mary madalene


The soul answered and said, “What has bound me has been slain. What encompassed me has been vanquished. Desire has reached its end and I am freed from Ignorance. I left one world behind with the aid of another, and now as Image I have been freed from the analog. I am liberated from the chains of forgetfulness which have existed in time. From this moment onward, I go forward into the season of the Great Age, the Aeon, and there, where time rests in stillness in the Eternity of time, I will repose in silence.” 

Gospel of Mary Magdalene

“A peach is like your mother: It’s always there for you. A nectarine is like your girlfriend: It’s something really dear and special. A plum is like the harlot down the street: It’ll screw you every time.” To this, I like to add my own silent postscript. A pluot is like Mary Magdalene: It’s chronically misunderstood.