He survived accident and has returned to the love of his life and their son.

These stories aren’t just fan fiction. They are possible.


Matthew Crawley is alive. That is my story, and I’m sticking to it. I hope you enjoy and will review. More to come.

Flashdance:  A ficlet in PDPB verse

flailinggirl said:

Parks verse M/M, apartment, thunderstorm

“This is lovely.”

She chuckled, she couldn’t help herself as she snuggled deeper into his chest, inhaling the mingled scents of sex, sweat, and the Old Spice body wash she now associated with him.

“Its heaven,” she agreed, stretching against him like a lazy cat, prompting him to lower his face down to hers and claim her mouth in a searing kiss. She hummed into his mouth, enjoying every leisurely sensation down to her tingling tailbone. “It’s been too long since we’ve been able to take our time.”

His fingers traced a linear pattern up and down her arm, giving her goosebumps she had no desire to rub away.

“I think we’ve now mastered the art of the quickie,” he mused, laughing himself at the playful expression she tossed his way in response.

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“Women like me don’t have a life. We choose clothes and pay calls and work for charity and do the season. But, really, we’re stuck in a waiting room until we marry.” “I’ve made you angry.” “My life makes me angry, not you.

gif request meme // anon asked: downton abbey + most attractive


Michelle Dockery, who plays icy Lady Mary in Downton Abbey, tearily describes the cast as a “second family”, and says she holds a particular connection with Maggie Smith, her onscreen grandmother, the Dowager Countess. Smith, in turn, says she “dare not catch Michelle’s eye when we’re around the dining-room table — it is so dangerous when we start giggling.” The reason for the irreverence in the face of such grandeur? “We have a great rapport, perhaps because we are both Essex girls.”