mary trippins

“Funny how no one ever acknowledges the fact that Francis has hooked up with with Olivia, Lola, and Narcisse’s niece, but you all are so willing to point out what Mary has done with Bash and Conde.”

Funny how we acknowledged and got pissed at Francis literally every single time but ya’ll were so busy sugar coating Mary’s actions and deeming her as some feminist role model while ranting about Francis “never getting hate” to even notice.

Wanna know why else Mary’s choices get talked about way more than Francis’? Because he had one night stands that he REGRETTED and actually kept discreet. Mary on the other hand kissed Bash out where literally anyone could see them, and then later stripped Francis of everything he ever had, gave it to Bash, ran off with Bash getting engaged, fell in love with Bash, then fully intended on marrying him. Then we have Conde. Where the fuck do I even begin. Well I guess you can technically say the stupidity started the second Conde felt that he had the right to have a damn stick fight with the King over who of all people? Oh that’s right, MARY. BUT we will skip ahead a little bit. After literally everything Francis did to try and be there for Mary after her rape, how does she repay him? By running to Scotland with Conde to start a new life behind his back, getting caught because, would you look at that, they are kissing out in the open where anyone could see them A-FUCKING-GAIN. Then after Francis agrees to let her have an affair with another man if that is what she felt she needed to heal, How does she thank him for this? Oh by betraying him while he is on his death bed while planning to use his army to protect her, Conde, and Scotland while they live their new life is Scotland using her HUSBANDS resources.  Then of course when she get’s caught and chooses to stay in France with her sick husband what does she suggest to Conde? That they fuck under the same roof as said sick husband who they were both about to betray. Then after Conde tells her that her love just ain’t gonna cut it for him and then marries her worst enemy putting her, Francis, Scotland, and France in danger, what does she do?  She DEFENDS Conde to no end and begs Francis not to kill him, THEN she goes behind Francis’ back in order to help Conde get away. And NOW that guy that Mary so willingly let get away cause he is sooooooo innocent and could never harm them is threatening to attack and kill her in the same castle that she was attacked and raped in if Francis doesn’t surrender.


Don’t fucking act like there is no reason for there being more hate towards Mary when Francis is being as discreet as possible and instantly regretting what he did every fucking time while Mary is off turning every God damn thing she does with another man into a fucking telenovela.