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Who is Magnolius?

I honestly didn’t know. Turns out they’re a hip hop duo, Derek DaCosta and Shan Vincent de Paul, from Toronto. For some unknown reason, they stumbled upon this personal blog from the Philippines.

A couple of clicks led me to their blog. A few more led me to their music. And boy do they have great music! Let me be honest. I don’t know anything about hip hop or rap, except what’s popular out there. I have the musical sensibilities of a simpleton. I listen to what I like. It doesn’t matter what it is. It’s a lot harder to verbalize what I like. But with rap or hip hop I almost instantly get lost in words I can’t follow. Please don’t blame me.

I got hold of their second release, ‘Mary Musth,’ a couple of nights back. Praises here are a few years too late but the album is simply mind-blowing. It starts out explosively with 'Tusk’ and eases into a rhythm that ties up all the tracks in the album. I’ll stop right there before I start laughing at myself for trying, unsuccessfully, to verbalize how fucking good this album is.

Have a listen.

I have yet to finish downloading their first release, 'Ode to Hyde.’ But I’m excited already.

It’s not Tuesday yet but I highly recommend their blog. They have killer visual treats there, too.

So Magnolius, a million thanks! I hope I can see you play live real soon. Cheers!

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