Favorite Nom-nom #3: Mary Grace Cafe’s “Summer Squash” Hearty Soup! This is where I found what “Hearty” really means! It’s very filling and immaculately delish! One of my favorite comfort foods especially during Prayer and Fasting haha! They have a good selection of salad, pasta, cold teas and desserts too. Try their Crispy Cassava Chips w/ onion dip for starter! 

Spontaneity win! 

Went to school to enroll for this coming term at like 10 am. The line for the accounting was just horribly long that it took us 4 hours to pay our tuition fee. 

Halfway through the line, we suddenly decided to go to Greenbelt to eat at the Mary Grace Cafe branch there! Took a cab with Pia, Khat and Cris and went straight to Mary Grace! Ate delicious pasta, cake and nice cups of coffee, tea and chocnut! 

Jay arrived a bit later and ate there as well. 

We roamed around Greenbelt and went to Glorietta after. 

Fun day was fun! :)