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Added this Icelandic witch riding staveðarstafur-witch-riding-stave-to-go from @justins-galdrastafir that @professorgoat sent me.
“She sends her spirit on me in church” - The Crucible

My Tantu Totem Necklace, inspired by the tv animated show “Vixen” and Amaya Jiwe (Vixen Prime) on Legends of Tomorrow :).

I handmade the necklace out polymer clay, nail polish, and paint. I plan on making an updated version soon.

I deliver to you a Marie in this time of hardship and un-appreciation for the Squid Sisters. I finished her last night and finally managed to get some pictures.

She’s made from platinum and snow minky with airbrushed gradients and markings. Her irises were machine embroidered onto white minky, which was appliqued onto black, and finally the black was appliqued onto the body/head. She’s 16″ long and just as soft and cuddly as Callie.

She is not for sale as she is for my personal collection, but feel free to message me if you’re interested in a commission. I have two sizes of my squid pattern, so feel free to request large or small. At this time I’m not making large Callies and am hesitant to make small, but will consider it.


Corset par Akara