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I know. I’ll come back anyway. And in the meantime, I’ll fight dragons, just like any knight for his lady. I’ll prove myself. You’ll be proud of me.

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  • BIRTHDAY: August 4, 1995
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"What would Nancy Drew do?"

In the books:

Despite their soulmate connection, Mary-Lynnette refused to give up her human life to join Ash in the Night World. She sent him away for a year so he can find if he really wants to leave the Night World for her.


The Carter family were exactly what the typical American family should be; a businessman father, a stay-at-home mother, and two children that everyone in Dusk doted on. It seemed almost impossible for any tragedy to happen, but it did. When Mary-Lynnette was only eleven she lost her mother to a heart attack. Not missing a beat, Mare pushed aside her own feelings and turned her attention to being a mother for her brother Mark and her grieving father. It was never easy, but that’s the way life is.

The only thing that keeps Mary-Lynnette going sometimes was her love of the stars. She’s often told people she’s more of a night person than a morning one. She spends nights upon nights watching the stars out of a second hand telescope, her most prized possession. No one in Dusk can quite understand her obsession and it leaves Mare feeling isolated from her peers. She’s able to hold casual conversation with most of them, doesn’t see how anyone can not care about astronomy like she does.

Mary-Lynnette isn’t the most emotional person around. She’s far more interested in the science and facts of things than the emotion behind them. However, for those she loves Mare is more than happy to be an emotional support.


+/- Logical

+/- Protective

+/- Curious

+/- Independant

Mary-Lynnette values mind over heart, believing logic and facts are more solid than emotions. She gives herself time to think over any decision she makes. However, that’s not always the case and when it comes to an unexplained mystery or someone getting bullied she won’t hesitate to intervene. In those times, when she lets her heart take over, Mary-Lynnette goes into things head first without thinking it over. While she finds it difficult to make friends, she’ll do anything for those she loves.


“Ash? Get bent and die.”


Name: Mary Lynnette Carter
Age: 23
Species: Human
Identifies: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
FC: Willa Holland
Relationships: Mark Carter (brother)
Soulmate: Ash Redfern


Mary Lynnette lost her mother shortly after her brother was born. With her father often at work she did most of the caring for her brother. She was always studious, preferring nights alone under the stars to parties. Jeremy, a boy at her school, had a massive crush on her, but she had very little patience for his brash ways.

When Jade, Rowan and Kestrel moved in next door Mary Lynnette immediately noticed her brother’s crush on the youngest Redfern. She thought it was sweet. She got along with the older girls too. But there was something off that she couldn’t quite place a finger on. One night she saw the Redferns sneaking off into the woods. Curious she followed and Mark tagged along. The Carters then learned a terrible secret that the Redferns were vampires.

The only thing that saved the human’s lives was Jade’s begging. All five of them preformed a blood binding ceremony. Mary Lynnette was wary, but it was better than dying. Everything settled back into a normal routine. Or somewhat normal. Then Ash Redfern rolled into town. They didn’t get along remotely. Mary Lynnette turned him down in no uncertain terms.

The group soon after discovered that Jeremy was not only a werewolf, but also responsible for the death of the Redfern’s great aunt. It was Mary Lynnette who killed Jeremy after a heated confrontation in which he tried to convince her to become a werewolf. Knowing that they couldn’t take on his wolf pack on their own Kestrel convinced the Carters and the Redfern children to join Circle Daybreak, for their own protection. The Originals wiped her memories of Ash and the Redferns under the spell.


Mary Lynnette hasn’t changed much. She goes to the local university, takes care of her family and still gazes up at the stars. Once she found out about the supernatural world around her she was shocked to say the least. And aside from that she does not know if she has a soulmate and if she has forgetten some important part of her life. In fact she doesn’t quite remember exactly why she came to Pyro Hills to begin with so she believes that she has forgotten parts of her past. But she has no idea how to go about finding that out or where she stands in the war that is about to break out in a world that is completely foreign to her.


Growing up without a mother meant that Mary Lynnette had to grow up fast. She became responsible young person and a deeply empathetic one. Still she’s known to be spunky and a little bit nosy. Some might call her stubborn, but she prefers determined. Mary Lynnette isn’t exactly a people person, preferring to be by herself. She is incredibly intelligent and has a head for mathematics. She cannot stand injustice and prejudice. If she sees it she won’t be silent.

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