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Pulling the Threads-EMP

As I’ve said before I am very much behind the theory of EMP, specifically concerning Sherlocks EMP (There are many others saying it may also be Johns at play after seeing series 4). So just hear me out for this short thought, we know that blue color scheme is meant to be lies or some sort of “funkiness” going on during a scene such as when Mary shot Sherlock and he went into his Mind palace…What if, the mind palace segments we are seeing over series 4 is just a segment of EMP between the short scenes of Sherlock in his hospital bed?

After Jannine leaves he enters his mind palace and starts trying to retrace his steps with Mary, when sentiment got in the way of his logic and dismissed what made Mary a distrustful persona.

and what do we see????

We know 100% that Mary’s gun is the same as the bond gun, but also that of the gun that is ever present in series 4… and what do we see??? the end of the barrel so to say (from a different perspective) and who would be facing it? Sherlock. He was facing Mary when he got shot, therefore he is the narrator of the series 4 plot hole filled funkiness.

Later we go back, split sends after and we see him come out of his EMP, right?! YES BUT THERES MORE FUCKYNESS!

We all know that heart monitors go from right to left as such:

Why is it then that as Sherlock is leaving EMP his heart monitor is going from left to right?

Guys this is the moment we are getting in/out of EMP.

What do you think? Agree/disagree?

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Family Feud 12x13 verdict

The Good

Mark Pellegrino as the velvety and menacing face of Lucifer once more. He really knows how to hold a room with the briefest of lines. 

Mr. Ketch timing Mary with a stop-watch on her hunting skills - a nice, if blatant, shout-out to the British Watchers’ Council and all their “tests” for Buffy. 

Dagon - played by Ali Ahn - badass - even her cheesy “Come with me if you want to live!” terminator line. Shame we already know she’s gonna get offed eventually by some Winchester-Crowley combo.

Mary coming semi-clean with her sons by showing up with beer and burgers provided for an excellent final scene - great acting by all. Although, coming semi-clean is always a mistake, because when the rest of the dirt comes out, the people you semi-lied to are going to be twice as pissed.  Mr. Ketch has the Colt and her sons don’t know it.

Jensen emoted whole essays with his body language about his long role as Sam’s protector (substitute Mom) after Mary diied. Of course he did.

Rowena - she’s a great character - end of.

The Bad

So Cas says “I love you” one episode ago and all we get is a gruff Dean POV phone call about Kelly Kline? (although Dean did stroke his phone a lot). Why is Cas off hunting for Kelly on his own anyway. And how come he’s having no luck when a couple of angel would-be assassins tracked her just fine?

All mothers are bitches who will disappoint their sons in the end Mary/ Rowena parallels ?!? Ah yes…

Crowley has always been Mr. self-preservation central. Would he really pass up the chance to pop Lucifer solidly back in the cage just for some petty revenge soliloquies? OK. 

So Crowley saves their angel and one second later the Winchesters go behind his back, with not even a heads-up phone-call from Dean (ex-bromance and all) before they get his son killed? OK.   

The Ugly

Fiona getting gang-raped by the crew of the ship in order to further Gavin’s noble back-to-the-past sacrifice plot. Gratuituous rapey-ness - thanks Bucklemming.


Clunky script saved by the acting, but I suppose Dabb had the satisfaction of making Bucklemming correct the plothole they created by yanking Gavin out of his timeline in 9x21 King of the Damned 

(see )

I do like the developing theme (begun last week in Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets of Lucifer as Iago and Crowley as Othello).

  • James: So, who broke it? I’m not mad, I just want to know.
  • Lily: I did, I broke it-
  • James: No. No, you didn’t. Sirius?
  • Sirius: Don’t look at me. Look at Moony.
  • Remus: What? I didn’t break it.
  • Sirius: Hmm. That’s weird. How did you even know it was broken?
  • Remus: Because it’s sitting right in front of us, and it’s broken.
  • Sirius: Suspicious.
  • Remus: No, it’s not!
  • Peter: If it matters…probably not… Marlene was the last one to use it.
  • Marlene: Liar! I don’t even drink that crap.
  • Peter: Oh, really? Then what were you doing by the tea stand at Hogsmeade earlier?
  • Marlene: I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles. Everyone knows that, Peter!
  • Lily: Alright, let’s not fight. I broke it, let me pay for it, James.
  • James: No. Who broke it?
  • Remus: Prongs, Mary’s been awfully quiet…
  • Mary: Really?!
  • Remus: Yeah, really!
  • [Cut to James in another room, the rest of them fighting in the background]
  • James: I broke it. It burned my hand so I punched it. I predict ten minutes from now, they’ll be at each other’s throats with warpaint on their faces and a pig head on a stick. Good. It was getting a little chummy around here.

House m.d. (2008) // Sherlock (2017)

House: I’m sorry. I know I didn’t try to kill her. I know I didn’t want her hurt. I know it was a freak accident. But I feel like crap, and she’s dead because of me.
Wilson: I don’t blame you. I wanted to. I tried to. I must have reviewed Amber’s case file 100 times to find a way. But it wasn’t your fault.
House: Then we’re okay? I mean, I know you’re not, but… Maybe I can help.
Wilson: We’re not okay. Amber was never the reason I was leaving. I didn’t want to tell you because… because I was trying, like I always do, to protect you. Which is the problem. You spread misery because you can’t feel anything else. You manipulate people because you can’t handle any kind of real relationship. And I’ve enabled it. For years. The games, the binges, the middle-of-the-night phone calls. I should have been the one on the bus, not —You should have been alone on the bus. If I’ve learned anything from Amber, it’s that I have to take care of myself. We’re not friends anymore, House.

                                                                  House m.d. -  Dying Changes Everything, 5x01

The thing is, John doesn’t know that Mary jumped infront of Sherlock to take the bullet.
John came after, when Mary was dying, so John didn’t know what happened.
That’s why he’s angry.
He thought the bullet was aimed at Mary, and that Sherlock didn’t do anything to stop it.

That’s why John said “you made a vow. You promised.”
He thought Sherlock didn’t want to safe Mary

Gift Picture and Head canons ^_^

So a friend of mine was having a really hard day so I thought it would be nice to do some art to cheer them up. 

One of my personal favorite head canons is that after Hawkmoth is defeated (assuming that Gabe has gotten his act together and we get the redemption arc I am desperately hoping for, cause I love long drawn out redemption plots) after a year or two of salting Marinette would end up totally getting over everything and bonding with her fashion idol/mentor where as Adrien will continue to be snarky and bitter for ages (understandably so) 

So like- as they grow up Gabe and Mari end up getting along really well because they have a lot of similar interests and personality traits while Adrien is just- “I don’t know Dad, do we have time to go to the theater with you this week or will you be too busy collecting butterflies? What? You want to know my favorite color? But I could have sworn I mentioned it at all those  family meals you didn’t show up for because you were hanging out in your secret lair.” 

Bonus Sketch cause I couldnt’ help myself: 

Anyways enjoy your present @sinfulpapillon and feel better ^_^

@stereden said:

If you do that, you should totally have Mari as Jack and Adri as Rose (parental expectations, priviledged upbringing, etc etc etc)!… Would that make Hawkmoth Cal? xD

Well, I think everyone knows I’d cast Adrien as Rose and Marinette as Jack. I think it’d go something like this - 

Adrien - Rose. Privileged and a prisoner in his own family. 

Marinette - Jack, or “Ladybug.” Artist and street gambler. Ladybug is her street name and no one knows her real identity. 

Lila - The finance Adrien doesn’t want, but because of some kind of misfortune, he has to marry into money (this happened to men too). This would be your “Cal.”

Chloe - Adrien’s sister and kind of on his side but also not always. 

Gabriel - Adrien’s father, obv. 

Alya - Marinette’s friend that got on board with her, also known in the streets as “Raposa.” 

Nino - Steerage passenger that befriends Adrien during his times flutting around with Ladybug/Marinette.  

Hawkmoth - Lila’s guardian or something. Maybe. Not a huge character in this AU. 

A lot of things would change because of the switching of gender roles, but I think I could bend it into the same sort of story ;D

Here’s another depressing thought about John Watson (my specialty): He doesn’t have any real friends, he has never had any real friends, his girlfriends always break up with him, and he thinks no one likes him. At the beginning of ASIP John doesn’t think he’ll find a flatmate because nobody would want him. Sherlock wrote him a list showing how all his “friends” hate him. Everyone on the show is actually there because of Sherlock - even Stamford, who John wrote was a “sort-of mate” back in med school. Sholto is his friend but they never see each other and John never mentioned him to Sherlock. Sherlock even told John in THOB that they weren’t friends. You know what John saw in Mary? You know how she turned his life around? She stayed. No one has ever done that for John. He probably doesn’t think he’s worth someone’s full, undying love and attention.

Skirts and Mary Janes: Part 2

Prompt: part of the batfam and you don’t know about their other life but you’re also a hero and the fam figure it out one day when they run into you fighting and are shocked?

AN: I had never intended to make a sequel to this one. I honestly thought it was a one and done. Then I got a lot of requests for a continuation, and I couldn’t really help myself, when I had this great second prompt to go with. There is a major time skip here, just so you know, about a five year one, just to be clear. And with this Skirts and Mary Janes officially comes to and end!

Words: 771

Part 1

“I want to know who taught you!”

          Your eyes narrow on your father, and the solid wall supporting him that is your brothers. “Why? So you can have a “chat” with them.”

          “No talking, I’m just going to beat them to a pulp.”

          You roll your eyes, “A very Batman thing to do.”

          “Y/N Wayne, you tell me this minute.”

          You widen your stance. “No.”

          “You are my daughter …”

          “I’m also twenty-two, you don’t get to decide things for me anymore. I don’t live here anymore, and I am financially independent.”

          “You work at a museum.”

          “I run an art gallery.”  

          The sound of the alarm blares before your father can respond. He checks the small device in his palm before looking back to you, “I’ll be back soon; we’ll finish this conversation then.”

          “Or, you could let me help you?”  

          His voice is hard and his tone is final, “Absolutely not.”

          A moment later he, and three of your brothers are gone. The only one who remains is the one who trained you. You wait for him to disable the cameras before you say, “He’s going to kill you when he finds out.”

          “He’ll kill me a second time when he finds out we’re dating. To be honest I’m kind of curious as to what’s going to make him the maddest.”

          You plop into the cushioned chair in front of the computer and say, “You have a death wish, don’t you?”

          He just smirks, “Oh please, since when have I ever been able to say no to you? You came to me three weeks after that incident with Killer Croc, begging me to train you, and you knew I wouldn’t say no.”

          You smirk, “You always were a sucker for the puppy dog eyes.”

          He smirks right back, “Still am.”

          The two of you smile for a minute before you say, “You trained me within an inch of my life. You taught me hand to hand, and how to shoot a bow and arrow, and how to use my knives.”

          He just nods, “You never gave up either, never questioned anything I told you to do.”

          You just shrug, “I trusted you, still do.”

          He kneels in front of you, one of his hands threads through your hair, cupping the back of your head, and then he’s kissing you.

          Then he’s gone, several feet away from you. A moment later you hear your father yell his name, both of you turn towards the sound. You relax into the chair and say, “You didn’t turn off the cameras did you?”

          He just grins and says, “I fed the stream right to the batmobile’s screen.”

          “After initiating the false call to action.”

          He just nods, “What do you think will make him the maddest the fact that we’ve been dating for three years and have been hiding it, the fact that I trained you and kept your patrols to a neighboring city so he wouldn’t figure it out, the age difference, or the fact that we’re moving in together?”

          You just grin and say, “All of the above, now run, and I’ll see you later tonight.”

          He winks before pulling the helmet on and saying, “I’ll see you at meeting spot D in two hours, for patrol, Hell Cat, don’t be late.”

          You just grin, and watch him disappear. Your father doesn’t even glance at you as he chases after your boyfriend, with Damian hot on his heels. Dick and Tim however each take a seat on an armrest on either side of you. They wait for your dad and Damian to be long gone before Dick asks, “So, Hell Cat hunh?”

You just smile and say, “You guy have always described me like a cat.”

Tim just grins and says, “Well, you do always land on your feet.”

Dick nods, “And you’re freaky quiet too, you’re able to sneak up on Bruce when he’s Batman. Even Damian can’t do that.”

Tim just grins and says, “It fits.”

“And at least you updated your uniform from a plaid skirt and Mary Janes,” Dick teases.

          You can’t help but smile, because you know this means you’re officially apart of the team, even if your dad doesn’t realize it. “Yeah those shoes weren’t conducive to fighting crime. On a more serious note, what do you think Jason’s odds of survival are?”

          Tim just shrugs, “I wouldn’t worry, death doesn’t seem to want him, and your dad has that no killing rule. Worst he’ll do is put Jason in traction.”

          You just grin and say, “He’ll have to catch him first.”

In The Dying Detective, Sherlock Holmes gets sent a box with a deadly poison in it. He does not open it but pretends he does, faking a severe illness. Watson comes to his rescue, only for Sherlock to dismiss him, telling him he’s not a good enough doctor and he doesn’t want his help. This is because Watson IS a good doctor and would easily know Holmes is faking. They catch the killer Culverton Smith because Holmes was smart enough not to open that poison sent to him.

The Lying Detective is an inversion of this story. We know it’s going to be one dark, trippy ride. Sherlock ingests that poison and he’s about to slowly spiral out of control. But we’ve already seen this imagery in The Six Thatchers – Sherlock told John “Mary’s better than you”, which is what Holmes tells the villain in The Dying Detective. Sherlock also inhaled fumes Mary gave him on that paper, very fishy indeed. He could be poisoned right now, it slowly working its way through, killing him. Culverton Smith is the doctor with the cure, just like in the books. Oh, but there’s so much more Smith will cure you of if you go to him. On the surface he halfway cures the poison but in the subtext he “converts the sick”, leading a bunch of patients into depression and madness.

Good thing John Watson is always there to save the day.

Her weight in his arms feels both comforting and stifling at the same time, but he continues to rock her. He holds her close to his chest, her small head resting on his shoulders as he moves across the room, humming under his breath, the only light in the room, coming from the small nightlight.

Mary deserves some sleep, he had thought to himself when Rosie had started crying. Let her sleep.

“Go to sleep, Rosie,” John whispers, turning his head so he can kiss her dark hair. He pretends not to care. He pretends to know that her hair will become lighter. Eventually. He knows they’re rarely born blond. He wasn’t. It’ll become lighter.

Or not.

“Rosie, love, just fall asleep. It’s alright. You’ve been fed, you’ve got your clean nappie, don’t you? Yes, you do. You just want some attention now, don’t you? A cuddle?” John huffs and Rosie wiggles a little in his arms. He tightens his hold a little. “You know, I’m used to this. Had a madman as a flatshare once. Up all hours, dragging me with him everywhere. And he loved the attention.” The words slip out before John can stop them. But it doesn’t matter, does it? No one can hear him. Mary’s asleep. And Rosie… Rosie is far too young to understand. She probably just likes the sound of his voice. “But I didn’t care. He is my best friend and I - ”

The words do stop this time and John is struggling not to cry out in frustration. He never said it. Never out loud anyway. He can’t. Every time he tries, his stomach clenches and his throat slams shut. He’s scared. John knows he is. He is fucking terrified and he has been for years.

Rosie sighs deeply as if she’s disappointed in him too and John rubs her back a little. “You know what I wanted to say, Rosie. Stop it. It doesn’t matter anymore. Please go to sleep.”

TFP Thoughts

There’s a lot of confusion and anger right now over TFP (understandably), however, attacking Moftiss is ridiculous and unnecessary. This season was phenomenal- no, it wasn’t what we were used to from the show but it wasn’t supposed to be. It was dark, raw, and emotional-the major plots came full circle and while there may have been plot holes in the finale- the show itself was incredible and in my eyes the writers did canon tjlc in the most sherlock way possible. There was never going to be an intimate physical moment-we’ve seen that by sherlock’s weariness of the subject of sex throughout the show. But this ending, while sudden and bittersweet…..gave us a glimpse of the future we wanted for the baker street boys. Mary gave them her blessing: “If I’m gone I know what you can become” (after which they shared a knowing smile) John and Sherlock living together, raising Rosie, and solving crimes. Now that Sherlock has understood his past, we see the human, emotional being he always was come to light-and we see him recognize that…he is finally allowed to feel. They are more than friends, they love each other and they are family- the way it should be and always will. That being said…….I don’t believe it is over and there are elements to come back to.
The writers have always said this wasn’t a detective show- it was a show about a detective…more specifically John and Sherlock’s relationship so it was upsetting to see Mary say “it doesn’t matter who you are” because with as much character development as we have seen throughout the show we know that its a lie-everything thats happened is because of sherlock’s past and who they are….it does matter. I am so happy to see them at peace…happy and living together, doing what they love with the people they love…the writers never told us john lock would be canon-in fact they said it would never be, but they always lie. Too many people are upset because they treated this as the end, and even though it felt like one, we don’t know that it is. If I were moftiss I wouldn’t want to come back to this either- they have given us so much and written an absolutely beautiful show with deep characters and intricate plots. They have said in the past that this was the story they wanted to tell and didn’t care if people liked it or not- it only mattered if they were happy with the product. They have ALL said (cast and crew) that they want to revisit sherlock, so don’t be so quick to assume this was the end.

Here’s some reasons why:

-We never met Harry

-It was never explained why Mary’s videos were titled “Miss Me?”/”Miss You” and where they came from/how they got to john/sherlock 

-We never saw sherlock resolve his relationship with molly

-We never saw Martin’s “big monologue scene” ????

-What was so “history making” about the ending? because while it could be interpreted as canon it was extremely subtle….

-Moriarty plot was wayyyyyyy too elaborate to be resolved so suddenly

-Rathbone Place ???

-Anemoi ???!!!

-Moftiss said something along the lines of “its not whether or not sherlock loves someone, its WHO he loves” and yes he loves his friends and family, they never deliberately answered this…again..vague

-Vatican Cameos

-Never explained how Eurus was in connection with Culverton??

Why TJLC is canon:

-Oscar Wilde reference

-The scene where sherlock angrily yells at Mycroft that John is family (to which he smiles)

-Sherlock never once pointing the gun in John’s direction

-Soldiers? Soldiers.

-When they watch Mary’s video, immediately after saying “I know what you can become” sherlock looks down at john and john smiles (Mary has ALWAYS been aware of John and Sherlock’s love for each other)

-rebuilding 221B exactly the way it was before


-raising Rosie in 221B (there are only two bedrooms) ????

Nothing has ever been certain on this show, we were never promised Johnlock. Yes this episode had it’s flaws but I cannot comprehend how one can view it as bad- it made me scream, cry (repeatedly), laugh, sob, leap out of my seat, sob some more…and bad writing could not be capable of inciting that kind of a reaction. I’m thankful for Moftiss, I’m thankful for Ben and Martin’s heart in staying loyal and repeatedly returning to do this show despite more pressing demands, and I’m thankful for the incredible show they’ve given us. 

Who knows if there will be an episode 4 or season 5, but for me…..Sherlock has been the best thing I have ever seen on television and I am in awe of Moftiss’ depth and dedication to the story. I hope this isn’t the end, but in the meantime take everything with a grain of salt (we’ve known that since the beginning) and for now, try and be happy with the evolution of Sherlock and John’s relationship throughout the show and where it has led them. John just lost his wife and it nearly destroyed their relationship beyond repair…John needs time, sherlock needs time, they need time to heal and get back to their routine where the love began….. Moftiss can’t make everyone happy, so they gave us an ending where we could interpret it as we choose and make Johnlock whatever we wanted it to be. xx

Zendaya is probably Mary Jane or a Mary Jane adaptation part II

This is Mary Jane’s first ever appearance.

Notice the characters involved. The blonde is Liz Allen. The brunette is Betty Brant. Their are reasons why we aren’t getting a Betty Brant romance because usually when she is introduced, she is older than Peter and now of days it is taboo for adults to date teenagers. Peter tries, but Betty has always been an adult(except for the Ultimate Universe when she is too sleezy and stuck up that she would do anything for fame.) You don’t see Mary Jane’s face. They build it up as, “Oh my god, she is so pretty.” 

This is called anticipation. A lot of super hero movies introduce the female lead as an object of the main character’s desire if not already involved in the hero’s life. Mary Jane does not start out that way. She was introduced without Peter knowing her, but about her.

You want to know how dedicated Stan Lee and Steve Ditko were to her “real debut.” These panels came from Amazing Spider-man #25. She was finally introduced Amazing Spider-man #42. She was mentioned in Amazing Spider-man #15. Comic books were released every month. They centered a debut and anticipation of a character nearly 2 and a half years worth of anticipation and build-up.

Zendaya’s character “Michelle” is not apparent in spite being one of the most well known actresses in this movie. Michelle is the only character without a last name. We first see her after Peter starts swooning over Liz Allen and the trailer is not being subtle about it. It is literally right after we see Liz Allen. 

“But why are they keeping it secret then or why doesn’t she have red hair?”

Because people honestly think that what made Mary Jane so great was her red hair and green eyes. That she was a model. That she was gorgeous. But so was literally every other super hero love interest. What seperated MJ aside from her introduction from Iris West, Lois Lane, Batman’s literal graveyard of dead romantic leads is that MJ had depth.

From the very beginning, MJ had this lively personality and was fun compared to ultra-serious Gwen Stacy or popularity Alpha female Liz Allen. What made her substantial was that she was different from the get-go. What made her memorable is that as soon as you pinned Mary Jane as the party girl who does not care about drama going on, she flips the script again.

She was one of the first female leads in comics that actually show depth. The first in Marvel? Gwen Stacy. 

Spider-man used to have the most complex female characters for awhile. Like Gwen Stacy had sex with several people before she slept with Peter and no one thought less of her for it or shamed her. She also had a hot and cold relationship with Peter because she was annoyed with how much you can count of Peter being late or disappearing all the time. Gwen also had a bad habit of using sex for solace due to her boyfriend Pete being distant, Harry, her ex having a drug problem, and her dad dying. She was a human being with flaws.

Mary Jane Watson, however, was probably the most interesting. Beneath the party girl veneer, Mary Jane lived in an abusive home. She inherited her love of literary work and plays from her abusive father who was a college professor and a failed writer. She delved into romantic stories such as Romeo and Juliet to escape from the hell of her home and became the party girl to shrug off the stress in her daily life. Mary Jane, the party girl, was a facade. Who she really was is the fragile girl so deeply affected by witnessing an abusive marriage that she had commitment issues and refused to be tied down for fear that what happened to her mother would happen to her.

Yes, giving MJ depth and character is what made her iconic.

How this relates to Zendaya’s “Michelle” is that you can’t use this trope anymore. What made MJ significant back in the 60s will not fly here because that is a dime a dozen. There are no bullies like Flash Thompson and Cheerleaders aren’t as revered anymore.

As someone who has to adapt a story that does not fit in the times, what would you do? 

I would keep the same structure. MJ’s iconic introduction needs to remain in tact because what made her significant was drowned out in the first series. So instead of keeping it unknown to Peter on who she is, keep it from the audience as well. And to do that, you have to introduce the character without actually “introducing” her. MJ’s party girl facade will not fly in the 21st century in a world where Cardi B and Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj are like revered and celebrated for being that.And it would be way too obvious if Zendaya had red hair because people associate that with MJ and really, MJ does not have to a red head because red headed romantic leads in comics are so overdone.

The structure of Mary Jane and Peter Parker romance resembles Romeo and Juliet in the beginning. Like Peter, Romeo is fixated on Rosaline as a lone interest. You never meet Rosaline in the play and Liz Allen is a really obscure Spider-man character. As soon as he sees Juliet, Romeo becomes fixated on her. When he meets MJ, Peter does not necessarily drop everything and sprint to the alter, but he does show interest or as much interest as he does in her as he does long running Gwen Stacy.

The structure is this:

-introduce a faux lead to make audience care focus on the faux lead

-keep real lead out of focus

-then make the real lead the real interest

So I am hiding obvious tells from the audience while still keeping her character known? Men associate MJ with being impossibly curvaceous. I remember when Kirsten Dunst got the role and immediately comic book fanboys said that she was not endowed enough or something along the lines of that.

 I would be extremely subtle about it without it coming out of nowhere.

I would make Zendaya’s character seen and heard, but not apparent. Zendaya is gorgeous. Okay, no make up for the role. She is still gorgeous to me, but dudes are stupid and won’t pay any attention to anybody unless she is gussied up. Mary Jane is an actress. Well actresses do read a lot and tend to read up on obscure roles as research. Give her  a stack of books and novels of old novels that were adapted into classic, but obscure films.

I already went over 2 of the books in the stack. A Woman in the Dunes is the second book from the bottom of the pile. The third book is the Wings of the Dove. Both are classic movies with prominent female leads. 

The book on the bottom is Democracy which threw me off, but I finally found that there is a novel called Democracy that follows a woman dealing with politics. So, that is right up MJ’s alley?

But why complex female leads?

MJ as an actress resented that her talent was not being used properly and was routinely casted for her looks alone. She always desired complex leads. She wanted a challenge, as any actress worth her salt would.

I cannot figure out what the book she is holding is(looks like a notebook) and the book on top is due to her coffee blocking it.

So we have trendy, hipster MJ or MJ-esque character. Instead of having a bodacious bombshell, we have nerdy, exhausted Mary Jane who really looks like she needs a nap. I really do believe that this is Mary Jane or her adapted substitute. She is still MJ in spirit and character, but not the one we are most familiar with. 

  • ~~
  • *Rosamund's christening*
  • Molly: *worried* They made us godparents. Do you know what that means?
  • Sherlock: *on his phone*
  • Molly: If John and Mary die, we're Rosie's legal guardians! *panicking* I don't know how to care for a baby, Sherlock!
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: *bites her lip* I mean, books can only tell you so much! *groans* we'll have to teach her everything. She'll want to know about can handle the drugs talk as long as you tell her it's bad.
  • Sherlock: *glances at her*
  • Molly: *wide-eyed* She'd want to know how they died. What if it was gruesome? Do we sugar-coat it? I mean, they were her parents.
  • Sherlock: *blinks* Molly-
  • Molly: *shakes her head* What if they went to a forest and got lost and fell in a wood chipper? Or mauled by bears? We can't tell her that. And we can't-
  • Sherlock: *amused* Molly. John and Mary aren't actually dead.
  • Molly: *smiles awkwardly* You think I'm overreacting.
  • Sherlock: *looks back at his phone* Yes, I do.
  • Molly: *sighs* I know, I'm sorry. That was's just...I want them to know they made the right decision.
  • Sherlock: *frowns* Of course they did. They're not idiots *puts his phone away* and if it's practice you need, look no further *smiles*
  • Molly: *chuckles* Yeeeeeeah, I think if I started considering our meetings as babysitting, I'd be in a lot of trouble *playfully pokes him*
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* Not Rosamund. Our baby.
  • Molly: ...
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* Plenty of time to think about it *walks of, smirking* do hurry, Molly, there's a cab waiting.
  • Molly: *slowly follows him*
  • Matt Raub: Who broke it?
  • Everyone: ...
  • Matt Raub: I'm not mad, I just want to know.
  • Flitz: ...I did it, I broke-
  • Matt Raub: No, no you didn't. Joven?
  • Joven: Don't look at me, look at Wes!
  • Wes: What? I didn't break it.
  • Joven: Huh, that's weird, how did you know it was broken?
  • Wes: Because it's sitting right in front of us, and it's broken!
  • Joven: Suspicious.
  • Wes: No it isn't!
  • Lasercorn: If it matters, probably not, Mari was the last one to use it...
  • Mari: Liar! I don't even drink that crap!
  • Lasercorn: Oh? Then what were you doing by the coffee counter earlier?
  • Mari: I use the little wooden stirs to push back my cuticules! Everyone knows that, Lasercorn!
  • Flitz: Okay, let's not fight. I broke it, let me pay for it.
  • Matt Raub: No! Who broke it?
  • Wes: ...Y'know, Sohinki has been awfully quiet.
  • Sohinki: Really?!
  • Wes: Yeah, really!
  • Everyone: *Intense arguing*
  • Matt Raub, watching from the back: I broke it. It burnt my hand, so I punched it.