What the writers and cast [of the 100] are doing exceptionally well is portraying real women. This show isn’t afraid to show and deal with emotions. Mass media has had this overwhelming idea to shove emotions to the side and label them as “feminine.” These characters bare what they’re feeling in the open. They never apologize for what they’re feeling. Real women feel. Real women suffer. Real women are flawed. Real women get scared and make mistakes. And what really ties them all together is that they do everything for the ones they love. ↪ excerpts from Why You Should Be Watching ‘The 100’ - For Its Leading Ladies


I added snippets of these to instagram (@artbythorhauge) a while back; but they never made it to tumblr.

They’re actually from 2013, but these setups were used for a presentation on the european animation course ASF in 2014 :)

They are all early concepts for a - currently paused - project I’ve been fiddling with..

These are mainly just setting different moods, and playing with the characters n a backdrop. So that’s why the backgrounds are pretty much just blurs in different colors ;) And why all the characters are centered haha…

anyhoo! Enjoy ;)

anonymous asked:

Elise and Natasha, really hit the jackpot getting each other as co-stars didn't they?

Honestly yes. It’s hard to find someone you have that much chemistry with. A lot of on screen relationships don’t work for me because they feel forced because the actors don’t really seem to be into it, but there’s something about the way Elise and Natasha portray Laura and Carmilla that just makes it feel so real and genuine. And please no one talk to me about possible real life feelings because that’s not what this is about right now and discredits their acting.

I feel like if it wasn’t Elise and Natasha I wouldn’t ship Hollstein as much as I do (No doubt I still would but ride or die kind of thing). There’s something about the way they play off of each other that is such a pleasure to watch on screen and it’s one of the best strengths of the show imo.