mary poppins does not give one shit what you think of her game

(Huge) list of tiny things that I loved about GotG Vol. 2 but couldn’t post separately because I would spam everyone (watch out, spoilers):

Rocket loving the music so much that he wants it to play during the battle, even when Peter himself says it’s not the right moment for it

Everybody parenting Groot in the middle of a fight and for the rest of the movie


The Sovereign flying their ships as if they are playing video games


The running gag with the wrong name the Guardians use for the batteries (translation issue?)

Nebula yelling “Idiots!” at the Guardians (like honestly, same)

Rocket actually attempting to bite Peter after the trashpanda part (lesser instinct kicking in?)


Gamora being so freaking done with her idiotic family


On Contraxia, when Tullk calls up to Yondu as if to say “Yo, no sulkin’, come party, my friend!

Yondu’s face when Ayesha’s group has to wait for the rug to be rolled out (WTF?)


If he turns out to be evil, we will kill him” – that’s the friendship I’m here for, especially since Gamora kept that promise


Mantis. Just, Mantis in general, and her friendship with Drax especially

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