mary wings

Things everyone in the Legend/TYE fandoms agree on

•Day shouldn’t have lost his memory
•Thomas is gay for Metias
•Methomas should’ve happened
•Tess is a cinnamon roll
•Raffaele deserved to be happy
•Enzo is bi
•Raffaenzo should’ve been canon
•Day and Magiano are walking memes
•Magiano deserved better
•Metias deserved better
•Adelina deserved better
•Kaede deserved better
(Except Giulietta, she can choke)

Feel free to add more :D

the Legend fandom tho

but like our fandom is so small

its so small we have literally 10 fanfics on the internet

its so small the only decent fanart is by the author herself

its so small we dont even have a fucking name for the Thomas/Metias ship

we need more Legend fans 

  • The Legend Trilogy: *Has two POC protagonists*
  • Legend: *Has a cast of mostly POC*
  • Legend: *Has badass gay characters*
  • Legend: *Deals with many real and usually unaddressed problems such as police brutality*
  • Legend: *Has kickass ladies that are not sexualized*
  • Legend: *Has intriguing plotline and raises questions about militarism vs capitalism*
  • Legend: *Is simultaneously funny and dark*
  • Legend: *Has complex characters and deals with gray morality*
  • Everyone: All YA books are the same