My Dream about how downton abbey should end

(I had this dream halfway through season 5 last year so not everything fits up (Gilling-phlem for one). But the finale of downton abbey could definitely use a Dan Stevens cameo)

Mary wakes up and it’s snowing out. She looks at her picture of Matthew and looks depressed. We go down to the breakfast table and we hear lord Grantham still hoping Tony Gillingham/Charles works out for her. Mary comes down and Cora is like “good news, Tony and Charles are coming over for the Christmas party”. Mary still seems depressed and brushes it off. They ask if Mary is okay, she tells them she’s just tired (the family think it’s a sleep thing but we the audience guess that she’s TIRED of these not-Matthew types).

Later on she’s looking out the window and Carson comes up and asks her to go for a walk. They end up outside and Carson asks what the audience knows. Mary starts getting sad and talks about how it’s not the same. Carson says he understands how difficult it can be, this being the time of year Matthew proposed. He says to have faith things will get better and remember Matthew will always be with her. He walks away and Mary is left leaning on the railing thinking.

It starts snowing and she starts getting cold. She gets ready to go back inside when Matthew appears and tells her it’s getting cold or something. Mary starts crying and they have a tearful reunion. Mary and Matthew discuss how difficult it’s been and how they miss each other. They walk through the house and it’s like going back in time to the good old days - Sybil is there and they are all dressed like it’s the nineteen-tens. The night goes on and Matthew says he needs to leave soon. They end up back outside going full circle around the house. He gives Mary advice on moving forward (maybe gives Charles his blessing) and Mary and Matthew hug and kiss one last time. Mary is back out on the railing in the snow alone and goes inside.



“Women like me don’t have a life. We choose clothes and pay calls and work for charity and do the season. But, really, we’re stuck in a waiting room until we marry.” “I’ve made you angry.” “My life makes me angry, not you.

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Michelle Dockery, who plays icy Lady Mary in Downton Abbey, tearily describes the cast as a “second family”, and says she holds a particular connection with Maggie Smith, her onscreen grandmother, the Dowager Countess. Smith, in turn, says she “dare not catch Michelle’s eye when we’re around the dining-room table — it is so dangerous when we start giggling.” The reason for the irreverence in the face of such grandeur? “We have a great rapport, perhaps because we are both Essex girls.”