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Fall Fashion Inspiration: Mary Margaret Blanchard, Once Upon a Time

I’ve chosen Mary Margaret Blanchard as my fall fashion inspiration. Her style is very feminine and delicate which accompanies perfectly her kind, caring, confident, selfless personality, which is definitely something to aspire to be! As well, we have similar body types (especially in comparison to other celebrity role models who are bone-thin). 

Must Have: Comfy knitted oversize sweaters

When Mary Margaret is feeling low, she wraps herself with an oversized sweater, here in a soft gray. A large sweater such as this would be perfect for days when you feel bloated, grumpy, or otherwise sub-par. Keeping the shade soft and the print (if any) simple helps to fit in with the delicate theme.

Must Have: Lace print tops

Lace print tops, especially white lace, is a key element of Mary Margaret’s style. The ultimate in delicate feminine wear, lace provides visual interest and texture in place of a graphic, stripe, or other pattern. 

Must Have: Peacoat


During Storybrooke’s colder months, Mary Margaret warms up with a peacoat, again in soft shades. She cycles between many coats to keep her options open. Mary Margaret keeps her coats delicate by finding ones with buttons that mesh into the colour of the fabric. Some detailing, such as an interesting collar or lines that accentuate her shape, prevent the coat from being too boring. 

Must Have: Knitted Hats or Berets and Scarves

Mary Margaret accessorizes her peacoats using hats and scarves, which are usually within the same colour family as the coat. I’m not sure if the hats will work with me, but I will try to find one regardless! 

Must Have: Mid-length skirts

The skirt from this image, aka one of my favourite outfits ever, touches on an important aspect of Mary Margaret’s wardrobe: modesty. Whereas Emma Swan may where skin-tight dresses and jeans, Mary Margaret chooses clothing that hides more of her body. This skirt, with its beautiful flower print, hits Mary Margaret at the knee to cover her body while still accentuate it. This results in a more flattering, feminine style. 

If she opts to wear pants (as seen in the above images), she goes for a regular fit as opposed to a skinny fit, and experiments with texture by using other fabrics than denim.

Must Haves: Skinny belts, Necklaces and Purses

Mary Margaret chooses thin belts to accessorize and accentuate her waist. Instead of extremely bright or dark belts, she either goes for neutral browns or more delicate colours. Like everything else in her wardrobe, this accessory is kept simple by refraining from using a bold pattern. 

This image shows Mary Margaret wearing a key necklace made from gold. The top of the key appears to be made of diamond and may take the form of a heart. Hearts, bows, and other typically feminine objects are a great way to accessorize sometimes plain clothing choices. It’s important to note that she doesn’t seem concerned that the necklace and belt (with a silver buckle) don’t match. 

Mary Margret’s purse is large and quite dark in comparsion to her other accessory choices. Yet, the lack of design or detail on the purse helps to make it not so obtrusive to the rest of the style. 

Must Have: Cardigans, Cardigans, and more Cardigans!

Mary Maragret is almost always wearing a cardigan over dresses or tops, and appears to have one in just about every colour. Interestingly, she opts for cardigans to bring a bit more colour and brightness into her style, as she keeps her tops light and airy. All of her cardigans have the ability to button up, and do not appear to have pockets. 

Must Have: Dresses

Of course, the ultimate in feminine delicate style is the dress! The dress is where Mary Margaret brings pattern and detail into her style, accessorizing with belts, bags, or cardigans as described above. As well, these dresses usually reach the knee. 

How will I achieve this look?

Basically, when I go clothes shopping, I’ll ask myself ‘Would Mary Margaret wear this?’ before buying an item. Here are some things that I believe are Mary Margaret inspired, and that I will be shopping for in the coming months. 


to be continued…