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Jack Benny (February 14, 1894 - December 26, 1974)

“He would have to go to the studio about one o’ clock in the afternoon and Sunday mornings was our time together. Daddy would get into the car and turn the ignition key. Inevitably, nothing would happen. He would push and pull every button on the dashboard, twist all the knobs and pump the accelerator, but the motor still wouldn’t start. At length, he would sigh and say to me, ‘Honey, the car just won’t start until you give me a kiss.’ Then we would get in the car, he had a convertible, and we would drive to Malibu for breakfast. Daddy treated me like a person; he would tell me what the show was going to be about, who the guest star would be, ask me if I thought it was a funny idea. I felt like I was a part of it, he always made me feel very special.”

-Joan Benny on her father, Jack


Maria I Stewart is the queen of Scotland since infancy, the queen of France (as the wife of King Francis II) and the pretender to the English throne.

Catherine de Medici is the queen of France, the wife of Henry II, the King of France from the Valois dynasty. She was the mother of three sons who occupied the French throne during her life.

Mariya Livinston - one of the four ladies of the Queen of Scotland Mary I.

Elizabeth I Tudor - the Queen of England and Queen of Ireland, the last of the Tudor dynasty. The youngest daughter of King Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn.


The Mouse that Jack Built (Looney Tunes, 1959)

Starring: Jack Benny, Mary Livingstone, Eddie ‘Rochester’ Anderson, Don Wilson, and Mel Blanc


Don Wilson invites the cast over for dinner without telling his wife. Jack begs Don several times, to no avail, “Call her up! Call up the little woman, let her know we’re coming!” After arriving at the house Don reconsiders and tells the gang to wait outside and he’ll invite them in one by one to soften the blow. While Jack is the last one outside waiting he encounters a burglar which only adds to his growing frustration on The Jack Benny Program: Don Invites the Gang to Dinner (January 15, 1956)


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Mary Queen of Scots’s maids of honour were her four best friends: Mary Fleming, Mary Beaton, Mary Seaton, and Mary Livingston, the so-called four Maries. All were almost exactly her own age and the daughters of leading Scottish families. Mary Fleming enjoyed pre-eminence by virtue of their blood ties and Mary treated her as her cousin. She was famous for her quick wits and love life. Mary Beaton’s beauty was second only to Mary’s, with whom she later shared a love of literature and poetry. Mary Seton, who stayed by Mary;s side for almost her entire life, was famous as a hairdresser, able to braid and crimp the always fashion-conscious Mary’s auburn hair into a new style every day. Lastly, Mary Livingston loved the outdoor life and dancing. [x]