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  • Plot Bunny Watson: Oh Mummy, if you make one more step, I swear I will kill you.
  • Psycho Mary: No, Baby Watson, you won't.
  • Plot Bunny Watson: *shoots Mary*
  • Plot Bunny Watson: I'm sorry Mummy, truly I am.
  • Plot Bunny Watson: Mummyyyy... You don't tell Dad. Look at me and say you won't tell Dad.
  • Plot Bunny Watson: Psychopaths like you exist that's why there are Plot Devices like me.

The fact that sherlock doesn’t say “because you *chose* her” but says “because you chose *her*”

The fact that when John says “oh God yes” it sounds like a goddamn porn movie

The fact that Sherlock always corrects everyone when they are wrong and he never corrected anyone who assumed that he and john were a couple

The fact that when John tells Irene “I am not gay” she responds “well I am. Look at us both” meaning if she is gay and she likes Sherlock then John, who isn’t gay, can also like Sherlock

The fact that John licks his lips when he asks Sherlock if he has a boyfriend

The fact that when Sherlock answers “no” John comments that he is also single

The fact the the most observant man on earth thought that John flirted with him

The fact that when Irene is naked John asks her to cover herself but when Sherlock is just wearing a sheet he leans closer and takes a better look

The fact that when Sherlock says “John doesn’t know where to look” Irene says she thinks he knows exactly where and John is not looking at Irene

The fact that when Irene says somebody loves you, the shot changes and we see John

The fact that even though it is Mary and John’s wedding we mostly see Sherlock through the entire episode and we hear stories about him and John

The fact that in the scene where they discover Mary is pregnant, that is supposed to be a happy moment between husband and wife, we only see Mary in three shots and the rest of the scene is John and Sherlock looking at each other

The fact that Sherlock leaves the wedding early

The fact that when Sherlock thought Irene had died the first time, John and Mycroft thought that Sherlock would go back to doing drugs and after John got married he found Sherlock using

The fact that Sherlock says “I meant to say *always* and I never did” and then he says that Sherlock is a girl’s name while he has *just* found out that the baby is a girl.

The fact that when John is living with Mary he has, once again, nightmares

The fact that Sherlock says that fire exposes our priorities and we see John running towards Sherlock after the explosion and Sherlock trying to save John from a fire

The fact than Sherlock tells John not to write about the unsolved cases but then he explains an unsolved one in front of everyone just to praise John

The fact that in Irene’s living room Sherlock deduces that John has a date tonight but we later see him at home saying he’ll be next door of sherlock needs him

The fact that Sherlock sees Mary in a wedding dress shooting him and Mark Gatiss said they did it in case somebody didn’t understand the first time that John marring Mary is killing him

The fact that when Moriarty says that John is in danger Sherlock’s heart restarts

The fact that Sherlock says you might need to restart my heart looking at John

The fact that john shaves for Sherlock

The fact that when Sherlock’s winking when he meets john for the first time is out of character until you realize that in Many Happy Returns Sherlock says that people seem to like it when he winks

The fact that the relationship that mrs Hudson describes between herself and her husband reflects the relationship between Mary and John

The fact that in front of the least sensual and sentimental kiss between Sherlock and Janine john has the most excessive reaction

The fact that in Sherlock’s speech when he says “you know, he is a romantic” he then turns towards John and winks

The fact that John doesn’t remember that his girlfriend has a dog but he remembers how many messages with “that sound” Sherlock has received and then Sherlock answers “thrilling you’ve been counting”

The fact that Sherlock tells Irene that sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side but he tells John “two people that love you most in this world” and on the same episode John says “the two people that I love and care about most in this world”

The fact that they both have to include Mary when they confess their love for each other

The fact that when they are both drunk John leans forward and touches Sherlock’s knee and then says “I don’t mind.”

The fact that Sherlock never begs for mercy but he begs for John’s life in Irene’s lining room

The fact that when Irene asks “are you jealous” John avoids answering directly and he simply states that they are not a couple. Therefor he shouldn’t be jealous.

The fact that Irene who has an interest in Sherlock she comments on his cheekbones and on the next episode John makes a comment on his cheekbones as well.

I made this list like forever ago and I found it yesterday and I thought “It doesn’t hurt to share”