Rydel Lynch para o site Sweety High

Na segunda-feira, 20/07/2015, Rydel foi entrevistada pelo site “Swetty High” na entrevista ela fala sobre sua nova revista, “Rydel: Rock Your Life”, e sobre o novo álbum da R5, Sometime Last Night. Confira a tradução:

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15 Times Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Described Your Night Out

“You’re invited” to a crazy, hot mess of an evening.

When you and your friends are getting ready, and you look hella hot:

Dualstar Entertainment / Warner Bros.

What you expect getting ready will be like versus what actually happens:

Warner Bros.

When everyone is ready to take photos before you go out, but that one friend that hates getting her picture taken:

*Eye roll*


When you survey the club and spot a cutie looking RIGHT at you:

Warner Bros.

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