skellington - The boy enjoys giving Catarina nightmares and she doesn’t know why. All she wants is to be rid of him but he keeps coming back, keeps terrorizing her, and she’s very close to telling Mayre all about the boy but she’s giving him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he’ll leave her alone this time. Maybe.

Lucky for you, Catarina Bjorgman is O P E N

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is Mary-kate back? ugh -_-'

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Get The Look: Round Sunglasses

Get The Look: Round Sunglasses

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