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I like Mary. I think she's awesome. I don't see why she has to be evil.

Oh, boy, okay.

Listen you can like Mary all you want – I loved her too before the fucked up her entire story arc – but her entire arc was building up to be a villain, and a badass one that was going to go down with a fight. 

I’m REALLY not trying to be pedantic here, Nonny, but asks like this force me to pull out receipts, all of which I’m sure you’re not going to read, because who likes to be proved wrong, but I digress. I always end up sounding more harsh than I am when all I want to do is educate you on my perspective and what the narrative is teaching us.

THAT’S Why she’s a villain. When a character kills the title character of a show, they are coded as the bad guy unless they do a redemption arc that actually is a redemption.

Mary had NO redemption arc AT ALL. Even in S4, Mary is STILL manipulating and emotionally abusing Sherlock and John against each other with her fucking creepy-assed DVDs and her belittling of John in T6T. She still runs off to go do her little assassin things and still lied and manipulated everyone. And I know the argument is going to come up, but Mary’s gunshot was NOT a redemption. A redemption arc has the ex-villain doing a good deed and being genuinely sorry for their past actions. Not ONCE Mary has ever apologized for any of the shit she put everyone through. All of it was a plan, especially if she had creepy DVDs made FAIRLY RECENTLY (you can tell because of the hair style) to send out to people. Also:


That and Mary’s entire death scene was RIDICULOUS and completely contradicted EVERY rule that was established in this universe only 2 episodes prior on how characters die.

Nonny, Mary’s character arc is one I have been passionate about for many years, even before I was a Johnlocker, because her character was fascinating to me, and helped me understand the psychology and make sense of events that were happening in my life at the time. Right up until TAB, Mary was being coded as the next Moriarty. For some reason or another, Mofftiss decided to turn her into an “assassin with an heart of gold” and failed spectacularly.

If Mary truly was good, she WOULD HAVE TOLD JOHN FROM THE BEGINNING WHO SHE WAS, OR AT LEAST TOLD SHERLOCK SHE NEEDED HELP. HLV would have not played out as it did. Instead deciding that killing Sherlock was her only option so that she could continue to manipulate John, since she knew he was most malleable when he was grieving Sherlock.

You can read Mary’s character however you want, I could care less… well okay apparently I do because of this reply… But please, seriously consider that what became of her character really made no goddamned sense to the narrative arc the built for her and quite frankly really lazy writing. Just because she is a woman, doesn’t mean that she is nice and sweet and not abusive. Excusing her of her brand of emotional abuse and manipulation is really sexist.

People thought my mother was a nice person, too.

One. Zero. One. Three. (An Adlock x Marylock Fanfiction)

(Hey y’all! The other day, I had this epiphany that I wanted to make a fic with references to John trying to flirt with Irene in ASiB. Thanks to @i-am-benedict-cumberbatched‘s amazing prompt on Mary learning about Irene waaaaaay back, my plans have been culminated into this so hope y’all enjoy!)

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There’s a huge distinction between lilacs and purples, and it is important to know which is which – or so Sherlock convinces himself to believe. 

221B has been filled with clutter, or at least more clutter than usual, ever since the preparations for John and Mary’s wedding started. He couldn’t hide his nervousness, despite trying to be his level-headed self, waiting for the event to happen making him uneasy. 

The obvious thing that occurred in his mind is the disturbing sentimentality that comes along his camaraderie with John Watson. To be fair, it is quite manageable considering the fact that having Mary in his life now is one to be grateful for. In fact, if he believed in a higher power, he would probably consider it a blessing.

“Are you looking up bridesmaid dresses?” Mary asked, taking him by surprise as she popped up behind him. 

He abruptly closed his laptop, playing it cool, and simply replied, “Just doing my research.”

Mary giggled, rolling her eyes playfully at him. In her hands were a bunch of invitations. 

“Anyone else you’d like to include, Sherlock? Probably a date? John mentioned a crazy mad one from before.” she asked teasingly. Behind her, John gave a not-so-subtle scoff. 

Mary raised her eyebrow and turned to face her soon-to-be husband. “Her name’s Irene Adler, right John?”

John pursed his lips, probably remembering the lie Mycroft told him. The Woman was supposed to be dead, right? 

“Ah, yes. Erm…” John simply muttered. “Probably not the best idea to invite her to our wedding.”

Mary looked amused. “Why not? Sherlock doesn’t seem to mind.”

Sherlock looked at Mary with a protesting expression. “I didn’t–”

“Ooooh! I think I struck a nerve here!” Mary quipped delightfully, resting her chin on her fingers. “Now, I really want to invite her.”

John sighed. “That bloody woman is a walking chaos. Talk about…”

Sherlock found himself irritated, John’s words sounding muddled against his ears. He finds his patience more tolerating when it comes to John and Mary, but this time, the doctor’s words against The Woman gave his head a buzz. A similar feeling occurred years ago, when John was deliberately turning on the charm, or what people call tried to flirt, with Irene Adler back when all three of them first met. 

And so, he couldn’t quite stop his own tongue at spilling the following words: “If I remember correctly, you didn’t initially think she was a chaotic woman. She was actually your type before she deliberately turned you down.”

John stopped talking, brows knitting together in confusion. 

“Oh, this is the first time I am hearing about this.” Mary grinned, nodding at Sherlock to continue. 

Sherlock sighed. “No, I–”

John, still obviously irritated, leaned towards their direction. “I want to hear about this as well. What in the world are you talking about?”

The detective realised that John must have forgotten about the incident already, but even with the protests of his logical self, his mouth started to recount the story.

“When we asked her about the case of the hiker and the backfire, and how she knew about it, she said she knew what one of the policemen… liked.” Sherlock almost spat the word. “And so you immediately offered, or more appropriately, tried to offer that you are not just a policeman, but a former soldier, considering that you asked her if she likes policemen with a leaning stance and a lingering stare, suggesting pride, attraction, and interest. Not to mention the small smile you have as you asked the question, suggesting that you did, in fact, have the soldier card up your sleeve. I’m assuming that her dismissing your advances might have caused your… hostility towards her.”

To his surprise, as soon as he ended, John and Mary are both smiling knowingly. 

“So, I was right. You were jealous that’s why you tried to impress her.” John replied, smirking. The doctor turned to his fiancee, and added, “Sherlock forgot to mention that to ‘dismiss’ me, Irene Adler’s exact words were ‘I like detectives, and detective stories. Brainy is the new sexy.’ So now you probably know why Sherlock’s practically smitten with her.”

Mary’s smile grew wider, shrugging. “To be fair, you really got dumped.”

“I wasn’t… I’m not… smitten… with her.” Sherlock muttered through his teeth.

“Whatever you say, dear.” Mary replied, piling up the invitations she was holding. 

And if Sherlock wasn’t mistaken, she may have deliberately left a blank one just above the drawer where he kept the Vertu. 

“Sherlock, dear, can you come here for a moment?” Mary called from the top of the stairs, as he and John were discussing something with Lestrade by the doorway. The detective gave her a nod and followed. 

“What is it?” he asked casually, oblivious of what is about to happen. 

There was something about Mary’s smile that made his senses tingle, heart thrumming as she gestured him to sit. His brow raised in curiosity when she showed him his own mobile phone. 

“You shouldn’t leave your phone lying around, especially when you have a very naughty text alert.” she teased. 

It was evident that surprise was spread across his face, Mary simply enjoying the moment. Then she read, “Pregnant lady, bronze babies, cloaked man, and Kafka… Guess where I am? IA. IA— I wonder who this is?”

So Irene is in Prague. Safe. Good to know. Still, he wouldn’t say that out loud. Not when the cat’s out of the bag.

Sherlock walked over to Mary, without making eye contact, and asked for his phone with an extended hand. She willingly gave it back to him, crossing her legs as if waiting for an explanation. 

“Oh please, I didn’t do it on purpose! It was displayed on your screen, inviting prying eyes. I didn’t even have to crack your passcode. But I tried it and it was quite easy.” she smugly said, grinning at him. 

“Is it now?” he replied, deadpan, missing a point.

“John told me she was dead, and that you didn’t know because Mycroft wanted to keep it a secret. But you knew they were lying because you saved her, didn’t you?” Mary asked curiously, but Sherlock knew she already had it all figured out. 

“I think the answer to that is quite… obvious.” Sherlock replied. He noticed Mary’s questioning look that made him roll his eyes. 


Mary was obviously trying to restrain herself from smiling. “You still see each other.”

Sherlock sighed. “I don’t understand why you’ve taken intere–”

“When are you going to text her back?” she asked again, grinning. 

“I don’t.” 

“Stop fibbing.”

“I’m not.”

“I know when you’re fibbing.”

Sherlock can’t help but run his fingers through his hair, agitated. Why is Mary pressing on about her?

“One. Zero. One. Three.” Mary mused, playfully rocking back and forth on her seat. 

The detective was suddenly back to being attentive, unsure of what he’s heard. Mary raised her eyebrows at him. “You seem surprised.”

“How did you–?” Sherlock started, but he was interrupted by John entering the flat. 

Sherlock took every opportunity to talk to Mary about the matter at hand, but she dismisses him immediately as soon as he rejects her request to talk about Irene Adler. 

Days passed, then weeks, and every time he’s on his phone, she keeps on whispering, “Make sure you have it on vibrate.” accompanied by a cheeky wink. 

But it was when John went to fix some papers for their clinic that he found himself alone again with Mary’s inquiring eyes. 

“Mary, please, it’s a simple question.” Sherlock hissed. 

“So was mine. I just wanted to know… how things are.” Mary smiled. 

“The passcode…”

“…is the date when you saved her from that terrorist cell. October 13, yes?” she said, an air of pride in her voice. 

“Yes.” Sherlock replied shortly. 

“And… we’ll just leave it at that?” Mary groaned. 

“It’s just a passcode.” he asserted unconvincingly. 

Mary theatrically tapped her pointer finger near her lips as if to exaggerate that she was thinking. “John told me that, to Mycroft’s hesitance in telling the story if I might add, the only reason why you beat Irene Adler was because her passcode was your name.”

Sherlock tried to focus on the wall behind Mary instead of directly looking at her. “I didn’t beat her.” 

Mary nodded. “Because you went out of your way to save her, thus making you feel like you lost.”

The detective didn’t reply. Instead, he handed Mary his phone. 

“What do you want me to do with this?” Mary asked. 

“Any observations?” he asked, voice too quiet that it would seem like he was talking to himself. 

Mary looked at the phone and her smile grew wider. “iPhone 5. So after all these years, you still backup all her messages, and even her text alert, and put it in whichever phone you’re using. The question is, why?”

Sherlock sighed as Mary handed him the phone back. “Everything I will say is a secret. Our secret.”

“Of course, dear.” Mary replied sincerely. 

“I believe John feels very strongly about my relationship with The Woman, so I’d rather he not know.” Sherlock grumbled. 

“I don’t think he hates her, really, he just told me that when you thought she died, he was very worried about… your emotional state. And he couldn’t understand you, her, and you and her. Plus, you did say Irene dumped him easily. Maybe it hurt his ego.” she joked. 

“Even I don’t understand her… And myself when with her.” Sherlock confessed, not meeting Mary in the eyes. 

“Why did you save her?” Mary asked directly, narrowing down the conversation into the most obvious foundation. 

Sherlock’s mind reeled, words and expressions flying through his usually above average train of thought. 

Mary smiled and reached out to touch his folded hands. “Sherlock, admitting that you feel something for her will not make you a lesser being. I hope you know that.”

“It’s never simple with her.” he sighed. “She’s too clever, too cunning, too dangerous, too inviting, too… just too much everything. And I can’t get her out of my head. It can be irritating at times. Prancing into my Mind Palace even in the middle of cases. And what’s more frustrating is I don’t want to… stop thinking about her, I mean… Oh, will you stop looking so happy? It’s not like I just confessed a murder, or a solution to a decade-long case.”

“But you did speak out your heart. Look, Sherlock, I’m not asking you to try and have what John I and have with her. I know that’s what you’re worried about. I can see that you feel restrained by the idea of ‘settling down with The Woman’ and that’s not what I’m telling you.” Mary explained. 

“Then what exactly are you telling me?” Sherlock asked. 

“I’m simply letting you know that it’s okay to feel what you’re feeling. Live out the adventure. Play the game. Gamble. Fall.” 

Sherlock studied every word that escaped Mary’s lips. “You can be difficult at times, Mary Morstan.”

She grinned. “Made you think, didn’t it?”

For the first time since they started the conversation, Sherlock smiled. “I believe you and her will get along very well.”

Mary’s smile grew. “So you’ll let me meet her?”

The smile on Sherlock’s face disappeared quickly. “No.”

Pouting, she playfully punched him in the arm. “Why not?”

“It’ll be too chaotic.” 

“Oh, please! It’ll be fun!” Mary insisted. 

Sherlock rolled his eyes. “No. And besides, she’s… she’s currently halfway across the world so contain yourself… Last night, she told me she’s in Phuket.”

A scheming glint was evident on Mary’s eyes. “You’ll go, wouldn’t you? Oh, just take me. We won’t take long.”

“Your wedding is in a week.” 

“John wouldn’t know! We’ll plan it out. We can do it right now!” 

Sherlock pinched the bridge of his nose, a sudden realisation hitting him. “Wait, you still haven’t answered my question.”

“What question?” Mary asked. 

“The passcode. How did you know?” 

Mary chuckled, fumbling with her phone before giving a reply. “John said that you found out she wasn’t really dead around New Year. Then met her again, here, 6 months later. She stayed for a day, had you crack the code, then basically causing chaos and you saving the day within those 24 hours. 

Then John said Mycroft went to meet him during the wettest season of the year, so I assumed mid-November to December, and the claim was that Irene Adler was captured and ‘killed’ in Karachi a couple of months before that. Can be September or October but I chose the latter because the chances are slightly higher. 

After that I figured it was a weekend, considering that John was admittedly on a dating spree during weekends at the time, giving you enough opportunity to sneak out and have your little escapade.”

“I actually asked John to gather evidence for a triple murder in Warwick and even advised that he stayed there overnight in case I need anything else. He seemed pleased with the idea.” Sherlock recalled. “Still, great deduction.”

Mary looked pleased. “Can’t always be too accurate.”

Sherlock nodded in agreement. And just when he thought the conversation has come to a close, Mary’s face lit up once more as she looked up to him.  

The detective’s eyes narrowed as he tried to read into Mary’s expression, but she left him no more time to guess as she showed him her phone screen. 

“Pack your bags, Sherlock. We’re going to Thailand.”

The Final Problem: Making Sherlock Holmes a good man

After The Lying Detective, I didn’t know what to expect for the last episode of series 4. John and Sherlock had reconciled on screen after hurting themselves and each other so deeply over the course of years. Mary had made her mark and worked herself out of the series. In two episodes, the main problems left by Series 3 had basically been resolved. What was left for big finale?

With that trepidation in mind, I was honestly surprised by how much I enjoyed The Final Problem. It wasn’t easy to watch, but I found it powerful and convincing in ways that many others apparently did not. It tied up a lot of standing issues: the Moriarty business, from his initial interest in Sherlock to the last Miss Mes, the Why of Sherlock from series 1 onward, the Why of Mycroft and the broken Holmes Brothers’ relationship. It gave an emotional grounding to the fundamental contradiction of this Sherlock Holmes: a strongly empathic person trying to override sensitivity and compassion with extraordinary analytic ability that is (strangely) a source of great insecurity. As a closing chapter on the story of Sherlock’s progress from being a Great Man to a good one, I found it incredibly satisfying. The bizarre premise of a series of rooms on an island fortress was romantic and dramatic, but not out of style for a show that has featured delayed-action stabbings (TSOT), an un-convict-able super-villain (TRF), and a serial killer engaging in a battle of wits with every victim (ASIP).

Maybe I read too many fantasy stories about quests as a child, but I wasn’t bothered by the improbability of the plot, nor by the use of all non-protagonist characters to further this hero’s journey. This episode wasn’t about John, or Mycroft, or Molly, or even Eurus. However, their respective relationships with Sherlock have made him grow in different ways, and the sequence of crises forced on him by Eurus serve to prove how much he has changed, both to her and to himself. That the depiction of these tests put the audience (well, at least me) through the emotional wringer heightened (my) satisfaction and confidence in Sherlock’s transformation. In the moment, I didn’t care if the action did not make much sense; the why has always been more important than the how in BBC Sherlock.

Over the course of four series, Sherlock has gone from being a self-destructive solitary man-child to shouldering the responsibility of healing his own broken family, and that change in perspectives and priorities is huge. He is willing to learn from Eurus (rather than feel threatened by her abilities), to work for the sake of his parents and siblings (rather than push them away like a whiny teenager), and to care openly about his chosen family. Finally, Sherlock has the stability to treat strangers’ needs with respect and sympathy, as mature Holmes does the stories of ACD.

Besides capping the great progress of Sherlock Holmes, The Final Problem also moved me with the story of Eurus. There are plenty of stories about weirdly precocious children, but this was the first I’ve really appreciated about a younger sister, and it really hit home. Around the comic violence, Eurus is treated with sympathy, her struggle recognised and respected. This is helping me think very useful thoughts about my own familial relationships and that kind of impact is a hallmark of good art.

There was plenty more to enjoy in this episode (just as there was plenty to criticise) but a last point that mattered a lot to me was a big deviation from the usually crime-solving content of detective stories (or stories about detectives). Through the Holmes family’s history and present, we finally have a look at the consequences of violent crime and the criminal justice process on the families of the incarcerated. The temptation to forget, the importance of remembering, the intra- and inter-individual conflicts about engaging with loved ones who are or are deemed dangerous. The specifics were fanciful and not without their problems, but it’s an important change from having so many antagonists dismissed as unconditionally evil.

The Holmes and Watson of ACD repeatedly weight the cost of arresting the guilty with consideration for their families, but on BBC Sherlock, the wrong doers tend to wind up dead or arrested without questions of fall out. We haven’t seen a real moral quandary on screen, and I hope that kind of story will pop up in some future independent story about our Baker Street Boys.

Things about 12x18 “The Memory Remains” #3

Well the parallels and allusions were certainly strong this episode in relation to the Bishops’ story and how it may relate, compare and contrast to the Winchesters. The entire “Hunting people. Killing. The family business.” was a bit much and I think the message would have been delivered just fine without it, but there you have it.

In any case it does pose the question if there was more to the deal Mary made with Azazel than we know OR if Mary maybe has made some kind of similar deal and bound herself to something else - if the monster was not meant to be taken as an allusion to the monstrosity of the BritMoL as embodied through Ketch here. If we assume that is the case, then I guess the ending scene with Ketch listening in on Dean’s view and opinion on him may place Dean in a whole lot more danger further down the line (Also, really Ketch? stealing the picture? You seriously think no one would realize it’s gone?). The God needed human blood to be sated, not too different to what we have seen the BritMoL do in their bloody hunger for killing.

To me this episode definitely brought back a very unpopular opinion/theory I have had for quite a while and given how this episode stuctured and intercut the stories and parallels in relation to family, honesty and loyalty and had Mary and John written all over it, I guess we are at the very least meant to ask ourselves whether or not Sam and Dean actually have the same father. Of course one could see the Bishops’ as a parallel to John and his relationship to Kate Milligan and Adam with how he had his elder sons raised in the hunting life and keeping his younger one out of it completely, but given I have had my crazy theories how the show may at some point “reveal” for Sam to have been Lucifer’s perfect vessel, because he may be a “nephilim” too, I guess one could wonder if John may not have been Sam’s or Dean father, but someone else. I personally think the show would never go as far as actually doing this, because I think the fandom would tear them apart if it turned out the Winchesters’ were never “real brothers”, but how the show has been framing Mary and her unattached shagging up with Ketch and learning that she continued hunting well past having kids in 12x06 “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox” I personally think there is definitely room for possibility that maybe Mary wasn’t all too loyal to John. Hell, mayve that was why he moved out for a few days at some point as Dean remembers in 5x16 “Dark Side of the Moon”…

As for the monster/God, I have to admit I am kind of happy that I was actually really close to what we got in my spec towards the episode being a parallel and narrative callback to S1 “Scarecrow” and dealing with an enslaved God. :)


I actually really enjoyed this episode. Writing wise it was ordinary and nothing too special, but it was well executed imo. And most of all SPN for the first time in a long time was creepy and felt almost old school in how it was set in a small town. Dean standing his ground against a God was great and I also quite enjoyed the massive focus on eyes with the shots from within the goat’s head/mask and the close up of the cop’s eyes in the beginning when he is prepping a dead animal (playing with dead things there too was quite… unnerving too). It’s been a recurring theme the focus on the eyes for sure. It just fits well in a narrative that often is playing with perspective and perception and constantly questions which one if the “right one”.

So yeah, solid episode in my book. :)


Oh and I forgot to mention the ending. While a bit sappy and all and setting up endgame stuff, that very action, them carving their initials into the bunker was the ultimate moment they labeled that bunker their home. Which is especially concerning given that now it is even less of a safe space than it has already been since they are being monitored.


[Francis] alternated between fevers and violent crises, followed by bouts of speechlessness. In addition to the natural sufferings of his condition, he also endured purgations and bleedings. On 28th November, a massive dose of rhubarb brought him some relief, but two days later the headaches and sickness redoubled. The watch in his bedroom was maintained ceaselessly by Mary and Catherine, whose joint role in his agony was to act endlessly as nurse and comforters. On 3rd December, it was reported to Venice by their ambassador that Queen Mary, Queen Catherine and the king’s brothers were taking part in processions to the churches of Orléans, to solicit divine aid for the king’s health. Otherwise Mary spend the last weeks of her husband’s life in patient, silent nursing in his darkened chamber…

Neither Mary’s patient nursing, nor that of Catherine, nor the rages of the Guises, nor their manifold remedies, affected in any way the ineluctable process of the king’s illness. The inflammation was now spreading upwards into the lobe of the brain, above the middle ear: on Monday 2nd December, the was an apparent improvement in his condition due to the temporary release of tension when the tumour was pierced. But the inflammation, having now reached the brain, formed an abcess within it. With the formation of the abcess, nothing could save the French king from death. By the evening of 3rd December, Francis was in extremis. On Thursday 5th December, he fell into a swoon. At some point in his agonies, he is said to have murmured a prayer taught to him by the cardinal: ‘Lord, pardon my sins and impute not to me those which my ministers have committed in my name and in my authority.’ But on the Thursday, at a time variously report to be five, eleven or ten by La Planche, Throckmorton and Chantonay, the king’s ordeal was at an end. A month off his seventeenth birthday, Francis II was dead.


Mary abandoned herself to passionate grief at the death of the king, a grief founded on deep affection which she had felt for him, rather than the possible upset of her political plans. She had lost the companion of her childhood, the boy-husband who had loved her, and who had shared with her the happy intimacies of their charmed upbringing at the French court. Elisabeth had departed for Spain, Claude for Lorraine. Alone of her close royal companions of her youth, Francis had remained part of her life, and to their childhood intimacy had been added the natural intimacy of husband and wife. Since the first moment of their meeting at St Germain in October 1548, when the five-year-old Scottish Queen had been solemnly presented to the four-year-old Dauphin of France, and King Henry II had rejoiced over the immediate love which the children felt for each other, Mary and Francis had never been apart for longer than a few months at a time. They had thus been united by over twelve years of continuous friendship and companionship, and all that happy childhood memories can signify in the mind of a romantic and affectionate young girl.

The sincerity of her feelings was not doubted at the time. Throckmorton commented that Francis had left ‘as heavy and dolorous a wife as of right she had good cause to be, who, by long watching during his sickness, and painful diligence about him’ had worn herself out and made herself ill. The stanzas which Mary wrote on the death of Francis, which struck a chord in the heard of Ronsard, bear witness to the eloquent simplicity of her grief for the lost love of her childhood.

“Wherever I may be
In the woods or in the fields
Whatever the hour of day
Be it dawn or the eventide
My heart still feels it yet
The eternal regret…
As I sink into my sleep
The absent one is near
Alone upon my couch
I feel his beloved touch
In work or in repose
We are forever close…”

Antonia Fraser, Mary Queen of Scots

As he drew near to the close of his life, he was more and more deeply impressed with a sense of Mary’s kindness and love. He mourned very much his approaching separation from her. He sent for his mother, Queen Catherine, to come to his bedside, and begged that she would treat Mary kindly, for his sake, after he was gone.

Mary mourned her husband’s death with deep and unaffected grief. She invented a device and motto for a seal, appropriate to the occasion: it was a figure of the liquorice-tree, every part of which is useless except the root, which, of course, lies beneath the surface of the earth. Underneath was the inscription, in Latin, Dulce meum terra tegit, which translates into “The earth covers my sweet one” or “The earth hides my treasure”.

Jacob Abbott, Mary Queen of Scotland (Makers of History #2)

My take on Nathanael’s feelings for Marinette

So I saw @luckyladybuggy​‘s question if Nath gets over Mari and I kinda went overboard with my answer.

Okay, so we first see Nathanael drawing  himself, as a superhero, and saving Mari. And we learn that he has a crush on our heroine but has kept silent about it until Chloe did her thing.

And in the course of the episode, his crush becomes more obvious as Evillistrator.

Look at the smile on his face. Like, omg, my crush gonna spend my birthday with me. He even promised to lay off on Chloe.

Nathanael even put Mari before the ‘get me the Miraculous’ HawkMoth call until the supervillain threatened him.

I mean, he trusted her to the point that he’d carelessly give away his weakness. And well,  I have this idea that despite being akumatized, some people somehow still has the heart to not hurt people they kinda harbor strong feelings for and even ask them out on a date in Evillustrator’s case. (It happened with Mylene too in Horrificator and Nino with Adrien’s party.)

And then he learns that there is an entire MariChat thing that happened. And like from being this perf girl, he compares her to Chloe, the girl he hates and had initially put him on the stand and is the primary reason of his negative feelings and him being akumatized.

But lookie here, after returning normal, this is the first thing he sees. Obviously, Nath doesn’t remember all the crap he pulled as Evillistrator which means, he doesn’t remember his feelings for Mari flipping 180 degrees.

But at the end of the ep, we see this. He crosses out the comic where he saves Mari and starts with a pretty cover of what probably is a LB comics. And look at the hearts below which brings us to the question: Does this mean he got over Mari or is he still into her? (Well, Mari and the Lady are the same person but you know what I mean.)

Okay, so in the episode where Chloe lost her bracelet, Nath was one of the suspects since he drew it and they wanted everyone’s bags to be checked and here we see Nath, asking them not to look through his stuff.

What can we get from this? Although this is just speculation, not wanting people to look through your stuff may mean that you have something to hide, something you don’t want others to see. I will connect this fun fact with other stuff later.

Okay so, most of the time, in various episodes he’s just there with a blank or base face. He doesn’t exactly react every time something is going on with Marinette. And even if he might have moved on from her and started admiring Ladybug instead given the Ladybug comics he’s starting and everything (even though those two are the same person and everything), he wasn’t acting like a fanboy in front of Ladybug either.

Nath seems to be inexpressive with his feelings. You can’t tell what he’s thinking by just looking at him unlike when you look at Kim or Mylene and other charas. You probably wouldn’t know what is going through his head unless you see his art. I mean, no one knew he liked Mari until Chloe announced it to the whole class that he drew a comic where he saves the girl.

And that is where we connect the part where he doesn’t want people to see his bag. What could be in his bag that he wouldn’t want people to see? Obviously, not his books. Everyone has those. Not his pencil case. Not his water bottle. And that leaves us with his sketch pad or wherever he draws. He’s probably afraid people will see his drawings, his form of expression.

So how is this related to if he moved on from Mari or not? Okay, so I have two theories here. One is straightforward simple and the other is kinda speculative in nature because we can’t read Nath by looking at his face.

1. Yes, he moved on from Mari. He crossed out the comics where he saves her and starts anew with the LB comics (+ the hearts below the cover could mean that he has the thing for LB now).

2. Nope. He ain’t over her. You probably might be asking, ‘if he ain’t over Marinette, then how do you explain him crossing out that comic, huh?’ Here’s the thing. If you look at nath’s comic where he saves Mari from danger, his portrayal of her isn’t exactly like Mari. The thing is Nath doesn’t really know Mari. I mean, he has a crush on her but doesn’t interact with her much and thus cannot really see her totality, like how she’s witty, sometimes irrational (stealing phones and everything), even kinda analytical. The list could continue on forever. I mean, people go through that stage where they try to understand the person they are crushing on and what if Nath is doing just that with Marinette? What if him crossing out the comic where he saves Mari doesn’t mean he’s over her but is in the stage where he is deciding if he’d try to seriously like her not just the 'sweet, perfect and pretty girl’ concept of her he made up in his head but liking Mari for herself? I mean, the cat is out of the bag. Mari knows he has a thing for her. And that may have triggered Nath to seriously think about the girl. Of course seriously thinking about her may entail him concluding that he doesn’t really like her and thereby moving on but I still don’t think he’d just jump the gun and say ‘nah, I don’t liker her, really.’ unless he’s scared of further embarrassment like what happened before.

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When Mary found out about John’s ‘cheating’ behind her back, at first she was incredibly mad. She took a week for herself, took Rosie and got a hotel room not far from him for the two of them. She managed to cool down, and then took the time to go through everything with John, why he was doing this and why he felt the way he did. Despite being hurt about what he did, everything within her forced herself to work through it. If anything, she didn’t want Rosie to deal with what Mary had to deal with with her own parents.  Mary had made a vow to herself as a teenager that if she had kids, she wouldn’t put them through having to choose a parent in the mess of a divorce because she knew what that did to herself and she wasn’t making Rosie deal with what she had to. It wasn’t easy, but they managed to work through it with time. Like any other couple would, they still get into fights occasionally about it, but the two managed to work forward past it. Especially after John returned from Sherrinford, that only made Mary want to make their marriage work even more so knowing what he was put through then 

Oh Bugger!!!

‘I slapped you in the face when I was trying to get this bug away from me are you okay iS THAT BLOOD DRIPPING FROM YOUR NOSE OH MY GOD I’M SO SORRY’ AU

I saw this AU and it inspired me to write this silly little something, not very long, and probably not very good, but it was funny to write.

“I’m… yeah, it’s…”

“Is there a problem?”

“Yeah excuse me Mary, but this fly is driving me bat shit crazy.”

Molly tried swatting the pesky bug away – unsuccessfully – and kept swinging her arms around while she tried to continue her chat with Mary. She was holding up her left arm when the fly sat down on it, and so she swung her right arm as far and quickly behind her so she would get enough force behind the blow she would lay upon the annoying animal.

The only problem Molly found was that as she reached her arm behind her it collided with something someone solid.

“Oh bugger.”

Mary couldn’t decide what was funnier, the complete and utter horror on Molly’s face or the obviously unintended pun she’d just made. Either way, Mary found herself laughing so hard tears leaked from her eyes, and she had to excuse herself.

Molly turned slowly, very slowly, swallowing visibly when she found a very disgruntled Sherlock looking at her, his hand covering what was obviously a bloody nose.

“Oh, oh god Sherlock I’m so sorry… are you alright?”

“I’m perfectly fine, there’s nothing I enjoy more than getting slapped in the face so hard my nose starts bleeding.” He gave her a stare that told her he was being utterly sarcastic, as if that hadn’t already been clear by his words, or the tone of his voice.

“Come on.”

Molly grabbed his hand and pulled him along, leading her back to the school building and dragging him through the halls.

“Are you abducting me now as well?” He asked incredulously.

“No silly, I’m taking you to Mrs. Hudson, you need that nose of yours cleaned up.”

“I can do that in the loo Molly” Sherlock argued, trying to stop the small but insistent girl.

“Nonsense, why do that when we have Mrs. Hudson? Besides it looks like it might need a bit of antiseptics, you don’t want bacteria’s in that.”

“But that stings.”

Sherlock walked into Molly’s back as she stopped up abruptly.

She turned towards him and had the appalling nerve to snort at him.

When Molly saw the storm starting in Sherlock’s eyes, she quickly moved a hand to her mouth and collected herself.

“I’ll hold your hand okay?”

Before Sherlock could erupt into a tirade of insults Molly began dragging him along once again, finally reaching the door of the school nurse, Mrs. Hudson.

“Molly, really… this is completely unnecessary, I don’t.”

Sherlock was silenced by Molly’s soft lips planting themselves directly on his, and when he came to his senses again there was a slight tingling in his nose, informing him that he’d already been to see Mrs. Hudson, but had no recollection of it, whatsoever.

“Come on, there’s still a bit of break left… we’ll go outside again.”

Five minutes later they found themselves back at Mrs. Hudson’s office as Sherlock had slapped Molly in the face – making her nose bleed as well - when that same pesky fly had decided to annoy him instead of Molly.

She argued that she didn’t need a kiss since she didn’t mind the sting of the antiseptics, but Sherlock had convinced her otherwise in the end.

From that day on convincing her everyday to kiss him, and more than once.

Matchmaker | 1990 | Mareline


A little over a year ago,Mary had made a promise - mostly to herself but a promise nonetheless. She was convinced that Emmeline deserved a shot at happiness with someone and so she had taken it upon herself to try and find that happiness by ‘subtly’ interviewing a few of the men she worked with and whittling it down to the best options. The next part of her plan was inviting both of them out for a drink. Reg was back at home with the twins and it wasn’t like she planned on being there very long. She would stay for one drink then make an excuse to leave, it was all figured out.

She was just waiting for Emmeline and her chosen suitor to show up, then everything would finally be in motion. She saw Em show up first and her face lit up, “Hey.”

anonymous asked:

I was talking about TJLC and my friend said "what about Mary? John's having a baby with her in s3!" I really like Mary and don't want her gone… I just don't actually believe that she loves John. Idk how to explain without sounding mean tho.

Hey Nonny!

Well, I also love Mary, but she’s totally a villain and is not sticking around past S4 on an episodic basis. I’ve written a lot of meta about Mary, which you can find on my S4 Masterpost: Characters Page, but here are some noteable meta for you:

Listen, Mary loved the IDEA of John and the game she was playing to win him from Sherlock. John is literally a trophy for her – she proves this on the tarmac – and she is taking great joy in flaunting it in Sherlock’s face. 

Now, especially in light of the new promo photo, I am more convinced than ever that Mary is seeking to replace Sherlock as the Most Important Person in John’s life.

Like Glue

Summary: One week is what she promised her; it was all she could give her, all things considered… Because Mari was leaving, and Kanan could do nothing about it. KanaMari

“He said that to you?” Kanan asked lazily as she floated in the shallow depths of the ocean. Mari had been kicking away at her toes as she retold the story, although the water refused to accept her offering, bringing Kanan back with each little wave. Her dark navy hair, spread out beneath her and clinging to her face in an erotic fashion, lightly tickled the bit of Mari’s feet. It was a calming environment.

The blonde sighed that usual sigh, and shrugged. “It is something I can’t refuse. I’m not given a choice.” Mari pulled at the ends of her hair, a long-time act that told Kanan something was bothering her. Kanan remained floating. She knew there was nothing she could say or do that would change anything.

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Mary is not evil.

Mary has made bad choices.

Mary had to take a new name to escape some choices.

Mary thought she was free.

Mary fell in love.

Mary got married and found out that her blackmailer still knew who she was.

Mary didn’t want to lose her husband.

Mary made more bad choices to protect herself, her husband, and their unborn child.

Mary did what she thought she had to do.

Mary is not evil.

Mary is scared.

illjustdatemyself  asked:

Sorry if this has already been answered, but why does Sherlock leave John with Mary in HLV if he doesn't trust her? This is just an annoying detail I can't seem to work out

Hi Lovely!

It’s because Mary purposely made herself an unpredictable pawn in the long game. After Sherlock found out about her, even when pregnant, she went to try to kill Sherlock again simply because Sherlock threatened to tell John about her. And because of this he believes she will keep trying to claim John as hers. Sherlock doesn’t know where she stands at the moment, and Mary forced Sherlock to MAKE John pick Mary. As well, Mary brought into the equation an unborn child, and while I do think Sherlock’s trying to work out if Mary really is pregnant and/or if the child is actually John’s, he really doesn’t have a choice other than to play by Mary’s rules. Sherlock can either risk the lives of both an unborn child and his best friend to the tyranny of a madwoman obsessed enough with John to KILL John’s one and only best friend (AND attempt to do it again) whom John grieved over and let her do something stupid that will kill her, baby and John; or let Mary keep John to appease her and give her a false sense of security until the child is born and Sherlock has had time to devise a way to take down Mary without the collateral damage of a baby and John.

As well, there are supposedly bad people after Mary, and John is her protection. So there’s also that too, that as long as John is not with Sherlock, Mary and unborn child are safe.

He absolutely does not trust her at all, but Sherlock is forced to play a waiting game with her right now… The baby is the unknown right now for Sherlock, and his only concern is to save the lives of the people he deems worthy… and Mary is NOT one of them. 


13 weeks of ouat positivity:
• Week 13: favourite moments of hope [1/?]
 1x09 When Emma conviced Micheal to not give up his kids.

+ Bonus: 

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sherlolly prompt : Sherlock solves a crime in his mind palace with molly's help and when he solves it , she give him a kiss.

This prompt fill is also for mollyandherjumper, who expressed the need for a Sherlolly AU of this scene from The Tudors. (Yeah, I’m the weirdo who reads tags. Sue me.) This therefore means that I might have strayed from the prompt a little bit…

Despite the progress he had made in terms of love and sentiment and relationships, Sherlock would be the first to admit that he still did not quite understand them. Crimes of passion were easy to understand—hatred was far more logical than love—but crimes of genuine, heartfelt love? Those he did not understand.

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The Six Thatcher’s: There be redemption.

I might be in the minority here, but I liked BBC Sherlock, season four debut, The Six Thatchers. Honestly, the past three years felt like a century where the return of episodic Sherlock was concerned, so I confess my expectations were open to just about anything. Three years of chilling out & time spent in reflection, along with a whole lot of distance regarding ‘what’s next’ on Sherlock can do wonders for one’s perspective.

I was never a big fan of Mary, especially after the whole shooting Sherlock thang, but I grew to respect her and even began to appreciate qualities she brought out in other characters. She also precipitated growth & intimacy that might not have otherwise happen, or gone a very, very slow route. More on that later.

I came to accept that Mary and Sherlock have a special bond. They are kindred spirits - both fully understanding who the other is with an appreciation that few might be able to truly 'get.’ Mary’s death, without question, has devastated Sherlock beyond his normal ability to reason & process and, knowing this, Mary has given him a case. A task to help him focus his mind - give his brain something to do, because without it his “brain rots.”

Mary did not make a posthumous video on a whim. As others have pointed out, she made this after Moriarty’s dramatic 'Miss Me?’ announcement and I suspect just before she left on her pilgrimage regarding the resurfacing of AGRA. The opening and prevailing theme to The Six Thatchers was An Appointment In Summara…all signs pointed to 'someone is gonna die.’ Is it that surprising that Mary, given everything that’s been shown, would ever truly feel free & comfortable living a 'normal’ life? Yes, she wanted it and while it lasted they were the best years of her life, but she also knew and accepted the shadows that lurk in her background. You simply cannot live the life Mary has and be oblivious to its on-going dangers. What we wanted for her, and the momentum gained from the life she led, might be diametrically opposed, but her death was not a plot device. It was the consequence of living; the life she lived. Just like her conical character from the books, the modernized Mary is dead. There’s no playing opossum here. But, BBC Sherlock is never without surprises and it wouldn’t be out of place to see her show up in flashbacks.

We see what we want to see in these characters, in spite of how layered and flawed, & sometimes even deviant they are. We become attached, cheer them on, wanting them to prevail no matter the circumstances. But, I’ve come to trust that these characters know themselves better than I do and, as in real life, I must allow others to make their own choices…good, bad, indifferent & downright tragic. I don’t believe Mary wanted to die - at all - but understood that her meeting in Summara was always a prevailing possibility and, should the time come, would accept her fate. Mary made a selfless move by placing herself before Sherlock and taking a bullet. For her, that split second decision was a redemptive act, regardless that she ignored the consequences: “Did I ever say I’m sorry for shooting you that time…I’m really sorry. I think we’re even now, okay?” Even in her dying moments Mary wanted Sherlock to know her previous act of betrayal, no matter how she justified her actions, never strayed far from her thoughts. In her mind - she owed him.

Since season 3, episode 2 - The Sign of Three - the audience has been led to focus on Sherlock’s vow to always protect John, Mary and their baby. Until The Six Thatchers we didn’t notice that Mary had made a quiet, albeit private, vow to herself to do the same for Sherlock, John and Rosie. She said this much in her parting letter to move danger away from the three of them: “I’m not running, my darling. I will return. I just don’t want you and Sherlock hanging on my gun arm.” She was not going to stand by and watch Sherlock get shot twice - not on her watch. Either way, the end result sucked for everyone. This event, Mary’s death, in my opinion, is the catalyst for Sherlock and John to become the more mature characters known from canon.

Whether it’s obvious or not, Mary made this band of high functioning, danger seeking misfits a family. She brought them together not just out of circumstantial need; Sherlock did that well enough on his own. Mary brought them together emotionally & sentimentally, along with giving them purpose to forge a bond that would not ever be easily broken. Yes, the 'family’ is currently experiencing a 'fall out’ - but it’s temporary. They’re grieving and blaming (John and possibly even Sherlock blaming himself) and it’ll all get sorted out. They each have a key role to play in the others healing process. Space and distance, while not always desired or comfortable, does have its rewards.

Mary chose Molly and Mrs. Hudson as godmothers. Effectively making them surrogate aunt and grandmother. Now, in Mary’s passing, those roles will take on even greater importance and need, possibly leaving Molly to fulfill a 'mother-like’ role. Mary also knew John would choose Sherlock as godfather - a role he would not refuse or take lightly. They are forever bound by baby Rosamund - a commitment that none of them will shirk. Side note: As a fleeting HC, I’ve wondered if Molly won’t end up raising Rosie? I can think of numerous scenarios on why and how this might come about, although the details are best saved for another discussion.

As with all Sherlock episodes, new questions rise faster than snark regarding the U.S. presidential election. Still, The Six Thatchers provided loads of answers. James Moriarty is dead. His posthumous recording was made before he took his life on Bart’s rooftop. Oh yeah, there’s a game in play but we get to bide our time right along with Sherlock.

Sherlock’s off the hook regarding Magnussen! No need for any official pardon. That detail was neatly managed. I’m probably one of the few people who think he never should have been charged in the first place, but that’s a different meta.

Sherlock likes dogs. And babies - even if they do see the world as a mystery. And he’s calling baby Rosie, 'Watson.’ How freaking cute is that?!? I’ve rewound that scene a few times it’s. so. darn. adorbs.

Knowing and understanding their personalities and propensity toward boredom, along with a heightened need for danger (and assassination), Sherlock also kept Mr. and Mrs. Watson busy.

Now, this might seem surprising but, to me, it’s clear as day that both Sherlock and Mary knew John was teetering on the brink of an affair. They may have reached this conclusion from different perspectives, but both were giving him space to figure it out, process what he was going through, and choose. John was not happy, no matter what we wanted to see and is catching hell-fire and damnation for this, which is too bad. From my perspective, that is. I’m not his moral arbiter and I really can’t imagine what it’s like standing in his shoes; especially having gone through three years of tragic & intense experiences…most of which he had no say or control over. There’s really no need to make a case for all of that is there? Other than to say life with Mary would never be normal, no matter what it looks like on the outside.

Nevertheless, after the birth of their baby, things are beginning to stabilize. But. Not. Really. It doesn’t take long before John is back on cases with Sherlock, sometimes usurped by Mary and even one jaunt with little Rosamund. Aspects of John’s life that were inherently his, prior to meeting and marrying Mary, are now shared experiences. By temperament and savvy, Sherlock and Mary are well suited for each other when it comes to cases, at times leaving John holding the short end of the stick, along with the rest of us trying to catch up. This isn’t to rail against Sherlock or Mary - just presenting what’s been shown. John definitely feels sidelined, which was obvious from the balloon head in his chair, even if it did provide comic relief. Of course this isn’t the first time John’s absence has gone unnoticed by Sherlock…although things are very different now. I think the weight of John’s life is sinking in deeper and deeper. Nothing’s wrong with that, except the inner conflict he’s feeling. Choices made from conflict, or lack of awareness, can sometimes be dubious, as seems to be the case here.

So, along comes a sweet, young Irish Scottish redhead, flirting with John on the bus. I bet the attention felt good. And, why shouldn’t it? Who wouldn’t like being noticed, especially when you’re not feeling very noticeable. John was flattered, but didn’t think much of it - although he should have! At least that’s what I thought in my mind. Unlike many people, I wasn’t concerned with the moral implications. I was thinking - “You’re John Watson, you hang out with Sherlock Holmes and married to a former assassin. What the hell are you doing?! Almost nothing in your world is what it appears to be. Do not be taken in by flattery, John! You should seriously find this chick suspicious. Omg, you’re not listening! No wonder Sherlock gets frustrated. Join a soccer league, or watch porno, if you feel unmanly, but don’t trust the redhead. Ugh, look at that - she’s sitting next to a picture of Culvertson (Toby Jones), next week’s baddie. You should know from His Last Vow that this will bite you on the ass if you follow through. You will regret this. Trust me, you will. And, aren’t you forgetting that your bff and wife will immediately know about this flirtatious dalliance? That’s. what. they. do. They know things. Oh, for Christ’s sake. Whatever, John.”

Yeah, that’s what I said to no avail. So, while everyone else is upset that John is acting like an asshat and betraying Mary, I’m wondering about the chick on the bus and who she really is. Mary is the least of my worries at this point. Since she’s fully aware of what’s going on, as is Sherlock, either one of them can stop that crap before it truly takes off. If they want. And don’t think for a moment they’re not capable.

Then there’s Molly and Sherlock. They’re officially a married couple. Okay, okay, only in my mind palace are they married…even though they sure act like it. I mean, just look at Molly - she owns Sherlock Holmes. The ease between them is delicious, even in their banter and with one word he’ll obey her command. Mostly. Where Sherlock is concerned, that says a lot.

Molly redeems herself with John. This might seem like an odd thing, because we get very little Molly and even less about what goes on in her world. But, we can infer, can’t we? For two years Molly lied to John about Sherlock’s death. Not only did she lie, she participated with the plan and actively, if not fraudulently, carried out her part. She watched John grieve. She saw his pain and devastation. Molly, however, kept her word with Sherlock - knowing full well the difficulty and consequences. I see Molly as strong, capable and courageous, but she is not without heart or sympathy. I cannot imagine it was easy for her to watch John grieve, believing Sherlock dead. Whether or not redemption is necessary, I can further imagine there’s a part of Molly that believe she’s owes John - even if it’s from an unconscious connection. And here lies the parallels between Molly and Mary. Mary believed she owed Sherlock and I don’t believe it’s a stretch to think the same about Molly toward John. Two women, totally different actions, but in the end they have to live with their conscience. There was absolute pain in Molly’s face giving Sherlock the news that John would rather have anyone but him around. Anyone. But, she stood by John and bravely gave Sherlock the painful pronouncement, just as she once allowed John to believe the pain he felt was real. She will support John in his time of need. None of that means she’s abandoned Sherlock, or cut him out of her life, but I bet she’s treading very carefully in the early days of Mary’s passing.

By golly, we got Sherrinford and know that the #13 is the code to be in touch! Who knows if it / he / she is a person, place, thing, or code name. We’ll soon find out.

Mycroft knew all along that AGRA was a private, militarized contract team, specializing in extractions and assassinations.

Sherlock was present when baby Rosamund was born! I would love to have been a fly on the wall when all of that was taking place. Fic writers where are you?????

Redbeard and two little boys playing on a beach. One in a pirate hat. Sherlock’s memories….

We got to see another one of Sherlock’s boltholes. Kinda a cozy place, if you don’t mind tree roots or Underworld Chic.

That’s my initial thoughts, although there’s so much more to glean from this episode, like tons of symbolism. What say all of you?