mary spuckler

Something interesting about me is I tend to love stories about love and despair. I mean, I’m not a pessimist by any account; I just love the emotion you get to experience from hearing such a heart breaking story. Long lost love, the one that got away, barely missing an encounter, etc. It all just speaks to me.

And by just watching the story, I get to feel what the character feels and experience the emotion that’s going through them. Even though it’s so heart breaking, the fact that I get to feel it is magical in it of itself.

So last night, I watched this season’s premier of The Simpsons. I’ve seen every episode through the years and have been fairly dedicated, despite the lacking performance over the past couple years. But in any case, I still make sure to watch it week in and week out, and I’m so glad I watched this week’s episode.

(Spoiler Alert for the rest of this post)

Seeing Bart find his one that got away made me ecstatic as that’s how you’d expect to feel seeing someone you haven’t seen in a while that you truly cared for. For the first time, I took myself out of the 3rd person point of view and put myself back into the character’s thoughts. Walking around, hand in hand, with someoen truly special to you is the best feeling in the world.

But when he had to part ways from her towards the end of the episode, my heart just broke. Someone that means the world to you has to part ways with you, that’s pretty much your entire world leaving you within a matter of moments. Yet, he knew he had to let her go for the greater good. That’s the part that made me the most emotional; you know you don’t want to do what you’re doing, but it’s for the best for yourself and everyone else. Even if you kick yourself for doing it, you know that what you did was right.

(Spoiler Alert Over)

I have to say that this episode definitely touched me on so many different levels. For one, it’s inspiring me to start writing again. It was enough to make me want to pick up my pencil and start jotting down stories whenever I’m bored. Two, it reminded me why I love stories so much. The drama, the romance, the action, the feeling keeps bringing me back. The idea that you can experience emotions just by hearing a story from someone else’s account is alone to make me want to hear more.

I’m glad I still watch The Simpsons to this day. It was definitely touched me on so many different levels.