mary machin


that’s idea XD omg!!!
i love Bendy in the beginning!
this a little demon! but very funny!
all team animation and production its a joke for bendy!

this idea is my and my beatiful friend! with a produce this proyecj! 
soy muy mala en el ingles /;____;/

[Mod. Eliana]

Bendy at the beginning likes to play pranks on everybody in order to entertain himself and not get bored in the studios.~ However, since Henry listens day by day the complains of the staff he decides to assign Bendy a “Punishment Corner”; when he knows he had got everybody mad he sits him there. The hat was a little addition after realizing Bendy didn’t take the corner seriously (Escaping a lot was his additional favorite activity after being scolded) 
AND! Boris is the whole key to have Bendy there until he “learns the lesson”, that obviously we know he doesn’t. 

Bendy is a little demon after all! But all he wants is to get some fun.

[Mod. Marie]

Chapter 00: You’re not me

Brace youselves! This is the beginning of the beginning. What does this mean? Will Bendy remember this encounter later? Or will he forget it for all the upcoming stuff? There’s only one way to find out! 

Stay tuned for more!

Note that all the comics we will manage from now on won’t have this format at all, but they will be more simple. Just a little advertising for the future. It’ll also depend on our mood.