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I’d just like to point out that almost no one knew about Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan, or any of the other black women who got us into space before Hollywood made a movie about them. Movies are powerful.


“J. K. Rowling invites you to explore a new era of the Wizarding World…”

My immediate Fantastic Beasts thoughts (SPOILERS):

- I loved the movie
- that’s not how legilimency works (it’s a huge plot point in OOTP how do you get that wrong?)
- Credence broke my heart and killed me
- why the fuck does Grindelwald look like that?!

And most importantly:
- there is only one black person or person of color in the entire movie. 1920s America in New York City and there is only one POC.

Edit: there are two POC in the movie.
Fantastic Beasts Character Review

Because, as stated before, the characters alone make me prefer the Fantastic Beasts series to the originals.

Spoiler Alert!

Newt Scamander: Starting out strong here. God bless this small awkward bean. I’m such a sucker for cute fictional boys that have a hard time interacting with humans and are full of a lot of sadness but still want to see the best in the world and Newt is no exception. I fell in love with him within ten minutes of the film, and I remember seeing the previews and thinking, “oh no, not another cute fictional boy for me to obsess over.” The way he sort of latches onto people that he has a good feeling about is adorable (ie. Jacob), and I love how trusting he is as soon as he realizes that the Goldsteins and Jacob are on his side. The Hufflepuff Newt is made very clear, as he is extremely loyal and hardworking with his passions. And his awkwardness is conveyed very well and realistically – not like teen comedies where an obviously social and gorgeous teen is all, “lol look at me i’m so awkward and relatable :3″. Newt obviously CAN talk to people, and he knows how to, but he doesn’t have the charm or way with words that Queenie or Jacob have. He’s an introvert who interacts better with creatures than humans, and I think that’s how a lot of “awkward” people feel. Altogether, Eddie Redmayne (god i love him) did a FANTASTIC job portraying Newt’s big heart and reclusive tendencies and I am beyond excited to learn more about Newt (and his brother !!) in coming films.

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