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The BCBG Max Azria Marie Skirt

I love pleats. I love how they feel, how they flow and undulate like a living thing when you move. I love it especially when it comes in amazing color-blocked foil chiffon that shimmers and reflects between bronze, silver, rose-gold..

Strange thing about the skirt is it looks dark and - dare I say - a little weird when you lay it out. It only “comes alive” and catches the light in its folds when you wear it.

This time of year, many parts of Asia are in preparation for the Spring festival; it’s our holiday season. And it’s tradition to arm ourselves with an arsenal of new clothes (and for me, great makeup) for luck and prosperity in the new year.

So I have my metallic Marie skirt, Burberry Lip Velvets (Fawn, Military Red and Black Cherry), clutch-size Tom Ford Lips & Boys lippies for tucking into crowded purses (Leonardo is a fave), MAC’s surprisingly good Chinese New Year “Year of the Rooster” eyeshadow x 9 palette, and Dame blush. 

Not to forget a soothing hydrating mist from SK-II when the weather here turns stinking hot.

College Overflow Housing AU

Alright kids here we go

  • So it was an accident and a mistake but it happened right?
  • because Lily’s first name and her last name were reversed and the poor exhausted older man who was in charge of relocating all of these students after three simultaneous pipes burst in the north campus dorm, causing an immediate evacuation, was exhausted and worn out.
  • The form said Evan Li, so it was cut off, and wrong, but Evan is definitely a blokes name, and her roommates name was Mac Mary, which was unusual, sure, but he was flustered and overworked and he filled out the paperwork and sent them on their way.
  • But it’s just James and Sirius, because Remus and Peter lived off campus and were just laughing at the poor blokes who had to move and relocate and get roommates. Suckers
  • Anyway, they show up at the on campus apartment where they’re meant to be living according to the paperwork, and they aren’t the only ones moving in, and it seems to be a co-ed floor which causes Sirius to wink at James who chuckles and knocks on the door.
  • A short brown haired girl answers the door with a smile that quickly turns into a look of confusion.
  • “Are Evan and Mac here?” James asks, checking the paper he was holding to make sure he had the right names.
  • “Evan and Mac?” She repeats back as though he’s speaking a different language. James narrows his brow but shows her the paper and she starts laughing. “You’re moving in here?” James and Sirius exchange looks and nod and she laughs some more. “Hey, Evans!” She calls.
  • Jame doesn’t understand what’s so funny until a girl with red hair walks around the corner, “They here yet?” She asked, then glanced at the boys at the door and joined James and Sirius in being confused.
  • “They’re looking for Evan and Mac.” Mary said.
  • “What?” Lily walks up and takes the paper and shakes her head. “Well, I’m sure it was an accident. They’ve been working over time to make sure everyone has a place to sleep tonight. We’ll call them tomorrow.” She puts the paper on the counter and sticks a hand out to James, whos still in the hallway with his pillow under his arm and his suitcase at his feet. “Lily Evans,” She says. “And this here is Mary MacDonald.” She added.
  • She lets them come in and James and Sirius are a bit unsure of what to do because they weren’t supposed to be rooming with a couple of girls, and Sirius keeps elbowing James in the side because James keeps staring at Lily when he thinks she’s not looking but Sirius and Lily have both noticed James’ staring.
  • and they sleep in the extra bedroom and they have two bathrooms in the apartment so there’s no issue there
  • and in the morning Lily calls and she get’s the voicemail like eight times before she shrugs and is like, we’ll try again tomorrow
  • But like, James and Sirius are awesome
  • And they think that Lily and Mary are awesome
  • And Sirius helps Lily make dinner and James teaches Mary how to play some obscure card game and within the hour she’s kicking his arse and Sirius turns on the game and it’s like they’ve all known each other for months instead of two days.
  • They have a movie marathon that night because James says that he’d never seen the star wars films and Sirius apologizes for his ignorance and Lily and Mary just shrug and pull out their dvds and put in some popcorn and blow James’ mind
  • Lily doesn’t call the next day but tells everyone she got the voicemail again
  • And Remus and Peter come over to visit and Remus and Lily find out that they went to the same primary school until year four, and then he helps Mary make dinner, which isn’t as good as the dinner Lily and Sirius made, but no body says anything, there’s only one look passed between Lily and Sirius that no one notices
  • And then classes start the next day and Lily actually does forget to call
  • when she finally get’s home from class, James has gone and cleaned the entire apartment and started dinner for everyone. Lily smiles at him and asks him about his day and they talk until Sirius gets home and he pulls out a couple of beers from the fridge and hands one to Lily and tells James to get his own.
  • Mary get’s home late that night with lipstick on her neck and Lily rolls her eyes and Sirius raises his brow and she tells them that she met someone to which lily responds “When don’t you?” And James chuckles and tells Mary there’s dinner in the fridge.
  • And no one thinks to call about the ‘mistake’ after that because they’re all friends and this arrangement is working for them
  • and I could write an actual fic about this
  • Seriously
Temptation isn’t a vice you triumph over once, completely, and then you’re free. Temptation slips into bed with you each night and helps you say your prayers. It wakes you in the morning with a friendly cup of coffee, and knows just the way you take it, heavy on the sin.
—  Karen Marie Moning, Burned (Fever #7)

// HERE COME THE VULTURES // A Mackayla Lane & Dani O'Malley inspired mix.

// DANI SIDE // i. dear sister - the pretty reckless ii. one woman army - porcelain black iii. hate it when you see me cry - halestorm iv. ghost - halsey v. broken pieces - apocalyptica 

// MAC SIDE // i. fashionista - namie amuro ii. scream - boa iii. i am the fire - halestorm iv. red blooded woman - kylie minogue v. here come the vultures - delain