I can't be the only one

Whose confused about what exactly Sam and Deans arc is this season . It can’t just be “ Sam and Dean reuniting with their mom and learning to adjust ” . It literally can’t be it .

That’s so ridiculously teenage angst like . That is not what Supernatural is . There has to be something else .

10 reasons to get excited about the Dabb era:

1.  He gives us powerful female characters who are neither villains nor love interests.

2.  He’s also responsible for the humanization/redemption of Rowena and Amara, and ensured that neither were killed off by the season’s end:

3.  He loves Castiel, and has included him in most of his episodes.

4.  Similarly, many of his Cas-centric episodes pay much closer attention to his emotional ark than those of other writers.  (Case in point, Hunteri Heroici, Clip Show, Stairway to Heaven, and the Things We Left Behind).

5.  And while “brotherly” isn’t the term I’d use to describe Dean and Cas’s relationship, this affirmation did debunk the bibros most frequent complaint:  “The show is about the brothers!!”  Well, now we can safely argue that Cas fits that category.  (And maybe eventually brother in-law, if I have anything to say about it.) 

6.  He also seems to include a fair amount of Bi!Dean:  most recently, he gave us the gift of Dean gushing over male wrestlers in “Beyond the Mat.”

7.  Not to mention these great Destiel scenes:

(Seriously, season eight was a fucking gift.)

8.  And at least three Destiel hugs.

9.  His episodes personify the awesomely weird humor Supernatural is known for (“Yellow Fever,” “Sam, Interrupted,” “Weekend at Bobby’s,” “What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?,” “Hunteri Heroici,” etc.)

10.  And last but not least, he’s already steered the focus of the show away from increasingly bigger, badder “big bads” and more towards the emotional arcs of the characters (which, let’s be honest, is all we really care about, anyway).

(And yeah, I know Robert Singer is supposedly involved, too, but that’s a fact the fandom has collectively decided to ignore and I’m happy to join them.)

So season twelve, here we come!