I've been thinking about what I'd like the final scene of Downton to be

And even though its unlikely to happen I’d like it to be similar to the final moments of Desperate Housewives where you see what happened next for them: so we’d see Banna with a couple of children and a small hotel or something, Chelsie happily retired, Baxley married, Thomas finally finding happiness either as butler or with someone to love actually I want both, Daisy taking over Mr Mason’s farm and doing a kickass job of it, Beryl marrying Mr Mason and being constant visitors to both Daisy and the Carson’s. Lady Edith getting to raise Marigold as her daughter and being the toast of London publishing circles, Violet and Isobel still disagreeing and being each others best friend, Isobel will of course be married to Doctor Clarkson. Cora and Robert being blissfully happy, Tom making a success of himself and finally accepting his place in the world. And Mary will be happily married to Henry Talbot being the Downton land agent. We will then see that Sybbie, George and Marigold followed in their parents footsteps during World War Two.


“Women like me don’t have a life. We choose clothes and pay calls and work for charity and do the season. But, really, we’re stuck in a waiting room until we marry.” “I’ve made you angry.” “My life makes me angry, not you.

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Michelle Dockery, who plays icy Lady Mary in Downton Abbey, tearily describes the cast as a “second family”, and says she holds a particular connection with Maggie Smith, her onscreen grandmother, the Dowager Countess. Smith, in turn, says she “dare not catch Michelle’s eye when we’re around the dining-room table — it is so dangerous when we start giggling.” The reason for the irreverence in the face of such grandeur? “We have a great rapport, perhaps because we are both Essex girls.”