mary needs to walk me to class


CS AU Week

Day 06 >> Modern Trope (High School Teachers)

“Killian, we’re in the teacher’s lounge. Someone’s going to walk in on us.”

“No one’s gonna come in, love. Don’t worry so much.”

“I can’t help it, especially since we’re not doing a very good job at hiding this. You need to stop with the PDA. Mary Margaret has been asking questions.”

“You English teachers are such gossips.”

“Like the science department is any better. I heard Victor saying–”

“Mr. Jones? Ms. Swan?”

“Bloody hell!”

“Henry! Why aren’t you in class?”

“Mrs. Blanchard asked me to get… What are you doing?”

“Just discussing how the science department is far superior to the English. What do you need, lad?”

“Just some whiteboard markers… Are you guys dat–?”

“Here are the markers. Now, run on back before anyone has to give you detention for lingering in the hallway…”

“Uh… Thanks for these. I’ll just be… Bye, Mr. Jones, bye Ms. Swan.”

“Great. Now a student knows, and the whole school is going to be buzzing about it by the end of the day. I told you someone would catch us!”

“Lighten up, Swan. Just because a student knows doesn’t mean– No! Lass! Don’t leave!”

“I’ll see you after school, Killian. Come by at 5:00, alright?”

“Aye. I’ll be there.”