BSG Rewatch: Roslin Moments

So, it’s begun. I’ve started my BSG rewatch now that the dreaded Major Crimes hiatus is upon us. To celebrate my third viewing of this beautiful, compelling, emotional, and damn-near perfect show, I’m going to be posting my favorite Laura Roslin scenes/moments from each episode since she’s my favorite character from the show, the reason I became such a huge admirer of Mary’s immense talent, and one of my overall favorite characters ever. Today, I’m starting at the beginning.

The Miniseries:
For me, the miniseries is not nearly as good as the show, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a ton of quality, awesome Roslin scenes (it was honestly difficult to choose as I suspect will be the case with all of the episodes).

- That Moment in the Aircraft Bathroom (above screen cap from
Here she is on her way to a ceremonious decommissioning of a Battlestar, and she has just received a terminal diagnosis. She’s surrounded by media and staff, so her only respite is a few moments alone in the tiny aircraft bathroom. It’s such a poignant moment and played to perfection by Mary. Afterwards, we see her pull it together and go back out there and do her job as if nothing was wrong. Ironically, Laura’s small breakdown in the bathroom shows her strength.

- There is No Earth:
This scene at the very end of the miniseries is the first time that we see Laura and Bill working together (or rather, agreeing to work together). It’s an important beginning scene for their professional partnership, and I like the way they don’t let each other get away with anything. You can see the beginning of the respect they will need to have for each other in order to make this work: Bill’s first “Madam President”, Laura starting to see more to Bill than just a staunch military man, and a mutually beneficial agreement.

There are so many more scenes and I could go on and on, but these two stand out the most for me. There’s just so much to love about Laura Roslin, her relationship with Bill Adama, and Mary’s beautifully nuanced performance.

Me Before Every BSG Rewatch...

I’m soooooo excited to rewatch this show! I’ve missed this Ron Moore-created world and all of the amazing characters (except Baltar, I never miss Baltar). It feels like coming home and seeing all my old friends!

At the beginning of season two….
Gah, this show is So. Frakkin. Good! “Home (parts 1 & 2)” gives me life and that reunion scene between Bill and Laura is absolutely EVERYTHING! This rewatch was the best idea ever!!!!

At the beginning of season three…
Ok, this shit just got depressing, like, really depressing. But it’s okay because I know that Adama is coming back for them (in a totally spectacular way, tbh). Damn, Tigh lost his frakkin eye over this! School teacher/Resistance Leader Laura is awesome, though, so at least New Caprica had that.

At the beginning of season four…
OMG, this is it!! The season where Roslin and Adama finally get together!! Think about all of the AMAZING scenes between them waiting to be watched. And yeah, rationally, I know that her cancer is back and where that’s going to lead, but honestly, that’s totally season 4.5’s problem. “The Hub” is coming up! The frakkin Hub!! My all-time favorite Laura episode and Roslin/Adama episode. I’m so psyched!

At the beginning of season 4.5….
Ok, shit just got real. Like, all hope has been lost and Laura is no longer going to fight her cancer REAL. Damn, this show is really depressing. And now I’m completely wrapped up in it, and in addition to being depressed by the depressing storylines, I’m also depressed that it’s about to be over. And I can’t even acknowledge “Daybreak” at this point. It doesn’t exist.

Why the frak did I think it was a good idea to rewatch this show??? Like, What. The. Actual. FRAK???!! Why would anybody put themselves through this once, let alone over and over again? Now, I’m going to spend the next few weeks depressed over a damn TV show.

Six months following the rewatch…
There’s no way I’m going to be emotionally ready to rewatch BSG this year. I just can’t go through the emotional rollercoaster again, and I definitely can’t watch Laura Roslin die in that damn Raptor with Bill’s tears and hands all over her again. Not to mention the fact that I’ll never look at flamingos the same! And now I’m getting emotional all over again!

Two months before the Major Crimes hiatus…
I cannot wait to start my BSG rewatch when the hiatus starts! I frakkin love this show and I miss the characters so much (except Baltar).

Every. Single. Time!

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“One of the things I learned from Laura Roslin was that - and I think is true for a lot of women - we vastly underestimate what we are capable of.  Because somewhere, culturally, we’ve gotten a mixed message since the day we were born…and she taught me that there’s far more in us that we’re capable of as women than we even knew. That is the biggest thing she taught me.” (x) - Mary McDonnell on what she learned from Laura Roslin