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The Arrangement (Part 11)

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Summary: Dean reflects on the evening, and the two of you have a heart to heart

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,600

Warnings: mild smuttiness, language because I generally swear like a sailor, anxiety, some sadness, discussions of a breakup

A/N: this part isn’t super eventful, per se, but there’s plenty in there, like the sexy times I promised to you guys AND to Dean let’s be real (it’s not true smut b/c I’m bad at writing it so I didn’t, but there’s plenty discussed) and there’s a pretty serious chat… so enjoy! There’s still more to come!

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FUCK ME! Can Rich just direct all the episodes from now on because that was the best SPN episode I think I have ever seen. Jesus Christ, did that just happen? Like sometimes with SPN I can zone out a bit and it’s fine but with this you literally couldn’t zone out because you’d miss something super important, not that you’d want to zone out because Chuck was that intensely amazing. Like did Rich really do that? Hands down the best director that show has ever seen. I will never get over it, fuck.

Highschool AU
  • andrey: went to france for a student exchange program. also in a long-distance relationship with natasha <br>
  • natasha: dating andrey but has a crush on anatole, helene, and pierre. probably on the cheer squad. also cheating on andrey with anatole oops. is a freshman but hangs out with the older kids<br>
  • sonya: natasha’s cousin and best pal. didn’t make the cheer squad. also a freshman. doesn’t use social media.<br>
  • marya: the mom friend. done with natasha’s bs. a senior. yells a lot.<br>
  • anatole: is only a sophomore but thinks he’s mature. “you can’t have your nudes leaked if you post them yourself”. stole a beer from his parents once and thinks he’s an alcoholic. owns a fidget spinner.<br>
  • dolokhov: has too many parties. anatole’s wingman. will fight you in a denny’s parking lot. carries around a kitchen knife “for protection” even though he lives in a friendly neighbourhood.<br>
  • helene: dating pierre. cheating on pierre with dolokhov. probably in drama club. sneaks out of the house every night. makeup is always bomb af.<br>
  • mary: rich. always tired. just wants to graduate and leave. unpopular. just passing all of her classes. never kissed a boy (her dad won’t let her). strict parents.<br>
  • bolkonsky: mary’s dad.<br>
  • balaga: just got his driver’s license. always drunk. has only shown up to school 4 times this semester. friends with everyone.</p>
  • Pierre: dating Helene but has a crush on natasha. Does slam poetry at open mic every week. Studies too much. Seriously just get some sleep. Also a senior.

anonymous asked:

Is it possible to be gender critical without being a TERF? I just feel more and more like gender is just a big divide and conquer scam and it does more harm than good and why can't we just treat everyone as people? And I want to express that feeling but I don't want to hurt trans people because, well, they're people and deserve to be treated well. And I don't want to sound like I want to erase their identities or keep them from transitioning, but also I want to get rid of all gender categories?

Radical feminists certainly aren’t the only ones who believe in dismantling gender! Simone de Beauvoir, the author of The Second Sex, was an existentialist feminist who proposed that women “become” women through cultural, economic, psychological, and social structures rather than women having some intrinsic biological “essence” that makes them women. Her work actually provided the foundation for a lot of different feminist theories - liberal, radical, post-structural, marxist, and psychoanalytic. 

The radical libertarian feminists who believe in dismantling gender and instituting a sort of androgynous utopia are different from the radical cultural feminists who essentialize femininity to “empower” women - the former include feminists like Shulamith Firestone and the latter includes feminists like Adrienne Rich and Mary Daly (both of whom are notoriously transmisogynistic). 

However, as a marxist and postcolonial feminist, I believe that the abolition of class is not possible without the abolition of gendered and racial hierarchies and oppression. Moreover, a lot of the boundaries between different feminist theories aren’t so immutable - many ideas flow from discourse to discourse. As a marxist feminist I do not think class consciousness/the abolition of class is possible without dismantling white supremacy or patriarchy, because white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism reproduce each other and work hand in hand. 

Dismantling gender would actually liberate trans people as well, as it would liberate all people. However, there are ways to approach this discourse that can either be transphobic and transmisogynistic (the way many radical feminists approach it) and there are ways to approach it that actually emphasize trans people’s, particularly trans women’s, struggles. Trans women are an oppressed class under capitalist heteropatriarchy. They struggle under the capitalist heterosexualized gender binary in unique ways.

And trust me, many critical trans theorists and writers have already written about a trans politics that seeks to abolish gender too. Gender is an oppressive construct for trans people and it continually reproduces itself to enact violence against trans people and women. 

Dismantling gender will help everyone in the long run, but it is impossible to dismantle gender without abolishing class or race! This is where marxists differ from radical feminists - radical feminists believe patriarchy is transhistorical and that the ultimate location of women’s oppression is in the sex/gender system. The sex/gender system certainly does oppress women, but patriarchy is constructed by capital and culture. Radical feminists don’t historicize properly, nor do they employ an intersectional framework in their analysis, which is why their theories are largely inadequate and either exclude or only marginally apply to women of color, nonwestern women, or trans women. So trust me on this - while radical feminists in the 60′s and 70′s published a lot of crucial literature on dismantling gender, they are not the first to posit that gender is socially constructed, and they are not the only ones who believe that it has to be dismantled. 


Big River at the Wells Fargo Pavillion

Starring Ben Fankhauser, Phillip Boykin, Rich Herbert, Lizzie Klemperer, James Michael Lambert, Mary Jo Mecca, William Parry, Angelina Sark, Jeff Skowron, Jennifer Leigh Warren, and others.

These are my top 10 favorite books of 2015! I can’t believe that the year went by so quickly😁 I’ve read a total of 75 books this year and I’m wishing 2016 another great year of books.