mary poppins carpet bag


I was thinking (I know this is cause for concern but still, has to happen at some point) that a newsies and Mary Poppins crossover would work really well, like the newsies get in a spot of bother and the sweeps ‘step in time to help’ or Mary Poppins just sort of arrives and starts to look after all the younger newsies.

But seriously:

Mary and Katherine would be an unstoppable sass squad

The sweeps and newsies just sort of generally teaming up and pulling pranks etc


The banks children wanting to join the newsies and getting honorary newsie names

Race betting on what comes out of the carpet bag

But Yeah I am done now. Please do add your own ideas!

Sung’s leg pouch is like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag

He just keeps pulling large random objects that obviously can’t fit in there out of it

He’s got a vacuum in there.

Why? Who knows

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3?? :0 or 9? if you rather?

3. “I just want to see you smile…”

(This got long, but I could not help myself)


“What are you doing, Anxiety?”

Prince looked, well, the same as he had for the past day. Inconvenienced. Annoyed. Upset.


**24 hours earlier**

“Anxiety, have you seen Prince?”

Anxiety looked up from his notebook, filled with tons of notes on the care of marine plant life, to see Dad staring at him expectantly.

“No? Should I have seen him?”

It’s not like he had a tracker on the man.

“Well, no one knows where he is. He’s not in his room, we don’t think, and he’s not with Thomas. You’re our only other guess.”

Anxiety motioned around the commons, “Obviously he’s not here.”

Dad sighed, “Well, if you see him, tell him we’re looking for him.”

Anxiety didn’t see anyone for another two hours, and the next person he saw was Logic.

“Hey, have you seen Prince?”

“I already told Dad, no.”

He didn’t even bother looking up this time.

Only fifteen minutes later, the two children who always followed Dad around appeared.

“Hey, have you seen-”

“The Prince isn’t here, now go away!”

An hour later, and another person walked in.

“Before you ask, No, I don’t know where Prince is, now go away.”

“Well that’s odd, considering I was hiding in your room.”

Anxiety looked up in surprise and sure enough, there stood Prince in all his glimmering, smiling- wait.

“Who are you?”

The other looked at him odd.

“I’m Prince?”

“No, you definitely aren’t.”

There was no way this was Prince. Anyone looking that-that- that detached couldn’t be Prince!

“I think I know who I am, Anxiety.”

His tone of voice, low and dripping with sarcasm, shocked Anxiety.

What was going on?

Anxiety watched the other grab a book and sit down in the corner of the room, not even in a chair- he just sat on the floor, and hide his face behind it.

Anxiety looked back at his notes, shut the book, and walked over to the other.

“Umm, Prince?”

The other hummed in acknowledgement.

“Is something wrong?”


“Are you sure?”


Anxiety backed away to the other side of the room.

He didn’t like this. At. All. Something was wrong, and may Mary Poppins lose her umbrella in her carpet bag if he was just going to sit around and watch his boyfriend behave like this.

So the plan began.

He began with dinner. He made Prince his favorite meal (spaghetti and meatballs) and even played the music from Lady and the Tramp. No reaction. He forced, yes Forced, the other sit down and watched Frozen with him, and he just leaned against the arm of the couch the whole time and didn’t pay attention. When it came time to sleep, he let Prince sleep in his bed (which he never let happen. They either slept in Prince’s bed or they slept in their own), but the royal butt just rolled over and fell asleep. The next morning he made the other pancakes, and even had his pesky blue bird wake him up by singing, but he waved the bird away and declined the pancakes.

Anxiety was at his witts end. He didn’t know what had caused the Prince’s foul mood, and nothing he did was fixing it. In a last ditch effort, he initiated a cuddle session, but the other had gently pushed him away and said he wasn’t feeling up to it.

Anxiety finally gave up and hugged the other as he tried leaving his bedroom. When he tried pushing Anxiety off, Anxiety only clung tighter to his waist.

“What are you doing, Anxiety?”

Anxiety looked at the other, but Prince looked, well, the same as he had for the past day. Inconvenienced. Annoyed. Upset.


“I just want to see you smile…” He mumbled into the other’s neck.

Nothing happened for a bit, but after a while Prince finally returned the hug, but not as tightly as Anxiety was used to.

“I’m sorry,” He apologized, “I didn’t mean to worry you.”

“Well you did!”

He chuckled, and Anxiety pulled back in time to see, not quite a smile but not the frown that had graced the others lips for the past day.

“Seriously, what’s wrong, Prince? This isn’t like you.”

Prince stared at him for a moment or two before smirking.

“Kiss me.”

Anxiety stared at him as if he’d grown a second head.


“True loves kiss always makes things better.”

Anxiety shook his head, but leaned in quickly. Prince obviously hadn’t actually expected him to comply, but Anxiety refused to see his beloved sad a moment longer.

The kiss was chaste, but it did the trick. When Anxiety pulled back the other was smiling.

“You will tell me eventually what’s bugging you right?”

“Maybe if you have something to trade~”

“Why do I love you?”

The smile he received was the biggest yet.


Hamster cheeks are like tiny versions of Mary Poppins’ carpet bag. The only thing more awesome than watching a close-up video of an adorable hamster stuffing his cheek pouches with nuts and carrots - including x-ray footage! - is watching him do so as David Tennant, aka the Tenth Doctor, narrates the entire process.

This delightful video is a clip from a new BBC series entitled Pets - Wild at Heart. Visit the series’ official website to watch clips from other episodes.

[via The Huffington Post]

The makers of Mary Poppins didn’t inform Karen Dotrice (Jane) or Matthew Garber (Michael) about some “surprises” that were going to show up in the movie. Karen’s dumbfounded look when Mary Poppins takes out item after item from the carpet bag and her little scream when Mary Poppins gave them medicines of different colors were genuine. They also didn’t tell the children who was acting as Mr. Dawes Sr. (Dick Van Dyke), and were worried that the horrible old man was going to fall down and die at any moment.