Meryl Streep and Don Gummer - 35th Anniversary 

Meryl Streep; 30 Day Challenge

2: Favorite Meryl Streep movie?

Well, this is really hard, because I love all of the ones I’ve seen for a different reason. I think I really love Out Of Africa, because of the accent and the sheer drama that she portrays. I love It’s Complicated for the comedy and the way she pulls Jane Adler off so well. I also love Mamma Mia because I am a huge fan of theatre, and she did AMAZING in it. Oh my God.

Meryl Streep; 30 Day Challenge

3: Least favorite Meryl movie?

Gosh. I don’t even think I’ve seen enough of them to have a least favorite. Of the ones I’ve seen, I guess I’d have to pick Manhattan, only because she had a really small part, and it was just a “stand there and look pretty” role, and because the movie just didn’t catch my attention. She was still pretty freaking flawless in that movie, though. I can’t even pick a least favorite, really.