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             The Ladies of Shipwrecked Present: Pin-Up Gotham Sirens

Sinead, Sarah, and MK wanted to do vintage pin-up versions of the Gotham Sirens for a fun and simple project in between our bigger things. Thanks to our photographer extraordinaire David Cater and his lovely wife Genevieve for helping us bring Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn to life in this way! Hope you enjoy our shots, and Happy Valentine’s Day, puddin’!
Ashley Clements on Twitter
“So incredibly grateful to these talented people who read my first screenplay out loud last night. It was so good to visit my old friends ❤”

Yes, it does say The Lizzie Bennet Wedding. Yes, I am having feels. Yes, I might be freaking out. 

And yes, I am first in line to crowdfund if needed. 

Let’s reblog this sh*t. 


Why Annabel and Eddie were late to Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party, with priceless reactions from Lenore


These last few days we took a retreat up in Big Bear, CA, and invited some of our Poe Party friends for a little rest, relaxation, bizarre board games, and creative inspiration. We hope to make this sort of thing a yearly Shipwrecked holiday tradition.