Favorite Nom-nom #3: Mary Grace Cafe’s “Summer Squash” Hearty Soup! This is where I found what “Hearty” really means! It’s very filling and immaculately delish! One of my favorite comfort foods especially during Prayer and Fasting haha! They have a good selection of salad, pasta, cold teas and desserts too. Try their Crispy Cassava Chips w/ onion dip for starter! 

Spontaneity win! 

Went to school to enroll for this coming term at like 10 am. The line for the accounting was just horribly long that it took us 4 hours to pay our tuition fee. 

Halfway through the line, we suddenly decided to go to Greenbelt to eat at the Mary Grace Cafe branch there! Took a cab with Pia, Khat and Cris and went straight to Mary Grace! Ate delicious pasta, cake and nice cups of coffee, tea and chocnut! 

Jay arrived a bit later and ate there as well. 

We roamed around Greenbelt and went to Glorietta after. 

Fun day was fun! :) 

When "Job Hunting" goes Wrong...

My friend (Jecs) and I tried our luck at Trinoma’s job fair yesterday. Alas, our hopes were down to zero as there were only a few firms in the event. So, we ended-up just hanging out at the mall for the rest of the day.

Mary Grace

I’ve been hearing a lot about how good the food is at Mary Grace, and have been enjoying their cheese rolls ever since they were just a tiny cart at the top floor of SM North’s main building, so I was really looking forward to dining at their café at Trinoma. Gladly, Mary Grace did not disappoint.

Fresh Tomatoes and Herb Pasta (P234)

This dish might sound simple with its humble ingredients (tomatoes, olives, capers, and an array of herbs if I’m not mistaken), but the taste was really flavorful. I loved how the mixture of all the components managed to bring out that sweetish sour taste that will just make your mouth water. Plus, it had that enticingly fragrant aroma coming from the herbs. And needless to say, the pasta was al dente, leaving Mary Grace’s fresh tomatoes and herb pasta definitely worthy of two thumbs-up.

Grilled Mary Grace Ensaymada (P73)

Now, this is just plainly yummy. Soft and chewy ensaymada with a slightly toasted sugary crust. What I loved about Mary Grace’s ensaymada, aside from its texture, was the balance of flavors. It wasn’t too sweet nor was it too buttery, just the right taste that is not nakakaumay.


When I was still residing in QC, Parvati was the place for me. I loved hanging out in their quiet little corner at the mall while people-watching and just enjoying my chosen dessert for that day. So after an hour or so of strolling, I suggested that we spend our time at this lovely dessert spot.

Mango Torte (P95)

I’m on a chocolatey dessert hiatus ever since Yummy Eats (an annual food tasting event) since I had my own fill of confections that day, so I went for something not on the sugar-sweet side, and mango torte was just perfect for me. I liked the texture from the nougat base and the sweet-sour taste of the ripe mangoes which was well-balanced by the light cream topping of this dessert. Quite a delight if paired with the slightly bitter taste of coffee.

So there goes our “job hunting” turned “let’s just eat and hang out day”. Wish that the odds be in our favor on finding a place in the employment line hehe. :P


Another one of the boy and I’s favourite places for desserts is Mary Grace Cafe. Usually their cafes are homey places with nice cushy chairs and notes under their tables from happy customers (a suspicious amount of them from Koreans), but we went to their stall in Robinson’s Place Manila. It was in the middle of the mall, but still a good place to hang out, nonetheless. They still had notes under their tables from happy customers (most of them from students, I think). 

Despite having eaten here for some time, I ordered their renowned ensaymada here for the first time during their visit after reading a note that said “There’s no problem that Mary Grace’s ensaymada didn’t solve”. What potent ensaymada is this? True enough, it was good ensaymada. I had it with a cup of coffee, and afterwards I felt so warm and happy that I wanted to write a poem or something. 

The boy had their mango bene, which was also very delightful. I think it’s like a small, low-frills version of Conti’s famous Mango Bravo cake. All in all, perfect for an afternoon snack and a minimum-stress date :)


Mary Grace Cafe

Before my sister headed back to Canada, the ladies of the family had a cozy lunch at Mary Grace. I just ate here recently but their Spanish sardines and olive (oil-based) pasta is worth going back for! The home-y vibe and delicious food make this one of my favourite restaurants 😊

Other must-try food: ensaymada, cheese roll (their classics), squash soup, mango bene. 🍰🍝❤️