*Crawls back into window. plops this on the table.*

I couldn’t help myself after the whole gangster thing. XD

Sorry, not sorry! (Actually very sorry for bugging you again ;^;)

I will uh… Just let myself out.

*Jumps back out window*

(by Mary Kate)


kuttiesstuff: Stop jumping out of windows! 8,-D I’m worried about you!

Awww, that’s a really cool picture. You’ve even thought of LanternDay Sans’ “inner human”. His real name is “Chance” btw.

Just because of reasons and because “Chance” spelled by a baby Papyrus sounds like “Shansh”. ;-) (Or “Shonsh”.)

And thus, “Sans” was born in this AU. (Spelled like “Sons”.)


Dance celebration gif for day one of Shit Week being over. Curled my hair and loved my outfit today. Met with Jo & Matt for a research methods study group. Went to IHOP with Precious and Mary Kate. Listened to the Cas Haley album a ton (blessed) & Lin Manuel Miranda’s rap part in Youre Welcome from Moana. Very windy and gray day today, but it was a good one. First day of training and first exam are tomorrow!

February 7th 2017