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Awesome women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) fields!

Edit (3/27/15): “Where’s Marie Curie?! Where’s Ada Lovelace?! Where’s etc.”

Mary Sherman Morgan (1921-2004) was an American rocket scientist, and the inventor of the liquid fuel Hydyne, used to power the rocket which boosted the first satellite launched by the U.S., Explorer 1, in 1958.

She started her career designing explosives for the military, and then moved to North American Aviation, where she was the only woman among 900 engineers. Her contribution to the launch of the Explorer 1 satellite was essential for the American space programme.


The new Reactions video from the American Chemical Society (ACS) celebrates three female scientist you may not have heard of, but who made vital contributions to science.

According to ACS: “One saved the U.S. space program, another invented a better treatment for leprosy, and a third spawned an industry in the American Midwest. Mary Sherman Morgan, Alice Ball and Rachel Lloyd all had amazing accomplishments in chemistry, but their work was nearly lost to history.”