Etienne Drian, Gaby Deslys, 1910s.

Gaby Deslys (1881-1920) was a singer and actress of the early 20th century from Marseilles, France. She selected her name for her stage career. It is an abbreviation of Gabrielle of the Lillies. During the 1910s she was exceedingly popular worldwide, making $4,000 a week in the United States alone. During the 1910s she performed several times on Broadway, at the Winter Garden Theater, and performed in a show with a young Al Jolson. Her dancing was so popular that The Gaby Glide was named for her.

Lost in Fire ---- Chapter 10

Sorry this one took so long sisters! Had an amazing holiday in Japan and finding time to write was hard sometimes. So, this is shorter than usual, but did want to give you something!

Hope you enjoy xx

Pairing: Alex Hogh Andersen/reader

Warnings: cussing, angst

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The plane was quiet, not too many people were on it and you sat alone in your row. You watched the blue sky and wished for it to rain. You felt miserable and so everything should be miserable. You let your tears stream over your face, not caring who would see. You suddenly realized you hadn’t read the card you got from Peter and Elias, so you took it out of your backpack.

“Dear Y/N, I know you aren’t happy about leaving. And frankly, neither am I! But sometimes in life you need to grasp opportunities because we might not get a second chance. I’m convinced you will be great, amazing! I will see you soon xx Peter”

“Y/N, although I’ve only briefly had the pleasure of knowing you, you changed so much for me. For years (!) I’ve been trying to get Nora’s attention and without you, we would probably still be in the friend zone. Thank you! You are wonderful, although I don’t think you realize that yet. I will miss you xx Elias”

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Assassin’s Creed (Women) - Silent Running

Lost in Fire ---- Chapter 2


Thank you for all of those who read Chapter 1! I never thought this would reach so many of you and honestly it scares me :D
If you have any feedback or things you want to happen in the story, you can always leave a message!

If you want to read the first chapter, you can do that here.


You’ve been living with Marie for about a month and enjoyed your time together. You told your family things between you and Thomas ended and he eventually stopped calling and texting. You guessed he moved on to that tart from work. Sometimes you would still cry about it in bed, trying to be quiet so Marie wouldn’t hear. But off course she did, the walls being paper thin.  Within the next month the contract you had with the musical company expired and you hadn’t heard anything about it being extended. They often replaced the actors after a while so the  audience saw a fresh face.  The director had talked about it a few days ago, not to your face but to one of the tech crew. You would have a good reference on your resume and built up your experience, it’s just how things go in the show business. Even though you knew all of this, it still bothered you that you would be out of work soon. Like you had any energy or motivation left over to look for a new job! As you sulked in the shower, you heard Marie come home and she was not alone.

Elise, a high school friend of Marie came over and you had dinner together. Elise was a girl that liked to talk….a lot…mostly about herself. So you sat there, eating your lasagna and listening to one of her stories when you noticed Elise had a slight accent when she spoke. “I’m sorry to interrupt, but I can’t help but notice your accent, where are you from?” Elise smiled, her eyes gleamed with pride and she sat up straight. “I’m from Denmark! We moved here when I was twelve, but we go back every summer to visit family!”. Denmark….a country you knew little about. You’ve had a Carlsberg or two…or three… one evening in a pub, so Denmark couldn’t be bad, could it?! “Oh, that’s lovely” you replied, not knowing enough facts or amusing things to say about it. This had been the trigger for Elise to talk about her home country for the next hour. How beautiful the nature was, how unpredictable the weather, how they celebrated the Queen’s birthday, how modern and open minded people in Copenhagen were,…Denmark sounded lovely and Elise obviously loved her home country very much. “Have you ever thought about moving back? I mean, not that I want to be rid of you, but you always gleam when you talk about Denmark.” Marie said. Elise contemplated her answer: “Maybe one day, but my life is here now. Sure, it’s nice to go back and speak Danish or wander around the streets of my childhood, but now I’ve got so many memories here I would miss it just as much, I think”.

It had been a lovely evening. You decided you actually liked Elise despite her talkative attitude. You figured that if she did all the talking, you didn’t have to do it yourself and that was fine! You never really had a group of friends because you were always busy in high school: homework, acting, singing lessons and now you performed two shows a day and couldn’t be bothered to go out because you were so tired! So, it felt nice to make a new friend. Elise was kind hearted and hugged you when she left. When you scrolled through Facebook, you already had a notification waiting that she added you as a friend. You smiled and told yourself this was part of the new start and many more friends would be in your life. Well at least that’s what you hoped for.

“I’m sorry Elise talks so much! She can get a little excited sometimes” Marie said as she grabbed a bag of crisps and sat down on the couch. “That’s okay, I like her” you answered and joined your friend. Suddenly there was tension in the room as you looked over to Marie and she smiled a little sympathetic. “What?” you asked, crisps in your mouth and reaching for your glass of wine. “I have to ask: aren’t you a bit worried about you contract ending at the theatre? Have you been looking for a new job or…?”. Marie had noticed your laid back attitude towards unemployment and wondered if you were even aware that it was kind of a big deal, having no money. You sighed and laid back on the couch. Suddenly your eyes were filled with tears and your breath became shallow. “Oh, I’m sorry Y/N! I didn’t mean to upset you!” Marie touched your arm gently and sat close, ready to console you if you needed her to. “I’m so tired of fighting Marie” you said. “I have nothing left in me to get up and audition for every part available in this city. I’m empty, done…I feel like I’m this robot doing everything I have to, but nothing more. Every morning I wake up, get dressed and then I see myself in the mirror and think: who is this girl? I used to have Thomas, I used to be an actress. What am I now? I’m 25 years old and I feel like I’ve achieved nothing!”. Tears were streaming down your face by this point, letting out every ugly thought you’ve had this past month.  Before Marie could say anything, you got up from the couch and went to your bedroom, wanting to be alone.

When you were all out of tears, you were numb again, feeling like an empty shell and wanting nothing more than to sleep. Off course, that didn’t happen. So as you stared at the ceiling and felt sorry for yourself, suddenly a crazy thought came to you: what if you just left? Just packed up everything you owned (which wasn’t all that much) and left without telling anyone? Start completely fresh somewhere new? Immediately your rational side took over: where would you go? What do you expect to be different? You couldn’t just pack up and leave, how rude!

You shifted in bed, hoping a new position would wipe away the thoughts of running away. But you knew it was too late: the seed was in your brain and you had to deal with it. Okay, so maybe not leave indefinitely, maybe just a holiday? Yes! You just needed a break and relax for a minute. “Go on, Y/N decide something for yourself!” you said to yourself. “I don’t know what I want, but maybe I need a change of scenery, to go somewhere where nobody knows me or cares about who I am…”. You decided you would look into it in the morning and after a few minutes, you feel asleep.

The next day you told Marie your plans and she smiled. “It will be good for you Y/N…But I’m worried about you travelling alone, are you sure that’s what you want?”. You nodded and took out your laptop to look for sunny places to go to. “Okay…then just make sure you’re not on the far end of the world because I’m going to freak out if you’re doing that!” Marie emphasized her words with a lot of big hand gestures and you couldn’t help but smile. “I’m having lunch with this guy I met on the tube, so I’m heading out. Don’t wait up for me.” Marie winked and you pulled a face. She wasn’t exactly a nun and you know she had been holding off dating just because you could have been sensitive about it. But Marie thought a month had been long enough!

A couple of hours and a few travel websites later, your phone lit up and you saw Elise calling you. “Hi Elise?” you said, not knowing why this girl would randomly call you, since you just met last night. “Hey Y/N! I’m in this pub with Marie and this douchey guy and she tells me you want to leave for a while? And I just thought, why not go to Denmark? I mean, you seemed pretty interested in it last night? And you won’t regret it! If you want, I can send you a few nice hotels in Copenhagen? It will be great, I promise!”. Finally, you were able to say something yourself after Elise took a moment to breathe. “Uhm, I hadn’t really thought about Denmark, I was thinking of maybe going somewhere sunny?” you responded, immediately hearing a sigh on the other end of the phone. “Y/N listen to me: sure, you could go to the Bahamas, but I promise you won’t regret giving it a chance!”

After that phone call you  researched Denmark and its capital Copenhagen. It did seem nice…you found a few cheap hostels that were more in you price range than the fancy hotels Elise had sent you. Two hours later you had booked a one way ticket to Copenhagen and started packing.

Marie drove you to the airport while drilling you to be careful and not to roam the streets at night. It was as if your mum was driving you, honestly. You smiled, warmed by the friendship the two of you had. You said goodbye and walked into the airport, looking for the right gate to your flight.

When your flight took off, you looked out of the window. You had no idea how long it would be until you returned and you didn’t care. This was the first adventure of your life and you were sure it would change you. And it would.

There you go! I hope you enjoyed it.

Next chapter, you will meet a few of Alex’s friends and maybe get a glimpse of Alex himself ;)

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Honesty by Elise Marie, Ch.13

Tears involuntarily began shedding from her eyes straight on to her bedding. The thoughts made no sense. Aside from after a night terror, they were literally only sharing the same bed, that made her heart ache more so and more tears to flow without pressure. Before their damn truncated conversation and the nights that had followed, Sansa had felt almost happy. It made no sense. How could she want more from her cousin? How could she miss him when he was still within space of feeling his body’s heat and hearing his every breath? The need that she had to be close to him, Sansa had never felt that kind of emotion for anyone and she did not understand it. This was not how Lady’s were. Lady’s were told who to wed, made to maybe love their Lord Husband, molded into something with him with no need or desire to have or be met. Was that not how it had been with Lord Tyrion? Told to wed him, told to share his bed in the hopes that she could see how good of a man he was to her when he waited patiently for her. Would she have grown to need him beside her each night? Would she have developed the need to be in his arms as they slept?

“Is that an odd Southron way of sleeping?” Without even thinking, Sansa turned and sat up immediately at Jon’s question. The smile on his face fell as he rushed to kneel in front of her, his hands flying to her cheeks and his thumbs each began wiping away her tears. Her hands flew up to her tear stained face. She had not fully realized that she was crying. Just as she could not realize what her thoughts were. “Sansa, what happened at the feast?”

“Nothing.” She shook her head, his eyes told her that he did not believe her. “Truly, nothing,” she reaffirmed, putting her right hand over his left on her cheek. “I…” She took a deep breath. “I miss you.” It was a whisper when she finally spoke again, so soft and quiet that she barely heard it.

“I am right here.”

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Poetesses (update)

Since I started this blog a couple of years ago, I’ve been posting works by poetesses from all around the world as I came across them randomly in books or on various websites, forming the pattern of this little, partial and irregular anthology. By doing this I just wish to share those amazing texts it might be sometimes difficult to get aware of  ;) 

Here is an author list you can use at any time, with links to poems in bilingual (Original language/English) versions ^^

Helen Adam
Anna Akhmatova*
Amal Al-Jubouri*
Takako Arai
Ana Blandiana
Emily Brontë°
Ana Brnardić
Gwendolyn Brooks
Karin Boye (1) (2)
Ilzė Butkutė°
Susan Connolly
Vladimíra Čerepková*
Nastya Denisova
Regina Derieva*
Marceline Desbordes-Valmore
Hilde Domin*
Hélène Dorion
kari edwards
Jun Er
Ida Faubert
Jennifer Elise Foerster°
Marie de France
Jane Gentry°
Nikki Giovanni°
Lavinia Greenlaw
Anjum Hasan
Ana Paula Inácio
Nina Iskrenko
Mirela Ivanova
Anka Žagar
Elena Kacyuba*
Manju Kanchuli
Mary Karr°
Doris Kareva
Judit Kemenczky*
Farzaneh Khojandi
Sarah Kirsch*
Barbara Köhler
Masayo Koike
Rachel Korn
Lina Kostenko
Taja Kramberger
Louise Labé°
Katalin Ladik
Christine Lavant
Ursula K. Le Guin
Audre Lorde°
Amy Lowell°
Eeva-Liisa Manner
Kseniya Marennikova*
Kettly Mars
Iman Mersal
Larissa Miller
Marianne Moore
Valzhyna Mort
Isabella Motadinyane
Shahnaz Munni
Eileen Myles
Mary Oliver°
Lisa Olstein°
Kristín Ómarsdóttir
Dorothy Parker°
Sophia Parnok (1) (2)
Esdras Parra
Eugénie Paultre
Valentine Penrose
Sibila Petlevski
Petrőczi Éva
Halyna Petrosanyak
Diane Di Prima
Claudia Rankine
Adrienne Rich°
Lalla Romano*
Muriel Rukeyser
Amina Saïd°
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Maya Sarishvili
Gjertrud Schnackenberg
Olga Sedakova
Anne Sexton°
Naomi Shihab Nye°
Izumi Shikibu (1) (2)
Savita Singh
Charlotte Smith°
Maggie Smith°
Edith Södergran*
Ingrid Storholmen*
Wisława Szymborska (1) (2) (3) (4)
Chimako Tada
Anyte of Tegea
Chouchanik Thamrazian
Élise Turcotte
Ijeoma Umebinyuo°
Marie Under
Maud Vanhauwaert
Renée Vivien
Rosmarie Waldrop
Mary Webb
Maria White Lowell°
Eleanor Wilner
Uljana Wolf
Liliane Wouters
Liu Xia°
Wang Xiaoni
Ling Yu

(°= reblog from other tumblr users, *= my own translation)

Please don’t hesitate to send me suggestions of poems for this little anthology, I would be so happy to read and add them on this page!