You think I sound crazy. It’s amazing, you people, you wear helmets when you ride your bike, you have seatbelts in your cars, you have alarm systems to protect your home, but what do you do when those alarms go off? Crazy is building your arc after the flood has already come. 

10 Cloverfield Lane (dir. Dan Trachtenberg)


Some people with Space Bugs in their heads experience stumbling, loss of balance or loss of hearing in one ear. This is normal since part of your brain needs to come out somewhere. Some people with Space Bugs report an aversion to sex and also alcohol, plus an interest in vegetables, vegetable juices, and the curative properties of juicing in general.

Shining Lights of 2016



Mary Elizabeth WInstead being 300% done in Alex of Venice

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A few years ago, I was at a hardware store. And there was this little girl with her dad. And he was in a hurry, and she wasn’t keeping up. So, he kept yanking on her arm. But really hard, you know? Too hard. I know that feeling. When my dad got that way, my brother Colin was always there to take the worst of it for me. And I thought, seeing this little girl, I thought maybe I could do that for her. But I just kept watching. And they’re about to leave, and I’ve done nothing. And she slips. And it throws him off-balance, and he hits her. And I wanted so badly to do something to help her, but… I did what I always do when things get hard. I just panicked and ran.

10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) dir. Dan Trachtenberg