mary morello

Morello says his mother, now a retired teacher, was always involved with civil rights and anti-censorship issues. She founded Parents for Rock and Rap before Rage formed. In fact, she helped shape her son’s first political action before he started grade school after an older white girl spewed racial taunts at him on the playground.

“I’d come home crying about the latest incident and my mom would talk to me about Malcolm X, and how I could respond to it,” Morello recalls. “My mom said, ‘Whenever somebody says that N-word’—and she gave me a list of some others—‘never let them get away with it. When she does that tomorrow, I want you to make a little fist and slug her.’

"And I went: ‘Slug her?’ ”

“She said: ‘Slug her.’

"The next day I went to the playground, and I was very nervous because I figured it was coming. This kid was mean. I got name-called, and I slugged her, and a little riot ensued in the day-care center. But her mother came, and I stood there, with arms crossed beaming from ear to ear as I watched her mom wash her mouth out with soap. And that was the last time that I had an incident.”

—  Tom Morello
'OITNB' Season 3 Casting News:

Previously on TV as Avery Jessup’s mother on 30 Rock, Mary Steenburgen will join the Litchfield ladies.

Also, joining the cast as series regulars are:

Samira Wiley, aka Poussey;

Yael Stone who plays crazy-in-love-stalker Lorna Morello;

Bennett’s pregnant girl, Daya (Dascha Polanco);

and, one of my new faves, Black Cindy played by Adrienne C. Moore.

Last night on Rachel Maddow, she was talking about the Parents Music Resource Center, and I told my dad ‘Oooo, oooo, Tom Morello’s mom created a group called Parents For Rock And Rap that was against the PMRC.’ And my dad was like, 'Really? That’s very cool.’ And then I proceeded to ramble on for 15 minutes solid about Mary Morello. When I was finished I asked my dad if I should be worried or proud that I knew that much, and he replied, 'Very proud. Let’s go with that.'