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Hi, I like johnlock too much. Do you still believe in TJLC? And why?

hell yes. johnlock has been a thing since the 1800s. mofftiss like to watch us suffer, and when they’re done playing their game, we’re going to have a really good sherlock holmes story and johnlock. if i was mofftiss, i wouldn’t have put the kiss in series 4 either. we were expecting it. they love to plant hints and surprise us, that’s the point of the show. look at what they did with mary. people were expecting her to die, but not in the first episode. people are expecting johnlock to happen, but it won’t happen when we expect. the proof is there, so i’ve honestly accepted that it will happen when it happens. it is what it is.

thanks for the ask💖


This entire scene is essentially Sherlock coming up with an alibi for Mary, but as many of you may know, it has a lot of holes.

For example, Sherlock’s story shows Mary spinning around to hit Magnussen with her gun.

But this shot, just a moment later, shows that she would have no way to do that. This isn’t the only inconsistency, but it’s a big one. The important thing is that this shows us what it looks like when Sherlock is fabricating a story. Now, let’s compare it to the scene that alibi theory centers around.

In the first part of the scene Mary is a good few feet away from Sherlock.

Sherlock barely had time to work a facial expression, let alone move, yet Mary is able to jump in front of Sherlock in a cliche hollywood style. Using both regular science and the show’s science, it’s physically impossible for Mary to have done this. Not to mention that there would probably be an exit wound, and then Sherlock would have been hurt too, and multiple guns being fired in an aquarium would definitely break some glass.

Basically, Sherlock’s alibis always have holes in them, especially when it comes to spacial logic, and hlv is a great example of why alibi theory makes sense.


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The final technical challenge for the final episode of the final season of The Great British Bake Off was Mary’s Victoria sandwich. However they didn’t actually get given the recipe on the show, they just got given the ingredients and told to make one… so in the spirit of the challenge I did the same thing and didn’t follow her method either (although mostly just because I didn’t like how she does it).

I’m pretty happy with it! Texture and taste are great, and apart from the rough edges in places - it stuck a bit to the cake tin for some reason - the appearance is really good too. I love the buttercream mounds in the middle; if GBBO has taught me anything it’s not to shy away from using the piping bag, cos it’s worth it even though it’s a pain to clean afterwards.

The faults were I didn’t make my own jam and the not-very-good cake edge, so for this final week I will award myself 4 majestic Mary Berrys and 1 haughty Paul Hollywood.

Also Paul has always been the negative person in this for me but the show wouldn’t have been the same without him and I wouldn’t want to watch it if he wasn’t there. I think he would be happy to see I’ve done all the challenges, so I’m going to add a secret, rare smiling Paul:

An Angel’s Whim- Prologue

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Pairing: Future Dean x Reader
Word count: 662
Warnings: Swearing
: Negan and the reader are both dealing with the walkers in Georgia. Both from different groups, both the leaders. Sam and Dean Winchester are wearing themselves down after Mary leaves. With little to no rest between hunts, too much alcohol, and not enough sleep, they aren’t headed anywhere good.

Gabriel can’t hide anymore. While it’s true the Winchester boys aren’t his favorite people, he does respect them, and can’t watch evil take over his father’s creation.

So, he decides to bring them a little help from somewhere a bit unconventional. One morning at breakfast, he shows up, reader to his right, Negan on his left. “Hello, boys. Miss me?” Are the first words he says to them since the day at the motel where he died.

Part 1 of An Angel’s Whim

“Hello boys, miss me?” Gabriel smirked at the Winchesters, enjoying the dumbfounded looks on their faces.  

Dean looked at the bottle of whiskey in his hand and set it down. “Dude.” He groaned. “I’m starting to see things. Not good.” He groaned.

“No. No. I’m seeing him, too…” Sam stared at the angel that he had seen killed by Lucifer. That was years ago. “Did we get drugged?” He muttered.

You looked around. “Um, where the hell are we?”

“Son of a bitch!” You groaned, bringing your axe down on another walker’s head. While you were used to wiping through the undead, that didn’t mean it truly became easier. These had once been people, but you did what you had to do.

As you continued to move through the store that you were searching with a couple other members of your group, you felt as if you were being watched. Stopping, you turned, only to be greeted by a man with golden hair. “Well, hello, sugar.” He smirked.

“Who the hell are you?” You glared, posed to attack.

He moved a step closer. “That’s a story we don’t exactly have time for. One more pit stop before our final destination.” He told you before snapping his fingers.

Negan had Lucille over his shoulder, an eyebrow raised. “I’d like to know the same damn thing.” He added, starting to slowly move around the room. “Cuz this sure as shit ain’t the Sanctuary.”

Licking his lips, Negan smiled at his newest wife. Pretty little thing. “Now, I’m headed out with the boys. These lovely ladies will fill you in on everything.”

“Good, because you won’t be here.” He whipped around, seeing a man and woman standing there.

He narrowed his eyes. “Who the fuck are you?”

“Name’s Gabriel. And we’ve got somewhere to be.” He snapped his fingers, transporting the three of them.

“Gabriel?!?!” Dean got up. “As in Archangel Gabriel? The one Lucifer killed with an angel blade?” He looked at the angel suspiciously. “That asshole Trickster that kept us in a damn time loop?”

Gabriel sighed. “Details, details.”

“I believe the lady asked where the fuck are we? Now, I suggest someone tell me what’s going on before they meet Lucille.” Negan snapped.

You pulled out your gun, pointing it at Gabriel. “Start talkin’. Now.” You glared. “Where are we?”

Dean and Sam pulled out their own weapons, pointing them at you and Negan. Gabriel sighed. “Enough.” He snapped his fingers, leaving Negan with a pool noodle, and you and the boys with water guns.

“What the hell?!” You furrowed your brows, looking at your water gun. “I’m expecting some fucking answers.”

Gabriel smirked. “Easy. These two knuckleheads have serious mommy issues.” Dean growled at the angel, who simply rolled his eyes. “Mommy dearest went her own way, and they’re throwing a damn temper tantrum. As you can see by their choice of liquid breakfast.” His eyes shot to the whiskey Dean had been drinking before turning to you and Negan.

“What the fuck does that have to do with us?” Negan asked, not happy.

“I’m getting there. Down, boy.” He replied. “You two are leaders. You, my bat wielding psycho, lead the Saviors. Who are in serious need of some candy and a psychologist. Just sayin’.” Gabe held his hands up when Negan looked like he was about to pound him. “And you, your group doesn’t have a name, but you’re damn effective. No deaths recently, which is good. You’re tough, but fair. You’re also more compassionate.”

Dean put his hands on his hip. “So, you brought us a fucking PSYCHO, and…her?” He asked, crossing his arms over his chest. “Take them back to wherever you found them.”

Gabriel smirked. “No can do, Dean-O. Took all my mojo getting these two here. Takes a lot out of me to jump universes. Have fun.” Snapping his fingers, he was gone, weapons replaced.

“Son of a bitch!” Dean yelled.

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American Nightmare - Not a good first episode for the new writer

It’s sad when you find the Nepotism Duo to write the characters and dialogue better than a new writer, but I do, at least I did with the episode American Nightmare. Last night’s episode was awful and way too paint by the numbers and let’s make the characters one-dimensional.

Dean’s feelings are valid, he shouldn’t be criticized by Sam for them and Dean should not have to apologize for his feelings. He was not acting like a dick. Sam is compassionate to Mary for struggling, but doesn’t show Dean the same compassion when Dean is struggling.

  • Any Soul Eater Female Character: *shows up*

Why are no Starkid fans freaking out about The Tin Can Brothers production Spies Are Forever? I literally donated to the kickstarter and got to see it early online because of it, but they’re uploading a scene each week all summer. Joey’s in it, Lauren’s in it, Rosenthal, and more awesome people. (Mary Kate Wiles also liked my tweet about the show, and I died so hard).

So yeah, Starkid fans, go watch Spies Are Forever on youtube or even buy it on DVD. As someone who’s seen it all the way through, I highly recommend it 100%. (Also, The Tin Can Bros sketch videos are super good too, I don’t know why more people aren’t jumping on this.)

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I'm just getting into baking and understanding the technics behind it all. Do you have any book suggestions for someone starting out? / What are your favorite baking cookbooks? :) Thanks, Jess!

(( OOC: Hm, although I have an awful lot of cookbooks, if I’m looking for recipes I tend to refer to cooking/baking blogs or YouTube channels. I recommended some of my fav YouTube channels here if you’re interested!

As for books, the GBBO recipe books they release after every series are actually really good places to start, as well as Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood’s own books. And again, some of the contestants from the show have released some brilliant cook books - Ruby Tandoh, John Whaite, and the lovely Nadiya Hussain in particular.

Other honourable mentions are Fay Ripley and Lorraine Pascale, I have a couple of really good basic books from these ladies too.

In terms of baking blogs, definitely take a look at Top With Cinnamon and Call Me Cupcake, I could scroll through the beautiful food photography on these forever. ))

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Speaking of dragging friends into fandom hells, how 'bout Yuri on Ice? =P

friend. friend. i do not think i can answer this very well but i will try.

THE OTP: Oh snap. I wanna say Victuuri but everyone knows I would be a lyin’ ho - it’s definitly OtaYuri.

M/F OTP: ARE THERE ANY? Oh, wait actually I love Yuko and Tageshi Nishigori. They’re sups cute. Also Yuuri’s parents. V v adorbs.

M/M OTP: Victuuri biznatches.


Fav Female: Minako or Isabella (she’s too good for JJ but she’s amazing)
Fav Male: Yuri Plisetsky because angry shouty russian pretty boys are my weakness

Least Fav Female: Sara? Because I just didn’t really like her that much?
Least Fav Male: Georgi.


so crazy how mary is such an amazing villain because she works on the real world the exact same way she does in the narrative because she manages to convince everyone unsuspecting that she is good and deserves pity and forgiveness, but of course no one but us thinks she is a villain because her character is written the right way. she’s like the umbridge of the show. she’s too fucking real. we meet people like her every day and might not even know it. we are so used to caricature villains and mary is too real and because she’s too real people can’t recognize it, cause they’re not able to criticize people in the right way thanks to an unhelpful cycle of the same otherworldly villains like voldemort or the joker who we don’t encounter every day of our lives

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Oh my gosh I agree, I really really really want (among others) a period drama about Mary I. She's a very interesting figure and she's too foten overlooked in favor of Elizabeth (Not that I don't love her too, but obviously she is much more famous and has a lot of shows/books about her). Tbh in general period dramas seem to mostly roll about the same few periods/people and I want to see some new stuff.

I share the sentiment. I love Elizabeth, who is a very interesting character aswell, but sometimes they use Elizabeth’s sucessful reign to downgrade Mary (and Mary Stuart too) and I don’t like that. Of course, it’s not Elizabeth’s fault, but there is a bias in her fictional portrayals that I don’t think it’s fair towards other characters.

Anne Boleyn, Victoria (& Albert because it’s always about the “love” story, not about Victoria herself) and Elizabeth are SO overdone. I love all of them, of course, but there is many other historical characters that deserve attention too.

Just saw a “how to fix Felicity Smoak” post

and it basically said “don’t make her so good at everything because she’s become a Mary Sue. 

First of all, all Superheroes are Mary Sues. They can all do things that are completely unrealistic and learn to do them in a timespan that is virtually impossible for average people to learn. 

Second of all, what is wrong with a woman who is good at multiple things? Can’t women have it all, the way men do on television shows? No hate here, but Curtis Holt is a Olympic athlete, genius, tech inventor and now set up to become a superhero. Why is nobody complaining about him being a “Mary Sue”? Could it possibly be because he’s a man??? 

I just don’t understand the mentality of “women can be “badass” but not too good at everything they do”. Like, excuse me, but from where I’m standing, Felicity is a great role model. She focuses on work, was CEO of a company she now owns, saves people in every way she can, was in a successful relationship, knew exactly how she deserved to be treated and didn’t allow anyone to walk all over her, not even the love of her life, actively encouraged her friends to be the best version of themselves and to go after what they want. 

And I’m sorry, but as a woman, I would rather be hated for excelling at things I do, than be loved for keeping quiet in my corner and “do what I’m supposed to do and not have opinions”

This post goes to women who know that they can have their cake and eat it too. There is no such thing as “being too good at everything”. 

Reign and ships.
  • Me: Bash and Mary is my ship.
  • Show: Sorry but she loved Francis more.
  • Me: Mondé is my one true pairing!
  • Show: Brace yourself angst and drama are coming.
  • Me: Lorcisse could be THE power couple and he's cute around her.
  • Show: Ooops too bad.
  • Me: Good old Greith!
  • Show: Sorry for the false hope it's over.
  • Me: Why are you doing this?
  • Show: I don't know, stuff happens. Stick to Frary if you must, they're king and queen?
  • Frary shippers: have been shouting for a while now.
  • Me: If there's a winner in this fandom, bravo to them.

-works out every day to give the tightest hugs
-has never actually seen a real lion but knows she loves them
-never tried a little debbie snack cake
-once cried because all the mice fell asleep on each other and it was too cute
-would leave really nice supportive post it notes on your mirror
-nails are always, somehow, perfectly manicured
-could probably regrow a field of flowers just by stepping in the soil. her goodness gives them life.
-thinks the old mary kate and ashley shows are hilarious

Ok I’m gonna dissect that “I’m your stalker” scene for a sec. As much as I want to play it off as a joke, I don’t think Mari was joking there because the atmosphere in that scene was way too tense and serious for it to make sense. While I don’t think Mari legitimately stalked her lol, I do think it is an important key to understanding their relationship. 

Earlier in the episode, we see that the third years were in fact school idols during their first year. In the scene, the camera specifically focuses on Kanan to show how her expression changes when she turns around to greet the audience. It’s entirely possible she took one look at that crowd and was terrified of either making a mistake or just not being good enough. I think she bailed.

That’s where Mari’s line comes in. Given how close they seemed as children, it’s fair to say they were pretty close during their first year, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Mari did everything in her power to change Kanan’s mind. It may have been to the point where she was so persistent that Kanan may have snapped and called her something like “stalker.” It would parallel that scene perfectly too because what Mari ultimately tries to do is convince Kanan to come back to school. She’s probably just doing what she did in the past, which is why she called herself Kanan’s stalker.

Regardless of what that scene means, it’s very clear that Mari cares deeply for Kanan, and I’m sure we’ll get more insight during the third year episodes.

Old me: Hmm … Maybe I should start watching The 100. A lot of my friends have watched it and said it was pretty good. There’s not too many episodes. It will be just a nice light show I can finish in a week or so and then move on to my other shows on my to-watch-list. No big deal. 

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Me now: *obsessed with The 100* *has adopted Bellamy Blake as actual son* *writes fanfiction and meta* *rewatches episodes I’ve already seen a million time* *no time to do important things cause tumblr* *has forgotten what sunshine feels like* What is humans?