I’m not a huge musical fan, but goddamn.

I really fucking love Mary Poppins.

Like, I am always inspired by it.

And I am heartbroken that I’m finally getting to do it but have to scale it back to to the bones. I have to find a way to keep it magical on nothing. Like, the audience HAS to feel the wonder of this show or else what’s the fucking point.

For fuck’s sake, the last time I saw it was at the summerstock I was working, the last rehearsal before load-in, so no costumes, no set, and I still fucking wept because this show is great even without the spectacle.


The Signs as Badass Women
  • Aries:Julie Andrews
  • Taurus:Julie Andrews
  • Gemini:Julie Andrews
  • Cancer:Julie Andrews
  • Leo:Julie Andrews
  • Virgo:Julie Andrews
  • Libra:Julie Andrews
  • Scorpio:Julie Andrews
  • Sagittarius:Julie Andrews
  • Capricorn:Julie Andrews
  • Aquarius:Julie Andrews
  • Pisces:Julie Andrews

A playlist to make you tappy

anything goes - anything goes | king of new york - newsies | magic foot - 25th annuel putnam county spelling bee | cinderella darling - how to succeed | cold feets - drowsy chaperone | morning person - shrek the musical | moses supposes - singing in the rain | all i need is the girl - gypsy | turn it off - book of mormon | happy - #tappy ft. chris rice | step in time - mary poppins | hot honey rag - chicago | forget about the boy - thoroughly modern millie | puttin’ on the ritz - young frakenstein the musical | 42nd street - 42nd street