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“I certainly embrace all the movement that’s going on these days about equality for women and equal rights. In general, I would apply that to all nationalities and all races. I think we do need—and truthfully it sounds Pollyanna-ish to say so—more awareness, generosity, and compassion than we have right now. But in terms of feminism, I embrace it wholeheartedly. Not in a kind of militant way, but I’ve always known that it matters.” -Julie Andrews 

The time has arrived! Voting begins today! Before you vote please go over these rules: 
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And the nominees are (intense drum roll): 
The D’Ysquith Award: Best URL
The Mary Poppins Award: Best Icon
The Phantom Award: Best Theme
The Matilda Award: Best Mobile Theme
The Tiana Award: Best Posts
The Aurora Award: Best Edits/GIFs
The Ella Award: Nicest Blogger
The Once Upon a Time Award: Best Multifandom Blog Award
The Walt Award: Best Disney Blog
The Sondheim Award: Best Theatre Blog
The Neverland Award: Overall Favorite (I nominate everyone!)
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Voting ends October 20th

Remember you are allowed to give yourself promos, but you are not allowed to vote for yourself
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