Am I the only one who doesn't like Henry Talbot for Mary?

I don’t know, there was just something about him that I just didn’t like. He was just kinda… meh 😕 Mary needs way better than “meh.” Just all their scenes together seemed like Henry wasn’t that interested. All the romantic interest seemed forced and one-sided coming from Mary. I think they could be good friends, but not husband and wife. I don’t know, we might see more of him in S6 and he might turn out to be really cool, but I feel like Mary needs someone who can “wow” her like Matthew did. Yeah, they got off to a rocky start, but there were still scenes when you could tell there was SOMETHING there, just underneath the surface. They knew they were meant for each other.

While I’m aware her next love will be different, it should still be someone who gives her a “wow” factor like Matthew did. She’s not the type of person who would settle for less and Henry just really didn’t seem interested, other than the comment when they were out in the fields shooting. He said something like, “I don’t mind being left alone, especially not with you.” But he kind of comes off as a ladies’ man and with those types, vague, flirty little comments don’t mean much. I don’t know, that’s just the vibe I got from him. Mary needs someone who is just as amazed by her as she is by him and I didn’t see any of that between her and Henry.


“Women like me don’t have a life. We choose clothes and pay calls and work for charity and do the season. But, really, we’re stuck in a waiting room until we marry.” “I’ve made you angry.” “My life makes me angry, not you.

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Michelle Dockery, who plays icy Lady Mary in Downton Abbey, tearily describes the cast as a “second family”, and says she holds a particular connection with Maggie Smith, her onscreen grandmother, the Dowager Countess. Smith, in turn, says she “dare not catch Michelle’s eye when we’re around the dining-room table — it is so dangerous when we start giggling.” The reason for the irreverence in the face of such grandeur? “We have a great rapport, perhaps because we are both Essex girls.”


The Ladies of Downton Abbey

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