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I’m sure somebody did this like a month ago when #SherlockLive actually happened, but I never actually paid any attention to it until today, so here I am. 

My summary:

Daniel Collard kills himself to frame his wife Sophie and her lover/his brother Joey Collard. According to the Gone Girl variant of Alibi Theory, this is clearly Mary, John, and Sherlock, respectively.

Daniel kills himself with sleeping pills, which he also uses to drug his wife Sophie into a coma. John mentions in T6T and TLD how he isn’t sleeping (giving first baby and then grief as explanations), followed by a “driver” of a plane in TFP who can’t be woken up (that’s John too).

Six months prior to Gone Girl Day,

  1. Sophie starts drinking a lot
  2. Sophie stops wearing her wedding ring
  3. Their kid goes to “live with friends” (kid’s gf’s fam, specifically)

Points 1 and 3 are definitely John. Apparently John’s mental state goes south well ahead of Gone Girl Day. From Point 2, it appears that the relationship also ends well ahead of Gone Girl Day. (John joking about a divorce, Sherlock deducing whether Vivian is widowed or divorced, among other things, etc. I suspect this is what’s up with John and Mary too.)  

Sophie is in a coma throughout.  According to her kid: “The doctors aren’t sure if she’ll make it.“ After the TFP explosion, very similar concern is stated for Mycroft:  "He’s not conscious. He’s severely injured. No-one is even confident he’s going to pull through.” Since Mycroft is never in the hospital, this line gets assigned right back to: John.

(Incidentally, both Daniel being dead and Sophie being in a coma also means we never hear firsthand what was going on with their relationship for those six months…)

Despite the kid saying things like, "Daniel was a monster, treated me and mum like dirt,” Joey apparently thinks girlfriend’s husband, his own brother is awesome. Even though Daniel was treating his girlfriend “like dirt”. And also tried to frame him for murder. Fits with Sherlock being completely blind to Mary’s super-villainy. 

And I guess Sophie and Joey went to Angelo’s and got blasted drunk while Daniel stayed home drinking orange juice. Cute.

OH AND. Jeez, I nearly forgot to add: Daniel’s “prior conviction fo— […] injuring his wife in a drink-driving incident.”

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yes to naming your favorite pieces of the Greek bands you mentioned!

Haha I love you for giving me the chance to be random like that, most of these are really close to my heart (the greek lyrics of certain ones are fucking brilliant I wish there was a way for you to read them translated as well? Anyway I’ve also included certain experimental greek bands which do write songs in english) here you go, basically:

Headcanon trishdishes kate-lusive agapeeternal hazzainfinity loszantos

Liam at his Attitude shoot right but this time he’s a bit more confident in his body because him and Zayn have been working out together so like HE’S FUCKING RIPPED. WE’RE TALKING




Not only is Liam fit but he’s also has a full sleeve on his right hand and is starting to turn it into a chest piece. BUT…..NOT ONLY DO WE GET SEXY, DADDY LIAM, WE ALSO GET CUTE AND CUDDLY LIAM WITH A FULL SLEEVE.





*are you dead yet because I am*

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Hi! im such a fan of your work, and i have a promp: The tabloids start to notice the relationship of sherlock and molly, and call them "Sherlolly" The reactions of Lestrade,John and Sherlock. thanks

silvihalez For some weird reason, I feel like these are more all everyone antagonizing Sherlock than anything else. I have no idea what’s going on. Anyways, I hope you enjoy nonetheless!

Guys, when reading please keep in mind all three scenes don’t happen consecutively. There’s some time between each.

ALSO, if anyone is thinking of submitting a prompt, please read this first. Thanks so much!

“Sherlock, what is this?” Lestrade pointed to the newspaper in his hand and stared at the consulting detective pointedly, leaning back in his chair. 

Annoyed at being brought in for the most idiotic question he’d ever heard, Sherlock rolled his eyes and gave a sigh of exasperation. 

“Gareth - " 


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