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“On Fridays, after work, [Walt Disney would] often invite us into his office and we’d talk about things that were going on at the Studio. After a while, he’d wander to the north window, look out into the distance and just say, ‘Play it.’ And Dick would wander over to the piano and play 'Feed the Birds’ for him. One time just as Dick was almost finished, under his breath, I heard Walt say, 'Yep. That’s what it’s all about.” —Robert Sherman

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Mary Poppins (1964)

Saddest Scene - Mary Poppins Leaving


As a nanny, she is fairly stern, but also kind and nurturing. She is shown to possess various magical abilities including the ability to speak to animals and transport herself and others to various places, as well as flight. However, afterward, she will deny any usage of these powers and her many voyages and adventures, presumably to keep them a secret from the public.


And already I’m making allusion GIF posts of Lord Hater’s tap dance similar to Bert (Mary Poppins) and Fred Astaire (MGM’s Easter Parade).

The hype is killing me!

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Alice and Mary talk about Rapunzel’s hair.