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I heard that Lin Manuel Miranda might be in the new Mary Poppins movie and so I had to draw this little crossover. I know that it’s a sequel and he won’t be Bert, but a girl can dream right?

Genderbent Marry Poppins and Bert. Because I love the idea of this prim and proper “Martin Poppins” (who is practically perfect in every way) being bosom buddies with the oh so common and eccentric “Beatrice”.

“Now Beatrice… none of your larking about.”
“Oh– it’s a jolly holiday with Martin!”

Final lines meme

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Cite the final line of five of your fics – your favorites, or the most recent ones. Tag five writers who should do this next.

It’s a mix of faves and recent!

1. Her hand is still in Elia’s as she follows the women out of the tower, to her freedom, to a new world that she’ll help to create.Courage, Dear Heart (The Support Your Local Girl Gang Remix) (Lyanna Stark, modern au)

2. “Sounds good to me. But first, I think we should swim in it. Which way to the beach?”Waiting on a Sunny Day (Jon x Val)

3. He’s been in love with her forever, and while winds change, and tides turn, and stars burn out, Bert knows that is one thing that will never change. Eternity in a Kiss (Mary Poppins, Bert x Mary)

4. “I forgot that Edmund is very good at riddles.”The Riddle of the Sphinx (Narnia, Edmund)

5. It sounds almost like the end of a fairytale, but Rilian realizes his story is just beginning.Sing Down The Stars (Narnia, post-TSC, Rilian)

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Happy Valentine’s Day from all your favourite Disney couples!

Mary Poppins in Sherlock

“Wind’s in the East
There’s a Mist Coming In
Like Something is Brewing
About to Begin
Can’t Put Me Finger on What Lies in Store
But I Feel What’s to Happen
All Happened Before”
-Bert, “Chim-Chim Cher-ee” Mary Poppins

Moffat likes Mary Poppins. It’s clearly evident in Doctor Who on a couple of occasions and seems like that might bleed over into Sherlock.

1) First we have Clara the Governess, who’s practically perfect in every way, and wonderful with the children. And just seems to be mysterious and almost magical, not only coming in a time of need for the children, but coming at the perfect time for the Doctor, helping him through his grief over Amy and Rory. Not to mention she has an umbrella and she and the Doctor flee to his TARDIS on a cloud. Like wow what a shot. But in the happiness she brings, she also dies, bringing sadness, showing that Mary Poppins is only a quick fix, she’s not a long term solution to your troubles. Clara is also The Impossible Girl, dying and coming back multiple times and is a complete mystery to the Doctor throughout Season 7.

2) Then we have Missy, who is literally just an evil Mary Poppins. With the hat and all. She’s smart, whimsical, sassy, and proper, all the things Mary Poppins is, but with a hint of psychotic and chaotic.

But let’s move to Sherlock.

And more specifically:

“There’s an East Wind coming”

Look at the quote at the beginning. We’ve established Moffat’s soft spot for Poppins, so let’s use the quote as an outline of Season 4. The East Wind in Mary Poppins means Mary Poppins is arriving. She is a random variable, but she always comes at some point. Let’s look at Jim Moriarty a little shall we? He just Pops in, and at this point, it’s expected every season, a little like Mary Poppins coming when she’s needed. He always comes, but unlike Mary Poppins or Clara, who heals families and help form bonds, he likes to cause chaos and confusion (a bit like Missy) and he always leaves it in his wake. I mean, especially in Season 3, John states “There’s an East Wind Coming,” Moriarty pops in right at the end, and leaves both characters and audience confused.

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“There’s a Mist coming in” may explain the deceit of the audience in Season 4, trying to get us to believe lies, making it hard to find the truth through the lies of the Season.

The “Fresh Paint to disguise another smell” text in The Six Thatchers sounds a bit similar to “But I feel what’s to Happen all happened before” and “the Mist.”

Season 4 of Sherlock has been filled with similar storylines and scenes to previous episodes (We’ve dealt with serial killers before, and the unrealistic Mary Death vs realistic Sherlock shot, and TLD and ASIP being similar(X)(X), as well as HLV/TLD parallels(X)). Why? Maybe because it’s a cover up, or in someone’s head, I don’t know, but I believe it means something. Maybe Mofftiss was warning us to expect the similarity in the season because something’s coming (“something’s Brewing”). And even if Jim Moriarty is dead, Moriarty*cough*Mary*cough* may not be. Similar to the Master regenerating into Missy(even though we all thought the Master was gone, s/he seems to just keep coming back), Moriarty might be someone else.

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Now I know Mary Watson is the canon character in the books (even though she is literally only mentioned by name in The Sign of Four and like 3 short stories), but what if Moffat decided to incorporate Mary Poppins into Mary Watson? Or more so, his version of Mary Poppins (Missy), which in this case is a bringer of chaos and unbalance (very much like Moriarty). There are plenty of viable theories about Mary being Moriarty or at least in Moriarty’s network, and I agree with those. She comes kinda out of nowhere in The Empty Hearse, and “dies” suddenly (and kinda stupidly) in The Six Thatchers, leaving destruction in her path. Mary Watson is a “quick fix” that just leads to sadness just like Governess Clara was, maybe bringing John peace for a bit, but just becomes more of a mystery and wasn’t the long term solution. But even more so, Mary Watson leaves a fractured and severed relationship between John and Sherlock, almost destroying them. Even after death, she’s haunting them with her weird postmortem DVDs, making her seem everlasting, quite like Mary Poppins herself (she permanently changes people for the better, like Bert, and has a lasting impact) though Mary Watson may have opposite effect. Mary Watson is a mystery, we don’t know her past, and don’t really know what’s she’s going to do; she’s an enigma. She literally pops into John and Sherlock’s lives and leaves just as suddenly. Similar to another Mary…

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Mary Poppins is Moriarty aka Mary Watson, and things aren’t what they appear.

Something’s coming, but we may have to just wait until the wind changes and takes Mary and the Mist away before we get answers.