mary margaret blanchard

In Your Light (A CS AU) Part 14/?

CS AU where Killian Jones is a recently discharged British soldier trying to start over. His brother Liam has found happiness in a small town in Maine and while visiting, Killian meets Liam’s fiancé’s sister Emma Swan. Before he knows it, Killian finds himself completely and irrevocably in love. Now all that’s left is to convince Emma to let him stand in her light and by her side forever more. Story rated M.

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A/N: Hello everyone! We are back with a Monday installment of ‘In Your Light’ and it is the final one before the wedding chapter. How that’s possible, I have no idea but I am thrilled to say the least! This story is always a joy to write and though this chapter is far shorter than the average installment, the wedding chapter will not be. As always thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

Standing in the fading light of another beautiful day and feeling the warmth of the big bonfire they had going in their backyard right now, Emma thought how right she’d been in suggesting this. Originally her sisters and her friends had insisted that they should have a bachelorette party for Emma, or at least a final girls’ night out to celebrate the wedding tomorrow, but Emma was adamant that all she wanted was time with the people she loved and a chance to relax. This barbecue turned evening hangout was the product of that want.

“Okay I have to admit, this was a good call by you Ems. I’ve gone a whole summer without getting to watch my husband fight a fire to get me a decent marshmallow and you’ve given me that.” Ruby’s joke made Emma laugh aloud, but it also brought her eyes to the fire in question. There, smiling back at her was Killian who was ‘fighting’ the flames as well to get Emma a melty treat too.

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